Plateau Spots in Shiga Area

  • Makino Highland
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    Makino Town Makino 931 Takanoshima City Shiga Prefecture
    These outdoor facilities are located in Makino, Makino Town, Takashima City. You'll find a campsite where you can barbeque or experience harvesting crops, sports facilities such as a gym, tennis courts, a ground golf course, and even hot springs facilities and a restaurant. This location can be used as a ski slope in winter, or as a snow camp field (reservations strictly required).

    I was there to see the Metasequoia trees turning to its blazing autumn colors but unfortunately I was too early. The Metasequoia leaves were still green in the first week of November. But I manage to...

  • Nikkoyama (Taki Yamajo Ato)
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    Shiga Ritto-shi Rokujizo

Shiga Areas


Visitors to Shiga prefecture are almost always hopping east across the prefectural border from Kyoto, and they are almost certainly Lake Biwa-bound. Covering an area of 670 square kilometers, Lake Biwa makes up the bulk of Shiga prefecture, with beautiful lakeside paths that offer myriad walking and cycling opportunities, connecting a string of museums, shrines, and picturesque views that finally lead you to Hikone Castle on the eastern side of the lake.

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