Other places famous for flowers Spots in Shiga Area

  • Kaigake-dani Valley Hon-shakunage (Rhododendron) Colony
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Gamougunhinochou Kaigake 1-17
    A colony of rhododendrons located in Kaigake Rhododendron Valley in Hino Town, Gamo County, Shiga Prefecture. The slopes of the 300 to 400-meter-high valley are covered with some 3,720 square meters of rhododendrons. Hon-shakunage rhododendrons are normally an alpine plant which grow at elevations from 800 to 1,000 meters above sea level; accordingly this large of a colony at this low of an altitude is exceedingly rare and the rhododendrons have been designated a National Natural Monument. The blooming season for the flowers is from late April to early May.
  • Samegai Water-Crowfoot
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Maibarashi Samegai
    A colony of aquatic plants growing in the Jizo River in Samegai, Maibara City. There are only a few locations in Japan with the conditions needed by water-crowfoot to grow; the Jizo River, selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the 100 most famous rivers in Japan in the Heisei period, is one such, flowing with the clear waters of springs such as the Isame and boasting the perfect temperature for the plants. The plants bloom with tiny, plum tree-like blossoms from mid-May to late August.
  • Katuragawakayabukinoie
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    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Otsushi Katsuragawaboumurachou 232-1


  • Furin no Yoshi Komichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Takashima-shi Imazucho Hiokimae Biwako Hakodateyama
  • Hiraike no Water Iris
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Takashima-shi Imazucho Fukashimizu 2405-18
  • Shoboji Temple no Fuji
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Gamo-gun Hino Cho Kaigake 2145
  • Shanainnofuyo
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Nagahamashi Miyamaechou 13-45
  • Onyudanino Rustling butterfly
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Takashimashi Kutsukionyudani
  • Fufutakino Hiking trail No Misbasa
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Otsushi Kido 1547-1
  • Yakumogaharanorengetutuji
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Otsushi Kitahira
  • Anrakuji Temple
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Nagahama-shi Hosoecho 105
  • I Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Hikoneshi Furusawachou
  • Karasuma Peninsula
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Kusatsu-shi Oroshimocho
  • Kita Komatsu Shu Toku Ji
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Otsu-shi Kita Komatsu
  • Kusanogawakahan
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Nagahamashi Toumechou
  • Koura Hachiman Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Inukami-gun Kouracho Zaiji
  • Shikozakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Takashimashi Katsuno Takashima South Beach
  • Shizugatake
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Pref. Nagahamashi Kinomotochouoto
  • Shozu no Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Takashima-shi Makinocho Kaizu
  • Shinasahi Hana Shobuen
    Travel / Tourism
    Shiga Takashima-shi Shinasahicho Warasono 336

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Visitors to Shiga prefecture are almost always hopping east across the prefectural border from Kyoto, and they are almost certainly Lake Biwa-bound. Covering an area of 670 square kilometers, Lake Biwa makes up the bulk of Shiga prefecture, with beautiful lakeside paths that offer myriad walking and cycling opportunities, connecting a string of museums, shrines, and picturesque views that finally lead you to Hikone Castle on the eastern side of the lake.

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