Coast / Beach Spots in Aichi Area

  • Koijigahama Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Taharashi Iragochou Koijigaura
    A beach located in Koijigaura Irago-cho, Tahara City. This beautifully curving white sand beach was famously depicted in Toson Shimazaki's poem Yashinomi. The beach's name, which translates to Romance Beech, is derived from a tragic love legend passed down through the ages, and the beech is also a popular destination for couples.
  • Pacific Long Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Taharashi Akabanechou Oishi
    On the coast of Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture overlooking the Enshu sea, Pacific Long Beach is one of the best surf points in the whole country. With big waves coming in from the Pacific Ocean the place attracts surfers from far and wide during the peak surfing season. Tropical palm trees line the road giving the beach the air of a foreign land. World surfing championships and other competitions are held here attracting many visitors as well. It is also famous as a beach where loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs from June to July. Swimming is prohibited.
  • Katahama Jusanri Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Along the Pacific Ocean around Lake Ira, Aichi Prefecture
    This long sandy beach stretches east of the Hii-no-Sekimon reef in Hii-cho, Tahara City. Stretching 13 ri (approximately 52 kilometers) all the way to Lake Hamanako on the Pacific Ocean side of the Atsumi Peninsula. It includes the Ikobe Coast and Akabane Coast. The beach is easily accessed from Omotehama Highway and the Tokaido road. The Akabane Coast's Pacific Long Beach (also known as the Akabane Long Beach) is especially popular as a surfing spot.
  • Takeshima Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Gamagorishi Takeshimachou Takeshima Coast
    This scenic coast overlooks Takeshima, the symbol of Gamagori City. Takeshima is connected by a 387-meter bridge, so you can freely enjoy taking strolls. Also known as a popular clam digging spot, people from both inside and outside the prefecture visit each year during the clamming season.
  • Mikawa Oshima Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Gamagori-shi Mikawa Oshima Kaigan
    An uninhabited island located three kilometers off the Mikawa Coast. The large beach has shallow sea and is a popular clamming spot with wild clams in certain areas. During the tourist season, a liner operates regularly from Takeshima Pier, a seven-minute walk from JR Mikawa Miya Station. Value tickets are available that include the clamming fee along with the price of the liner.
  • Miya Onsen Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Gamagori-shi Miya Kaigan
    A large sandy beach on Mikawa Bay with shallow seas. Visitors can go clamming there between March and July. Managed by the local fishing cooperative, the participation fee lets adults collect five kilograms and children 2.5 kilograms of clams. They also lend out the clamming rakes, boots, buckets, and other items you need for clamming. It may be cancelled during inclement weather.
  • Nishiura Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Gamagori-shi Nishiuracho Kanizawa 30
    A beach adjoining Nishiura Onsen, a natural hot spring district. The beach is also a renowned destination to go clamming for Japanese littleneck clams. Facing Mikawa Bay, the beach's waves are extremely gentle, ensuring visitors can enjoy fun and safe clamming. The entire beach is managed by a fishery cooperative, and both adults and children can pay the same price to be allowed to gather around two kilograms of Japanese littleneck clams in a specially designated bag. Note that clamming may be suspended depending on the weather.
  • Nishihazu Toba Coast
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Nishio-shi Tobacho
    A five-minute walk from Meitetsu Mikawa Toba Station, Mikawa Bay is a popular clamming spot known for its high-quality clams. The shallow water means even kids can safely join in. There are a number of clam varieties, including manila asari, common orient hamaguri, surf clam bakagai, razor clam mategai and more. Clamming rakes are available for sale, although there is no gear rental. Kira Onsenkyo is nearby, making it a great spot for families or groups to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Higashihazu Coast, Maeshima
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Nishio-shi
    "A part of Mikawa Bay's coastline in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. Maeshima Island was once known as ""Rabbit Island"" because of the 400 rabbits that roamed freely. Famous for its clams, this popular clamming spot gets about 70,000 visitors a year. The season lasts over an extended period from early March to early August. A barbecue area is available for you to have a clambake with your harvest. This is one of Maeshima's highlights."
  • Chidorigahama Beach (Minamichita)
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Chitagunminamichitachou Utsumi
    This coastal area is located in Utsumi, Minamichita-cho, Chita County. The two-kilometer stretch of wide, shallow beach is characterized by white sand that is said to be the finest grain in the world, and has been selected as one of the Japan's 100 Best Beaches. Mainly covering Chidorigahama, this location has the largest beach for ocean swimming in the Tokai region.
  • Nishinohama Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Pref. Taharashi Konakayamachou
    This coast is located in Konakayama-cho, Tahara City. Seven windmills have been built here in order to make use of the seasonal winter winds, and the scenery created by the coast and its windmills and by the Atsumi Thermal Power Station further to the north is very popular. And in the summer, it is a well-known spot for Smelt-whiting fishing.
  • Yoshida Beach
    Travel / Tourism
    Yoshio coast, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture
    This coast is located on Nishinakahama, Yoshida, Kira-cho, Nishio City. From the end of March to mid-June, the wide, shallow beach is known as one of the best gathering spots in the prefecture for seasonal high-quality clams such as Manila and Aoyagi clams.
  • Irago Kaitaku Kaigan Disaster Control Rin
    Travel / Tourism
    Aichi Tahara-shi Nakayamacho Misaki

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