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Souvenirs Spots in Shimane Area

  • Matsue Horikawa Local Beer Hall
    38 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Kurodachou 509-1
    "This is a beer hall where you can enjoy a Matsue local beer called ""Beer Hearn"". Also, at the beer restaurant visitors can eat Shimane Wagyu Beef and Shinjiko Shicchin, seven types of seafoods that can be found in the Seto Inland Sea. You can also enjoy five types of local beers at the beer counter overlooking the souvenir corner and the beer factory. It is a convenient facility that is walking distance from the Matsue Castle and Shiomi Nawate tourist site lined with traditional Japanese houses. "

    Our group stopped here for lunch after our tour of the Castle and grounds. Our bus parked in their lot and we walked to the castle. On our return walk back we passed by both the Samurai house museum...

  • Enmusubi Chopsticks Hiranoya
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Taishachoukidukiminami 838-6
    Enmusubi Chopsticks Hiranoya is a shop located in front of the main gate of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. The shop is famous for selling chopsticks (enmusubi chopsticks) which have been introduced in the media as local Izumo souvenirs. The enmusubi chopsticks dedicated to a shrine of marriage not only encapsulate the bond between a man and woman but also of all things such as family, work, health and personal relationships. The shop has over 100 different kinds of chopsticks and your name can be written on the chopsticks free of charge. The chopsticks are perfect not only as a gift for auspicious occasions such as a wedding or 60th birthday but also as a gift for oneself or friends.
  • En-musubi Yaegaki Yae
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Sakusachou 220-6
    You’ll find this souvenir shop next to Yaegaki Shrine, famous as the shrine of marriage. There’s a restaurant as well. The shop offers “mizuhiki” (decorative Japanese cords made from twisted paper), natural stone accessories, “goshuin-cho” (booklets for collecting red seals from sacred spots), Japanese arts and crafts, sweets, and other items related to Yaegaki Shrine and the legends of Izumo. “Power stones” purified in this sacred spot known for bringing good luck to lovers make a popular gift. The restaurant serves handmade soba created with Izumo ingredients as well as hash and rice, udon noodles, and more. Take the bus from Matsue Station and get off at the Yaegaki Shrine stop.
  • Kaori Honpo Nakamuraya
    Shimane Pref. Odashi Omorichou Ginzan Tochi Hagitani
    You’ll find this “scent pouch” specialty store in Omori Town, Ohda City, Shimane Prefecture, a town famous for the World Heritage Site Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. When air was sent down to the Ginzan mines, it is said aromas were sent down as well. This shop sells handmade scent pouches as souvenirs. The original scent pouches that contain a mixture of kuromoji (spicebush), which grows natively in the area, and herbs not only has a scent that lasts a long time, but also has a cute Japanese design. Even if the scent fades, tapping the top of the pouch should make it stronger.
  • Shussaigama Pottery Co., Ltd
    23 Reviews
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Hikawachoushussai 3368
    This is a pottery kiln established in 1947 by five young local men in Hikawa Town, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. All the processes from preparing the clay to the firing stage are carried out on the premises, and there is a huge climbing kiln and raw material storage installed at the workshop. Like rustic and beautiful wild-flowers, there are many easy and simple to use every day items are produced. There are always thousands of works in the exhibition hall and shop. There are a variety of works, including bowls in a calm blue color, called “Shussai Deep Blue”, are available for sale. Visitors can also see the inside of the workshop.

    Every time we come to Japan my better half drags me up to Matsue to meet her nursery school friend who patiently drives us all the way to Shussai-gama so we can spend an hour or so browsing around...

  • Fundoya Shichiemon Mercantile House
    Shimane Pref. Kanoashiguntsuwanochou Ushiroda Mouth 190
    This is a Japanese general goods store located on Tsuwano Tonomachi-dori Street in Ushiroda, Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi County. The store was rebuilt using wood remaining after a fire in 1853 and is called the “after fire building”. It has been designated as a nationally Tangible Cultural Property. Originally it was a long-established store with a history of more than 300 years serving the Tsuwano clan, and currently sells small Japanese items such as incense and Japanese paper products.
  • Nagata-senkojo dyeing workshop
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Otsuchou 1109
    Nagata-senkojo is a dyeing workshop located in Otsu Town, Izumo City. Nagata-senkojo has preserved the traditional Tsutsugaki-aizome indigo dyeing technique, which has been designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Shimane Prefectural Government. Visitors can view the dyeing process and displays of items made using the technique, and they can also purchase souvenir gifts, such as indigo dyed handkerchiefs, etc.
  • Taisha-no-Iwaidako Kites Takahashi
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Taishachoukidukihigashi 724
    Taisha-no-Iwaidako Kites Takahashi has worked hard at making celebratory kites—the taisha-no-Iwaidako decorations and good luck charms—trying to maintain the legacy created by his grandfather and carried through three generations. Each kite is carefully constructed by hand. They were chosen as a Local Traditional Craft for Shimane prefecture in 1982.
  • Izumo Magatama no Sato Museum
    39 Reviews
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Tamayuchouyumachi 1755-1
    This Izumo magatama-themed sightseeing facility is about a five-minute walk from JR Tamatsukuri-Onsen Station. Tamatsukuri has long been known as Japan’s capital for magatama/stone production, and it is written in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) that Susanoo-no-mikoto slew the serpent Yamata no Orochi and offered a magatama fashioned in Tamatsukuri to the goddess Amaterasu. The Magatama Museum teaches visitors about the history of the magatama and information about natural stones. The main attraction is the blue meno (agate) magatama, which weighs in at over 75 kilograms. There’s also a workshop where artisans can teach you how to make your own magatama and personal seals. The adjoining restaurant offers a great view of Lake Shinji.

    This is the only place in Japan that cut and carve stone into a comma shape called Magatama. It is somehow looks like yin and yang. Magatama has been worn as aun amulet to protect the warlords from...

  • Nagaokameisando
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Suetsuguhonmachi 91
  • Sakae Ya
    Shimane Izumo-shi Taishacho Kizukihigashi 259
  • Local Industry Promotion Center
    Shimane Gotsu-shi Kakushicho I405
  • Sesshushokamamoto
    Shimane Pref. Masudashi Somebachou 4-29
  • Akari Crafts
    Shimane Matsue-shi Kitahoricho 326
  • Fujinafunakigama
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Tamayuchoufujina 437
  • Yugengaisha tubakigama
    Shimane Pref. Odashi Yunotsuchouyunotsu Lee 12-2
  • Racherche
    Style / Fashion
    Shimane Matsue Higashihonmachi 2-4
  • Kamiarinosatohompo
    Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Taishachoukidukiminami 840-1
  • Shimanekenritu Art Museum Museum Shop
    Shimane Pref. Matsueshi Sodeshichou 1-5 Shimane Prefectural Museum of Art 1F
  • Kyomiyabun
    Shimane Pref. Okigunokinoshimachou Nishimachi Yabinosan 81

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What Shimane prefecture lacks in size and population, it makes up for in scenery and ancient mythology. Izumo-taisha, in the middle of the prefecture, is said to be Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine, where stories that delve into the creation of the Japanese race have been passed down over centuries. The 180 Oki Islands, a 40-minute ferry ride north of Sakaiminato, offer an undiscovered paradise well off the beaten track.

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