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Mountain Spots in Hyogo Area

  • Mt. Rokko
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Nada-ku Rokkousanchou Ichigatani
    A mountain famous for its night view and which has also been selected as one of Japan's night view heritages. The “10 million dollar nightscape” visitors can enjoy from the observatory at the top of the mountain in the evening is a must-see. The observatory is also artfully lit up at night, further enhancing the magical atmosphere. There are many facilities in the vicinity of the mountain for everyone from children to adults to enjoy, including a botanical garden, athletic park, and golf course; the Rokko Shidare Observatory in Rokko Garden Terrace in particular has become a new famous spot in the area.
  • Mt. Maya
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Nada Ward Malaysia
    A 702 meter tall mountain located in the center of the Rokko mountains in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. The Mt. Maya Kikuseidai observatory near the top of the mountain offers a panoramic view stretching from Kobe to the Kii Peninsula, and the view from here at night is called the “10 million dollar nightscape.” A cable car and ropeway can be taken from the observatory to the top of the mountain, and access from the city is convenient. The Maya View Terrace 702 facility at Maya Ropeway Hoshinoeki Station has a café and outdoor terrace where you can enjoy Japanese-style grill-your-own barbecue.
  • Mt. Shosha
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Himejishi Shosha
    "A 371-meter mountain located in Shosha, Himeji City. The location of the Engyoji Temple, a temple over 1,000 years old and one of the stations along one of Japan's three greatest Tendai Buddhist pilgrimage routes, the mountain is also known as the ""Mt. Hiei of the West."" The Shosha Art & Craft Museum is located at the foot of the mountain. a Ropeway can take visitors to the top of the mountain in about four minutes."
  • Mt. Myoken
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyougo Pref. Kawanishishi Kurokawa Okuyama
    A small, 660-meter mountain straddling the border between Hyogo Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and Kyoto Prefecture. The Nose Myokendo Temple is located at the top of the mountain, which boasts a long history as an object of mountain worship. The Nose Railway Myoken Line can take visitors from the base of the mountain to the temple. There are also hiking courses which lead to the top plus a cable car and lift, making it easy for visitors to enjoy the mountain's seasonal scenery. The mountain is dotted with leisure facilities, including a barbecue terrace, footbath, playground, and small forest railroad. This charming outdoor destination is fun for everyone, from children to senior citizens.
  • Mt. Hyonosen
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Prefecture Adoption City
    A mountain located on the border between Hyogo Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture. The 1,510-meter mountain is the tallest in Hyogo Prefecture and is also the tallest in the Chugoku Mountains after Mt. Daisen. A part of Hyonosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park, the mountain is surrounded by a rich natural environment which serves as a habitat for golden eagles, a species designated a National Natural Monument. Frequented by many campers and hikers, the Hyounosen Kokusai Ski Resort, the highest ski resort in the prefecture, operates on the mountain in winter.
  • Mt. Seppiko
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo ken Himeji city
    "Mt. Seppiko is a mountainous area in the north of Himeji City that is famous as a great place for rock-climbing. While the highest point is actually the Mt. Mitsuji peak (at 915 meters), the term ""Mt. Seppiko"" is commonly used to refer to the rock-climbing areas near the 811 meter-high Mt. Horagadake peak. Besides rock-climbing, there are also hiking trails, and the area is popular with hikers throughout the year. Mt. Seppiko has been included in the ""100 Landscapes of Japan"" and in the ""100 Famous Mountains of the Kansai Region."" It is also used for spiritual practice by Shugendo mountain ascetics, and is one of Shugendo's ""Three Hiko Mountains,"" along with Mt. Yahiko in Niigata Prefecture and Mt. Hiko in Fukuoka Prefecture. On the southern side of Mt. Seppiko there is Kaya Shrine, which is said to have been founded during the reign of Empress Suiko."
  • Mt.Mitake
    Travel / Tourism
  • Mt.Higasa
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Takasago-shi Sonecho
  • Mt.Takamikura
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Kakogawa-shi
  • Mt.Takarazuka Natural Kyuyo Rin
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Takarazuka-shi Nakayamadera Kitanakayama
  • Ikariyama
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku
  • Mt.Omi
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Minamiawaji-shi
  • Oya Fuji
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Yabu-shi
  • Mt.Gyoja
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Asago-shi
  • Keirozan
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Prefecture Tatsuno
  • Omura Mt.Kanagatake
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Sasayama-shi
  • Mt.Saijo
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Shiso-shi
  • Mt.Sasagamine
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Taka-gun Takacho
  • Tsune Takashi Terayama
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Awaji-shi
  • Mt.Tsurugamine
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Toyooka-shi

Hyogo Areas


Hyogo prefecture stretches from the north coast to the south coast on the western end of the popular Kansai region, encompassing verdant mountains, urban beaches, and fantastic historical sights. The prefecture's main attractions lie along the south coast at Kobe, the prefectural capital, a pretty harbor city best known for its production of the renowned Kobe beef, and Himeji, the home of Himeji Castle, one of the country's most beautifully preserved feudal castles, perched magically atop a hill.

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