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Other Sightseeing Spot Spots in Wakayama Area

  • Kotonoura Onzan Souen
    13 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kainanshi Funo 370
    This cottage garden was erected by Chojiro Nitta, the founder of Nitta Corporation, from the start of the Taisho period until the start of the Showa period. Located in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, it is the largest personal garden in Japan. The water levels of the three ponds, which draw water from the sea, change according to the tides, a rare design. There are pine trees and garden stones, and the beautiful layout is dotted with a teahouse with a thatched roof, a tatami room, and more. It has even been designated a “place of scenic beauty,” and the buildings are Important Cultural Properties.

    This place has a very big garden with tidal pond. The garden is so great. Sea water flows into the tidal pond. So there is pleasant breeze in the garden. The breeze is so nice ! The Japanese style...

  • Wakanoura
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama City
    "An area with numerous picturesque spots which was designated a national Place of Scenic Beauty in 2010. For 1,300 years, it has inspired the creation of countless great literary and artistic works, including waka poetry by Yamabe no Akahito, an early Nara period poet still praised today and considered one of the ""36 Immortals of Poetry."" It has also been visited by various great personages throughout the ages like the mighty samurai lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, shogun Tokugawa Yorinobu, and renowned author Natsume Soseki. Even today, unending steams of people come here seeking its beauty. One of the area's biggest draws is its natural beauty, such as its tidal flatland selected for inclusion in the particularly gorgeous landscapes known as the Ten Views of Wakanoura."
  • Shichikawa Dam
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Higashimurogunkozagawachou Sada 1016
    "Shichikawa Dam is a dam built at Shichikawa on the upper reaches of Koza River, around 35 minutes' drive from Koza Station on the JR Kinokuni Line. It was formerly known as Kozakawa Dam. At the reservoir behind the dam, visitors can enjoy fishing for black bass etc., and there is also Yunohana Onsen resort on the lake-side. Around 3,000 Yoshino Cherry trees have been planted along a roughly 5 kilometers stretch of the road that runs along the banks of the reservoir, and the area has been included in the list of the ""100 Best Places in Japan to View Cherry Blossom."" ""Sada Cherry Blossom Festival"" is held from late March to early April every year, when visitors can enjoy the sight of the cherry blossom illuminated by traditional paper lanterns at night."
  • Aragijima Observatory
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Aridagunaridagawachou Mita196
    Knowns as the terraced rice fields of Aridagawacho, the beauty of the rice fields spreading out in a fan-shape led to it being chosen as one of “Japan’s Top Hundred Rice Fields.” A viewing platform has been constructed on the opposite shore of the Aritagawa River allowing you to enjoy the view of the rice fields through the changing seasons.
  • Nanairo Dam (Nanairo Valley)
    Travel / Tourism
    Kumano City, Mie Prefecture
    This dam is located approximately one hour by bus from the JR Kumanoshi Station heading to the final stop of Ogawa. The artificial lake is surrounded by cedar forests, cherry trees and rhododendrons, and the red leaves of fall are a stunning sight when the seasons change. It is an ideal spot for bass fishing, with many visitors coming every year, often catching fish 40 to 50 centimeters in length. The dam can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults. Slightly downstream of the dam, is Nanairo-kyoGorge, where clear water is celebrated, and as the name implies, the sight of the river mysteriously changing color seven times over the course of the seasons is enthralling.
  • Underwater Post Box
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Nishimuro-gun Susami Cho Susami 4857-74
    The Underwater Post Box is about a 19-minute walk from Susami Station on the JR Kisei Line, in water about 10 meters deep 100 meters off the Karekinada Coast in the town of Susami. It was set up in 1999 on the occasion of the Nanki Kumano Taikenhaku, an outdoor exhibition, and it has been listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the world's deepest underwater post box. Visitors can buy special waterproof artificial paper for use in the underwater post box at Club Noah Susami. They do not even have to dive down to the bottom of the sea to mail their postcards; staff members will do it for them.
  • Yatagarasu Post Box
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Tanabe-shi Hongucho Hongu 1110 Kumano Hongu Taisha
    "This is located a 60-minute drive from the Kumano-Odamari Interchange on the Kisei Expressway via National Routes 42 311 and 168. It is a black post box set up under the sacred tree, Tarayo, of Kumano Hongu Shrine. Black is a sacred color, the sum of all colors, the color of Yatagarasu, the big legendary crow with three legs, said to be the incarnation and messenger of the god, and the color that symbolizes the ground that the shrine stands. The Japanese word for ""postcard"" (""hagaki"") means ""leaf writing,"" and it comes from the idea that people wrote on the underside of the leaves of Tarayo with their fingernails. The shrine office sells Yatagarasu Post votive plaques that can be sent through the mail as postcards and will provide commemorative stamps for travelers' albums."
  • Koyasan Kondo Mae
    31 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Ito-gun Koyacho Koyasan

    A nest of temples. Overrated as too many are currently being revamped and refurbished. The bridge photography is misleading.The museum opposite of the road has some interesting collection and is...

  • Kiminomerodeirodo
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Prefecture seaweed KoriOsamu Kimino-cho
  • Ogurihogandensetu
    Travel / Tourism
    Mine of Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture Motomiya hot water
  • Aragito
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Aridagunaridagawachou Shimizu
  • Irokawa no Tanada
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Higashimuro-gun Nachikatsuuracho
  • Melody-Road
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Kaiso-gun Kiminocho Akagi
  • Miroku Bezaitenshashakusamura
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Kaisougunkiminochou Miroku
  • Kishimoto Gunseichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Prefecture Kinokawa
  • Kushigakinosato
    Travel / Tourism
    Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture Katsuragi-cho district Shigo
  • Hotaru no Sato
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Ito-gun Katsuragicho Amano Chiku-ku Shiga Chiku-ku
  • Inumaki Nojunhayashi
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Hidakagunhidakachou Oura Koura Spirit shrine
  • Affiliation Nojunhayashi
    Travel / Tourism
    Wakayama Pref. Hidakagunminabechou Oshine
  • Kamishimanodanchiseishokubutu
    Travel / Tourism
    Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture in Tanabewan

Wakayama Areas


Wakayama prefecture unites pilgrims, food lovers, and culture buffs in a tranquil corner of Japan at the base of the Kii Peninsula. The setting for many a Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, Wakayama invites those in search of spirituality from one side of the prefecture to the other, from the 100-plus Buddhist temples of the sacred Mount Koya in the west to the inspiring temples of the Kumano Sanzan set among breathtaking nature in the east. Once the grueling hike is complete, make a beeline for Wakayama city to savor some of the country's most delicious ramen noodles.

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