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Movies / Theater / Hall / Live House Spots in Hyogo Area

  • Kobe International House
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Gokoudori 8-1-6
    "A multiuse facility connected directly to Sannomiya Station via the Sannomiya underground shopping mall. The facility's International Hall is frequently used to host live music concerts as well as high school and university student recitals and events. The hall has seating on floors one through three and can accommodate up to 2,100 spectators. The facility also hosts cafes, boutiques, and other establishments; SOL, an area used to hold workshops; and rentable conference rooms available for meetings as well as training sessions and lectures. In the summer, a beer garden is held in the rooftop garden, the first in the area to be produced by ""plant hunter"" Seijun Nishihata."
  • Kobe World Hall
    10 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Minatojimanakamachi 6-12-2
    An event hall located in the center of Port Island a three-minute drive from the Hanshin Expressway Port Island off ramp or a seven-minute drive from the Kyobashi exit. There are waiting rooms and equipment areas surrounding the first-floor arena as well as a rest area and multipurpose hall available for use. On the second floor, there is a shop next to the east central gate and box seats as well as seating encircling the arena. Incorporating universal design principles, the smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. The arena is primarily used for live music events and also serves as the venue for the Kobe Marathon.

    twiceのライブで初めて行きました。 会場近くには沢山コインパーキングがあり、開場1時間前到着だったにもかかわらず近くに停められました。また駐車代金も安く一日最大料金設定のあるパーキングが多々ありました。 ただ、twiceのライブでは会場から出るとトイレがなく、近くのコンビニを利用するしかないとの案内。少し歩けばありますが、ライブに来ている人数を考えればめっちゃ不便。会場内にトイレがあるのかない...

  • Hyogo Performing Arts Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Nishinomiyashi Takamatsuchou 2-22
    This arts and culture center with three halls is a two-minute walk south of Hankyu Electric Railway's Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station on the Kobe Line in Hyogo Prefecture. It has a recital hall, a theater with balcony seating, and a Grand Hall with three balconies. A rehearsal room and a studio are available for practice. Its barrier free facilities include seats for wheelchair users and bone conduction hearing aids. The restaurant is run by the head chef of Kobe Kitano Hotel and offers an authentic Western menu.
  • Kobe Bunka Hall
    14 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Kusunokichou 4-2-2
    A community hall located close to Okurayama Park a one-minute walk from Kobe Municipal Subway Okurama Station and an eight-minute walk from Kosoku Kobe Station on various private rail lines. The hall is used for a variety of events, including orchestral concerts, movie screenings, and ballet and traditional rakugo comedic storytelling performances. The hall is also used as the venue for the Kobe International Flute Competition held once every four years. In addition, the facility's large and medium halls can be rented out and raffles are held to determine who may rent these between one year and two months in advance. There is a fellowship of the hall club which can be joined by those interested which includes perks such as advance ticket purchasing opportunities.


  • Shinkaichi Theater
    1 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Hyougo-ku Shinkaichi 5-2-3
    A performing arts theater located a five-minute walk from Shinkaichi Station and an eight-minute walk from Kobe Station and Kosoku Kobe Station. Since the theater opened in 1946, its stage has hosted movie stars, actors, and singers. After the Great Hanshin Earthquake, a new theater was built on the site specializing in taishu engeki, a genre of popular theater. Performances are held twice a day in the afternoon and the evening and visitors can enjoy plays, dancing shows, and more. The theater also accepts large group reservations.


  • Kobe Art Village Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Hyougo-ku Shinkaichi 5-3-14
    This Hyogo Prefecture cultural facility is about 10 minutes on foot from JR Kobe Station's Vierra Kobe Exit. It opened in 1996 as a networking space to foster young artists in a city where the arts were taking hold. In addition to event halls, galleries, and theaters, they provide rental spaces like ateliers, rehearsal rooms, and meeting rooms. They regularly hold workshops and study groups, and screen films in the theater.
  • Awaji Puppet Theater
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Minamiawajishi Fukura Kou 1528-1 ground point
    Located in Fukurako, Minami Awaji City, this is the only theater exclusively dedicated to Awaji Ningyo Joruri puppetry, a nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property boasting 500 years of history. They have scheduled performances four times a day. Special performances can be arranged with advance reservation for groups of 30 or more. The Awaji Ningyo Joruri Museum in Minami Awaji City's Ichisanjo has exhibits featuring items like joruri puppets and other tools.
  • Tsukaguchi Sun Sun Theater
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Amagasakishi Minamitsukaguchichou 2-1-1-103
    "This movie theater in front of in Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station in Minamitsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki City has been operating for over 60 years. They screen the latest blockbusters, independent films, and classic revivals. Bring the kids along to the first screening on Thursday mornings for ""Moms' Theater."" You'll find the facilities, including the toilets, family friendly."
  • Izushi Eirakukan
    18 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Toyokashi Izushichouyanagi 17-2
    This theater is on Prefectural Route 2 in Yanagi, Izushi-cho, Toyooka City. It opened in 1901, staging traditional kabuki, new-school shinpa-geki, and other performing arts until closing its doors in 1964. They reopened in 2008 after major renovations. Today it's the oldest playhouse in the Kinki district, holding performances of kabuki, rakugo, and other plays. It has been designated a Prefectural Important Tangible Cultural Property and welcomes tours of the facility on days when there aren't performances.

    This is a small theatre in the Izushi district of Toyooka City, northern Hyogo Prefecture. Though it is small by any standard, it is known to be the oldest existing traditional theatre for Kabuki in...

  • Troopcafe
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Kitanagasadori 2-11-5B1F
    This restaurant and club has a hideaway appeal and is supported by a wide variety of age groups. The restaurant offers French cuisine focusing on presenting all of the flavor the ingredients have to offer. On the weekends and during other events the club opens and plays a variety of music genres including primarily techno, jazz, and house. Popular DJs are brought in from around the world to put on must-see performances.
  • Takarazuka Grand Theater
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Pref. Takaradukashi Sakaemachi 1-1-57
    This theater is in Sakae Town, Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, and it is the home of the Takarazuka Revue. There are 2,527 seats total on the first and second floors, and the “Takarazuka Bow Hall” lies in an adjacent building. It specializes in musicals, and the various troupes take turns performing both overseas productions and original productions. Spectacular shows are held year-round. The theater also contains the “Takarazuka Revue Hall of Fame,” which opened to celebrate the revue’s 100-year anniversary, as well as a restaurant, shop, and other facilities.
  • Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Nishinomiya-shi Takamatsucho 14-2
  • Wadayama Jupiter Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Asago-shi Wadayamacho Tamaki 877-1
    Located approximately five minutes by car from the Bantan Renraku Toll Road’s Wadayama Interchange, it is one of three municipal cultural halls in Asago City. Much like Ikuno Mine Hall and Asago Sasayuri Hall, the Wadayama Jupiter Hall is used for various events such as concerts and film screenings. It has a large hall, a small hall that also serves as a rehearsal room, four dressing rooms and a conference room. A free child-rearing support room (temporary child daycare) operates there only during the hall's independent cultural projects. Prior applications are required at least one week before performances.
  • TOLI Itami Hall (Itami Cultural Hall)
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Itami-shi Miyanomae 1-1-3
    This cultural hall is located in 1 Chome Miyanomae, Itami City. The six-floor facility has a large hall that can hold approximately 1,200 people, plus a midsize hall and multiple conference rooms, Japanese-style rooms, practice rooms and multipurpose spaces. It can be used for a variety of events, including large-scale performances of music and drama, mini-concerts, traditional crafts and comedy.
  • Ako City Culture Hall Harmony Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Ako-shi Nakahiro 864
    This culture hall is located along Harmony Road in Nakahiro, Ako City. The large hall holds an audience of about 1,100 and the professionally created acoustics are suitable for classical concerts. In addition to the small hall, facilities such as rehearsal spaces, Japanese-style room, study rooms, exhibition room as well as a restaurant are also located on site.
  • Amashin Archaic Hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyougo Pref. Amagasakishi Shouwadori 2-chome 7-16
  • Green Arena Kobe
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Suma-ku Midoridai
  • Kobe Kokusai-tenjijo
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Minatojimanakamachi 6-chome 11-1
  • Nishinomiya Municipal hall
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Nishinomiya-shi Rokutanjicho 10-11
  • Kobe Art Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Hyogo Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Kumochibashidori 7-chome 1-13

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Hyogo prefecture stretches from the north coast to the south coast on the western end of the popular Kansai region, encompassing verdant mountains, urban beaches, and fantastic historical sights. The prefecture's main attractions lie along the south coast at Kobe, the prefectural capital, a pretty harbor city best known for its production of the renowned Kobe beef, and Himeji, the home of Himeji Castle, one of the country's most beautifully preserved feudal castles, perched magically atop a hill.

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