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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / Nachi Area

  • Kumanogawa Boat River Cruise
    21 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Shingushi Kumanogawachouhitari 350 (Kumano River/Kawato Center)
    A cruise which travels down the Kumanogawa River, which once was used by the Imperial family and nobles when visiting Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine and Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine. The 90 minute long cruise travels from the boat center in Kumanogawa Town, Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture to the Gongen dry river bed near Kumano Hayatama Taisha Shrine. Some of the cruises numerous highlights include Aoinotaki Falls, the Tsurigane (Temple Bell) Stone, and the sacred Mt. Chihogamine; meanwhile, riders can enjoy the unique tour program provided by the accompanying kataribe storyteller. The cruise is popular with people of all ages and gives participants the chance to enjoy the abundant natural beauty of Kumano.

    We did this boat ride on our rest day from hiking The Kumano Kodo. We had a reservation for the 10 AM boat. We took the public bus there and were greeted by staff as we exited the bus. The...

  • Tour of Ki-no-Matsushima Islands
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Higashimurogunnachikatsurachou Katsura 442-20
    This sightseeing cruise ship departs from the Katsuura sightseeing pier and treats passengers to the beauty of the deep blue sea and small islands. The area is referred to as “Ki’s Matsushima” because its beauty is said to rival that of Matsushima, considered one of Japan’s three most scenic spots. You can see “camel rocks,” “lion island,” “crane island,” which is famous for its caves, and Yamanari Island, where it is said Taira no Koremori drowned himself after his defeat. You can also get off at the Taiji Whale Museum partway through and catch another boat afterwards. Kii-Katsuura Station is the closest station to the pier.

    何度も乗っていますが飽きません。 名勝の紀の松島を間近に見られますし岩の間を絶妙なテクニックで通り抜けたりします。外海に出るとかなり揺れますが逆に楽しいです。 ホテル浦島さんの有名な忘帰洞を海から見ることもできます。 親潮の色が違うことを感じてください。 料金は1400円ほどでした。 浦島さん中の島さんにお泊りの方はホテル桟橋から乗船することもできますが眺めの良い席は先に埋まってしまますので...

  • Akizuno Garten
    27 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Wakayama Pref. Tanabeshi Kamiakidu 4558-8
    This hands-on sightseeing facility located in Kamiakizu, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture used to be wooden elementary school building. There’s a farm restaurant with a buffet offering locally produced food, a farmers’ market, a workshop where you can make sweets using locally produced oranges and such, an archive about oranges, and more. The classrooms and hallways exude a Showa-period school atmosphere. There’s also a lodging facility.

    I stayed here on the first night of a self guided solo hike with raw travel. The accommodation was relaxing and beautiful traditional Japanese room. The dinner and breakfast was amazing and would...

  • Glass Boat
    14 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou Waterfront
    Glass Boat is a sightseeing boat in Nanki Shirahama. From the glass bottom of the boat tourists can take a peek at the underwater world without the need to scuba dive and watch the fish inhabiting the sea of Shirahama. One of the highlights of the boat trip is getting to see Engetsu Islet up close, a symbol of Shirahama.

    The tour guide gave a lot of information while we were at the boat. It was amazing how many fishes we saw and the Sharks were there right underneath us

  • Dorokyo Gorge Jet Boat Tour
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Shingushi Kumanogawachouhitari 272
    A boat tour operating in the Dorokyo Gorge in the Yoshino-Kumano National Park. The boats cruise up the rugged Dorokyo Gorge, designated a special place of scenic beauty in Japan, at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The roof of the boat slides open so those on board can see the spectacular scenery of the Dorokyo Gorge in all its glory.
  • Nanki Shirahama Cruising
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 559-1
    Cruise tours at Nanki Shirahama Cruising last for approximately 40 minutes and take in all the well known sights around Shirahama from the sea such as Shirahama Beach, Senjojiki, and Sandanbeki, etc. As well as the usual 40-minute cruise, they also have sunset cruises and cruises for couples, so you can choose whichever cruise you wish. There are some incredible views to be had from the boat which you can’t see from land. To get to Nanki Shirahama Cruising takes approximately 15 minutes by car from JR Shirahama Station.
  • Katata Raft Fishing
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Nishimuro-gun Shirahamacho Katata 2520
  • Kinan Tourist Vineyard
    2 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Wakayama Tanabe-shi Inaricho

    お盆ごろいつも買いに行きます。 いつも自宅用は少し難ありで安いのを買い、進物用は少し高いですが大きな房でぎっしり粒がついているのを買います。 こんなところにブドウ園があるなんてびっくりするようなところにあります。

  • Honmaguro Tuna Farming Experience
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Kushimotocho Oshima Tashiro Fishing Port
  • Underwater Sightseeing Boat Stella Maris
    66 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Kushimotocho Arida 1157 Kushimoto Underwater Park

    Don't just visit the aquarium. The giant turtles at the aquarium are a sight to behold but your visit is incomplete if you don't venture out, step onto the bridge, entered the Tower and go...

  • Kozagawa Adventure Club
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Kozagawa Cho Tsukinose 929
  • Nanki Ocean Experience Tour
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Nachikatsuuracho Kui 285-2
  • Otoseishonenryokomura
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Wakayama Pref. Tanabeshi Shimogawashimo 1299
  • History no Do Kumano Furumichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Tanabe-shi Hongucho Mitsukoshi
  • Private lodging A Course
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Nishimuro-gun Shirahamacho 950-1
  • Shirataki Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Wakayama Nishimuro-gun Kamitondacho Ikuma 2196
  • Shirahama Ozoko Sightseeing boat
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Nishimuro-gun Shirahamacho 500
  • Hyakkenzankeikokukamoshikabokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Tanabe City Iya225
  • Shinya Farm
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Kozagawa Cho Tsukinose 158-1
  • Hoko-an
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Taijicho Taiji 2173-1

Wakayama Main Areas


Wakayama prefecture unites pilgrims, food lovers, and culture buffs in a tranquil corner of Japan at the base of the Kii Peninsula. The setting for many a Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, Wakayama invites those in search of spirituality from one side of the prefecture to the other, from the 100-plus Buddhist temples of the sacred Mount Koya in the west to the inspiring temples of the Kumano Sanzan set among breathtaking nature in the east. Once the grueling hike is complete, make a beeline for Wakayama city to savor some of the country’s most delicious ramen noodles.

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