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Other Sightseeing Spots in Uehonmachi / Tennoji / Southern Osaka City Area

  • Harukas 300 (Observatory)
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Abeno-ku Abenosuji 1-1-43
    An observation deck situated between floors 58 and 60 in the 300 meter tall Abeno Harukas skyscraper. A popular destination for tourists, the deck offers a sweeping view of the streets of Osaka and Osaka Bay from Japan’s tallest building. On clear days, you can see the Rokko Mountain Range, Awaji Island, and even Kyoto and Kansai International Airport. From the airy three level outdoor Sky Garden on floor 58, visitors can enjoy the feel of the wind on their face and a gorgeous view of the city. Various events are also held in the garden. There are also cafes, bars, and restaurants offering super views as well as shops selling original goods. The closest stations are Tennoji Station and Osaka Abenobashi Station.
  • Rokko Shidare Observatory
    30 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Nada-ku Rokkousanchou Gokaiyama 1877-9
    This observation deck is located in “Rokko Garden Terrace” in Nada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. It boasts a unique design conceived of by architect Hiroshi Sanbuichi. The frames, walls, and floors use Japanese cedar from Yoshino, and the frame interior spreads like foliage, exuding a gentle scent. The observation deck offers a splendid view not only of Kobe City, but also Akashi Strait, Osaka Bay, and Kansai Airport. At night, there is an event in which the entire frame is illuminated by LEDs that can display over 10 million colors, creating an almost otherworldly sight amidst the Kobe night skyline.

    Its a special structure and has some design background to it. We went in the day and night since at night it lit up. The night was cold and very windy and lucky we were all geared up. The interior...

  • Tamatsukuri Yukimura Road
    Travel / Tourism
    Tennoji Ward, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    The 100-meter-long shopping street is located on the western side of JR Tamatsukuri Station. Near Sanko Shrine, said to be where Sanada Maru was built, it became famous as a site connected to Yukimura Sanada. On the shopping street, there are life-sized panels of the Sanada 10 Braves, and it is decorated with bright red flag banners displaying Sanada's rokumonsen (six coins) emblem. At eateries with shop curtains on the street, there are many Yukimura Sanada-themed menus. Among them, there is also a photo studio where you can take photographs as Yukimura Sanada if you make a reservation.
  • Keitakuen Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Tennouji-ku Chausuyamachou 1-108
    A classic Japanese garden with tress and ponds in Tennoji Park in Osaka. The Sumitomo family donated the garden to the city in 1926. It was designed by Ogawa Jihei VII, who is said to have established modern garden landscaping, and who also designed the Heian Jingu Shrine gardens and Maruyama Park in Kyoto. The center of the park has a large pond, with artificial hills, stepping stones, and bridges that allow you to feel the movement of the water. The tea house can be used for tea ceremonies, poetry readings, and commemorative photoshoots.
  • Tsuruhashi Korai Market
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Ikuno-ku Tsuruhashi
    In a corner of a shopping street spread through the east side of the JR Loop Line's Tsuruhashi Station, it is lined with stores mainly using the space under the elevated train tracks. With the surrounding area the Korea Town built after World War II, there are many shops in the market that carry authentic fresh Korean food ingredients such as kimchi, restaurants selling yakiniku BBQ, and stores for clothing like jeogori traditional Korean clothing and other accessories. Together with the neighboring shopping street, the area was chosen as one of Japan's top 100 locations with good aromas by the Ministry of the Environment because of the bustle and fragrance of kimchi and yakiniku wafting throughout the general area.
  • Shitennojishuhensansaku
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • Tsuruhashi Surrounding area
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osaka-shi Tennoji-ku
  • Sumiyoshi no Sorihashi (Taikobashi)
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka-shi Sumiyoshi-ku Sumiyoshi 2-9-89 Sumiyoshitaisha Uchi
  • Kyunankaidentetuhiranosenheiya Sta. Ato Promenade
    Travel / Tourism
    Osaka Osakashi Hirano-ku Hiranohonmachi 2-chome 3

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While Osaka prefecture is the country's second smallest prefecture, its capital, Osaka City, is the country's third-largest and arguably one of the most popular in the Kansai region thanks to its vibrant nightlife, the Osaka people's openness, and its much-loved cuisine, which has earned it the nickname “the nation's kitchen."

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