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Traditional Streets/Houses Spots in Tottori Area

  • Kurayoshi’s Shirakabe Storehouses (White Wall District)
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    Tottori Pref. Kurayoshishi Shinmachi Around
    "Shirakabe traditional warehouse district of Kurayoshi City is located around 40 minutes' drive from either the Yubara Interchange or the Hiruzen Interchange of the Yonago Expressway. Known as ""Little Kyoto"" because of its elegant appearance, the warehouse district has traditional white-walled warehouse buildings and stone bridges crossing the Tamagawa River that flows through the city, creating a magical retro atmosphere; this is one of the most Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Most of the warehouse buildings-which combine black walls made from burnt cedar wood with white wall plaster and red Sesshu tiled roofs-were built in the Edo period (1603-1868) or the Meiji period (1868-1912). Several of the warehouses have been refurbished inside, such as Akagawara Ichigokan (which now houses several first-rate shops selling local specialty products); others are now used as cafes, art galleries, etc."

    昔からある白壁の町並みは生活用水としての用水路が流れています。 昔ながらの町並みですが、新しいお店もあり倉吉の観光名所。 車で行く際、駐車場がすぐに埋ってしまいます。 少し歩くけど市役所の駐車場が開放されているのでここでも大丈夫です。 人気の「白壁倶楽部」はレトロな作りでとても素敵です。 ランチで伺いました。時間をずらさないと待ちます。 洋食で、だいたい1300円くらいです。 お子様ランチもある...

  • Mochigase no Cityspace
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    Tottori Tottori-shi Mochigasecho Mochigase

Tottori Areas


Tottori prefecture is Japanese seasonal diversity at its best: Huge sand dunes cover the north coast, making for the perfect summer beach trip complete with the unexpected addition of camels; November brings the delectable snow crab, while winter around Mount Daisen, the Chugoku region's highest mountain, promises snow sports and magical views.

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