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Other Sightseeing Spots in Wakayama / Kinokawa Area

  • Saishogamine Scenic Lookout
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kinokawashi Takebusa
    Saishogamine Peak, 285 meters high, on Mount Yuri is well known for having been a battle field in the Nambokucho period (1336–1392). It is the site of a wonderful scenic lookout, offering one of the best nighttime views in Wakayama Prefecture. The view is especially panoramic, taking in the Kinokawa Plain and Togenkyo, and on clear days, it is even possible to see as a far as Awaji Island. Plenty of parking is available, so it is an easy spot to visit. There are fine stands of cherry and peach trees, making Saishogamine an excellent but little-known place for viewing blossoms.
  • Fujishiro-zaka slope
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kainanshi Fujishiro
    This sloping trail is along the Ancient Kumano Kodo Route as one descends southwardly from the Fujishiro-jinja Shrine. It received the designation as a National Cultural Property in 2015, and in 2017 it became part of the Japan Heritage, the Treasure House of Scenic Beauty: Wakanoura. This spot is famous as the execution site of Prince Arima, who being the son of Emperor Kotoku, was misled into a revolt during the battles surrounding the successor of the Imperial Throne. To this day, at the entrance of the trail are the tombstone and the monument engraved with the waka song during the procession to his death.
  • Bandoko Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi
    This place of scenic beauty is located in Bandoko no Hana, Saikazaki, Wakayama City. The garden, which is located on flat ground that protrudes into the ocean, was once the site of a watchtower used by the Kishu Domain to watch for approaching ships. Notable for its beautiful coastline formed by rare Kishu bluestone, the garden has also been selected as one of 50 places of scenic beauty in the Setonaikai National Park Special Zone. Visitors can view the seasonal flowers and also enjoy activities such as fishing from the shore, swimming at the attached private beach, barbecuing (reservation required). The garden also hosts weddings and other events and has even been used as a filming location for dramas.
  • Burakuri-cho
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Nakanotanaminaminocho 25
    A shopping street located in Wakayama City. The overarching term used for the six shopping streets of Hon-machi, Burakuri-cho, Nakaburakuri-cho, Higashiburakuri-cho, Burakuri-cho O-dori, and Kitaburakuri-cho, the origins of the shopping street date back to a city renewal project initiated by local residents after the area was destroyed in a massive fire in 1830. A variety of events are held here, such as the Poplohas Market craft market every second Sunday of the month.
  • Awashima Kaido
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Kada
  • Kuroe no Cityspace
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Kainan-shi Kuroe
  • Negorojiteien
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Iwadeshi Negoro
  • Meiko Shopping street
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Wakauranaka 1
  • Manyonokoji
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Wakauraminami 3-11
  • Nishi Koremaru Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Ichibanchou 3
  • Wakanora
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Shinwakaura 1759 waka of Ura tourism association
  • wakayamajou kouyoukei Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Ichibanchou Wakayama castle inside
  • Sandambashi
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Wakayamashi Wakauranaka 3
  • Furo Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Wakauranaka 3-1679-24 Chisaki
  • Saikazaki Lighthouse
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Saikazaki Takanosuyama 809-2 , 810-2
  • Tomogashima Lighthouse
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Wakayama-shi Kada 2673
  • Kokawadera Temple Garden
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Kinokawa Kokawa

    粉河寺本堂の前に、崖地を利用した石組による枯山水庭園があります。 大小様々な石と蘇鉄などの植物を組み合わせた独特の力強さを感じる珍しい作風で、桃山時代のものです。 国の名勝に指定されています。

  • Izumikaturagiyamatembodai
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kinokawashi Kirihata
  • Katuragiyamatembodai
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kinokawashi Kirihata

Wakayama Main Areas


Wakayama prefecture unites pilgrims, food lovers, and culture buffs in a tranquil corner of Japan at the base of the Kii Peninsula. The setting for many a Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, Wakayama invites those in search of spirituality from one side of the prefecture to the other, from the 100-plus Buddhist temples of the sacred Mount Koya in the west to the inspiring temples of the Kumano Sanzan set among breathtaking nature in the east. Once the grueling hike is complete, make a beeline for Wakayama city to savor some of the country's most delicious ramen noodles.

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