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    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Sakuranocho 407-1
    A five-minute walk from the Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Tozai Line. A record shop in the Uta-no-Koji Building just passing the bustling Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade. With records paving the floor and cassette tapes filling the walls this long-standing shop is sure to catch the eye. They mainly focus on avant-garde genres of music including electronic music and experimental music and always have over 2000 records, cassettes, and CDs in stock. The shop itself has an installation art piece feel to it and once you step inside it's hard to pull yourself away.
  • Koizumi Instruments
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Teramachi Dori Aneyakoji Agaru Shimohonnojimaecho 518
    This world-folk-music instrument specialty shop is on the Teramachi street shopping arcade off Oike-dori street, just two minutes' walk from Karasuma line Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station. They have a wide selection of instruments, with stringed instruments like erhu and Mongolian morin khuur; wind instruments like iwabue stone flutes and Andean quena flutes; as well as Tibetan singing bowls and Australian didgeridoos. They also offer enthusiast classes in the harder to start instruments, and the shop is popular as well for its professional guidance in getting closer to these folk instruments. In addition, they bring folk instrument performers from all over the world for concerts, and also offer repairs and maintenance for their instruments.
  • Seikosha
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    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Kamigyou-ku Tawarayachou 437
    Seikosha is a small but venerable bookstore located in a remodeled old traditional house. The books are arranged in an unusual way reminiscent of an art space. Unlike most bookstores, it stocks mostly books that might be thought of as luxury items. The shop also has a coffee bar and regularly schedules workshops related to music or books.

    京都インディペンデント系書店です。店長の堀部さんは積極的にメディアにも発信されていますが、接客は控えめ。ゆっくり時間をとって棚の本と向き合ってください。 観光目的というよりも自分自身の思考を整えるのに書店巡りは向いているように思います。

  • Hohohoza (Jodoji Branch)
    Kyoto Kyoutoshi Sakyou-ku Joudojibambachou 71 High Nest Building 1/2 F
    Hohohoza is a bookstore in Kyoto's Sakyo Ward. It was formerly called Gake Shobo, but it moved and reopened with a new name. The first floor features new publications and miscellaneous times, as well as gallery space for exhibitions. The second floor features used books and miscellaneous items, and it is frequented by booklovers as a place where one may find an exciting rare book.
  • Unsodo Publishing House
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Teramachi-dori Nijo Minami Entrance 459 Maomichi-mae-cho
    Unsodo, founded in 1891, is a venerable publishing house in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ward and the only one in Japan that produces woodblock books. Every step of the process, including carving, pressing the paper onto the plates, and binding, is done by hand according to traditional methods. They also produce art books and woodblock-printed artisan books, and sell and produce small Japanese-style variety goods with original designs.
  • BOOKOFFSUPERBAZAAR 1 Go Kyoto Fushimi (5/28(Thu) Ground Open)
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Fushimi-ku Yokoojishibafu 1
  • Maruzen Kyoto Main Store
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Kawaramachidori Sanjo Sagaru Yamazakicho 251 Kyoto BAL B1-Underground 2F
  • AvantiBookCenter Kyoto
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Minami-ku Higashikujonishisannocho 31 Kyoto Avanti 6F
  • BOOKOFF Kusebashi
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Minami-ku Kuzekamikuzecho 779
  • BOOKOFF ( Book-Off ) Kyoto Takaragaike
    Kyoto Kyoto Sakyo
  • GEO Fushimi Shinhorikawa
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Fushimi-ku Nakajimakitanokuchicho 11-banchi
  • BOOKOFF ( Book-Off ) Kyoto Sanjo Eki Building
    Kyoto Kyoto Higashiyama Sanjodori Ohashi Higashi Iri Ohashicho 117
  • Ogaki Book Store Karasuma Sanjo
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Karasuma-dori Sanjo Agaru Mikuracho 85-1 Karasuma Building 1F
  • Nobunaga Book Store Shijo Kawaramachi
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Shimogyo-ku Teramachi Dori Ayanokoji Sagaru Nakanocho 571
  • JEUGIA Sanjo Main Store
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku
  • GEO Kameoka
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kameoka-shi Kosecho Shibahara 40-banchi
  • GEO Yamashina Higashino
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Yamashina-ku Higashinokitainouecho 1-banchi 6
  • GEO Maizuru
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Maizuru-shi Mori 492-banchi
  • GEO Kyotango Mineyama
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyotango-shi Mineyamacho Nagaoka 1629-banchi 1
  • GEO Enmachi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Kyoto Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Nishinokyonishishikagakicho 63-banchi

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Its wooden tea houses, shuffling geisha, and spiritual sights have seen Kyoto hailed as the heart of traditional Japan, a world apart from ultramodern Tokyo. Despite being the Japanese capital for over a century, Kyoto escaped destruction during World War II, leaving behind a fascinating history which can be felt at every turn, from the fully gold-plated Kinkakuji Temple down to traditional customs such as geisha performances and tea ceremonies, which are still practiced to this day.

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