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Leisure / Outdoors Spots in Ito / Izu-kogen Highlands Area

  • Izu Granpal Amusement Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo 1090
    A theme park situated along National Route 135 in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The park’s spacious grounds, equivalent to five Tokyo Domes, are dotted with sports facilities. The park features 14 varieties of athletic equipment and fun attractions for children and adults such as Battle King, where visitors can climb in a robot and fight each other; Water Balloon where you can jump in a giant clear ball and walk on water; and Zip Line, where you can fly through the air sliding down a metal wire. There’s also a park golf course and other entertaining facilities; there’s tons of fun things to do for people of all ages! For visitors with dogs, there’s a restaurant where you can eat together (terrace seating only), attractions you can ride together, and a dog run.
  • Izu Shaboten Zoo
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo 1317-13
    A theme park located in the Futo area of Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture where visitors can experience a variety of plants and animals. In addition to 1,500 varieties of cacti and succulents gathered from around the world, the park also keeps and displays 120 species of animals, including cute capybaras. The park is famous for its capybara “rotenburo” (“open-air bath”) in winter, in which capybaras warm themselves in a piping hot bath. The park’s five greenhouses present cacti growing in emulations of South American, African, and other environments, and visitors can enjoy viewing rare species as well as cactus flowers. The park’s animal shows and opportunities for visitors to feed animals are also popular.
  • Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art
    25 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Totari 614
    This is a private art museum located in Ito City, Shizuoka which focuses on 20th century contemporary art. This museum was established in 1975 by Eiichi Ikeda, the founder of NICHIREKI CO.,LTD. It has a collection of approximately 1,400 works of fine art and sculptures created in the 20th century with an emphasis on the theme of “human”; it also possesses works by famous painters including Renoir, Bonnard and Picasso. If you get in touch in advance, the curator or a member of staff will explain about a piece of work.

    small, but with great modern art collection. worth a visit. also the restaurant on the opposite street is a nice place to check.

  • Nagisa Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Higashimatsubarachou
    Opened in 1977, this park is maintained as a park which symbolizes the desire of the citizens of Ito City for peace and happiness. There are many works exhibited in the park, mainly the “family” collection of work by a local sculptor, Kenji Shigeoka. You can also get an unbroken view of Miura Peninsula and Hatsushima Island from the park which overlooks Ito Bay—it will sooth your soul. The park is a 15-minute walk from Ito Station.
  • Izu Teddy Bear Museum
    163 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yawatano 1064-2
    A museum located a 10 minute walk from Izu-Kogen Station designed around the concept of a “teddy bear house.” The museum features numerous displays, including “Teddy Girl,” an early teddy bear produced by the German Steiff firm which is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, rare antique bears, and works by teddy bear makers from around the world. The brick exhibition hall is modeled after an English country home. There’s also a courtyard filled with cute bears and a tea room with comfortable terrace seating, giving visitors the chance to enjoy a truly fairy tale-like atmosphere.

    There is not much to view. Less than 30 mins you can finish this museum. I don't think the ticket worth the money. But if you traveled to Izukogen with children, you could give it a chance. The...

  • Komuroyama Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana 1260-1
    A nature park located in Kawana, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture centering on the 321 meter high Mt. Komuro. Visitors can ride a pay sightseeing lift to the top of the mountain. A wood deck on top of Mt. Komuro offers a sweeping 360 degree panorama of the area, including such sights as Mt. Fuji, Sagami Bay, the Boso Peninsula, and the islands of Izu. Lush with natural beauty, several promenades have been set up for strolling, and seasonally blooming flowers like camellias, cherries, Japanese apricot, and French hydrangea provide gorgeous scenery. From late April to early May, 100 thousand azaleas create a carpet of red; at their peak, the park holds an Azalea Festival.
  • Ito Orange Beach
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yukawa Matsubara
    A beach located a five minute walk from Ito Station with a south seas feel. In summer, the beach bustles with great numbers of beach goers. The waves which reach the 850 meter long beach are gentle, making the beach popular with both young people and families. The beach itself has public showers and toilets, and around six to seven clubhouses also operate on its sands. Nearby, visitors can enjoy fishing and boats, and the beach is conveniently close to a hot spring area where several hotels and inns stand side by side.
  • Izukogen Antique Jewelry Museum
    6 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yawatano 1030-63
    This antique jewelry museum in Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, displays jewelry and dresses mainly from the Victorian period. Many of the exhibits are from the 19th century when capitalists flourished due to their wealth from the colonies. You can see a number of precious items such as a Tiffany pendant, a tiara with 620 diamonds, and a delicately crafted cameo. There is also a space where you can try on some antique style dresses and have your photograph taken.

    2回目の訪問です。 玄関前の庭園が美しく整えられており、そこでまず気分が向上します。 展示されている宝飾品は、どれも繊細で美しく、見入ってしまいました。 当時の職人さんが精魂込めて作り上げたのだろうなと感激します。 館内は落ち着いた静かな空間で、スタッフの方々の雰囲気もよく、じっくりと見ることができました。 また行きたいです。

  • Nosaka Automata Museum
    15 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yawatano Stock tricks 1283 - 75
    The Nosaka Automata Museum is an art museum located in Yawatano, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which stores and displays antique ‘automata’ dolls that can move by mechanical means. Automata produced by European watch makers in the 18th and 19th centuries are works of art that use one spring as its driving force without using any electrical power. In addition to the exhibition of a number of valuable automata that would have attracted aristocrats of the day, there is also a corner which shows, several times a day, the automata in action.

    These days we take robots and machines for granted, but even just 100 years ago, automata filled people with wonder. How do they move It's like magic! This museum has a great collection. My friend...

  • Music Box Museum of Izu
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yawatano 1191-1
    Located about six minutes on foot from Izu-Kogen Station, this museum focusing on antique music boxes has about 130 items including mechanical instruments such as self-playing pianos and pipe organs, and gramophones. Mechanical instruments, precious cylinder music boxes and disk music boxes come to life and play in the museum eight times a day. You can enjoy the beautiful sounds of these music boxes as well learning about the more than 200 year old history of these fascinating instruments. There is also a workshop where you can have a go at making your very own handcrafted music box. Small pets are allowed into the museum provided they are carried.
  • Izu Kogen Stained Glass Museum
    35 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana 1439-1
    Located in a perfect location overlooking the sea is this stained glass museum in Kawana, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. With a church and chapel contained within, there is precious stained glass from the 19th century given by the UK to be found throughout the building. The museum is a glorious space in which the soul is soothed by the rays of sunshine pouring through the stained glass windows, the soft light of the lamps and by the scent of the incense. Unexpected moments can be enjoyed while listening to the sounds of the music box and pipe organ. On site is an Italian restaurant run by chef Yukio Ishizaki and also a wedding venue.

    I am not an expert on stained glass, but I found the building elegant, the gardens pretty and the overall atmosphere enchanting. Many stained glass windows on display are old works from Europe...

  • Museum of Ivory and Stone Sculpture - jewelpia
    33 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo 1096-1
    Jewelpia is a museum focusing on ivory carvings and natural jewels, located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The importing of ivory is currently prohibited under the Washington Convention. The museum is known to be a valuable art museum throughout the world. The museum houses about 270 exhibits all of which are national treasures, including about 120 ivory carvings from China, a jade sculpture, folding screens studded with jewels, and art works from Asia. Another must-see in the museum is the world’s largest natural folding screen inlaid with more than 1,500 precious stones. There is also an area where visitors can have a go at making their own bracelets and gel candles.

    象牙のホヤリングとクレーンを決めた後、自分が専門家ではないから、「商品が本物か?万が一本物ではないと返品できるね?」と一言で冗談のように聞いた。 「本物ではないと思うと、買わなくてもいい」と強い口振りで返事くれた。 15:50ぐらいある権利ありそうなおばあちゃん!覚えてる!実は素晴らしい美術品に感動されたのに、二度とは絶対来たくない!

  • Taizanen
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Usami 1029
    Taizanen located on Prefectural Highway No.19 in Usami, Ito City is a mikan orange tourist farm. There are two picking options for mikan oranges: the basic option includes unlimited consumption on the farm where you can pick sweet Watson pomelo in spring and satsuma mandarin in winter. With the souvenir option, you can take some oranges home as a souvenir. Inside the farm, it sells various mikan oranges and jam.
  • Izu Glass & Craft Museum
    2 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka prefecture Ito city Omuro Kogen 11-300
    Izu Glass & Craft Museum is an art museum situated in a beautiful, scenic spot with marvelous views of the Izu Shichito Islands. The Museum has on display a large collection of works by famous glass-makers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, including Emile Galle, the Daum family, and Tiffany & Co. There is a café, a museum shop, and a workshop where experiential activities are held; in the workshop, visitors can try their hand at making glass accessories, kaleidoscopes, candles, stained glass, etc.

    色々なガラス細工が沢山あります。 ぶら-と、行くのにお進めです。 お土産に綺麗なガラス細工を買いました。 ここでカラス細工体験をしてくれたらもっと時間を使えると思います。

  • Usami Beach
    30 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Usami
    The spacious and open Usami Beach has a wide and shallow sand beach stretching 1.5 kilometers, located just next to the parking lot, so it is quite popular. The sea opening is from mid July to late August, with sea guards on constant watch during this period. You can enjoy surfing in the mornings and evenings too.

    My father was born here. He was working in Tokyo, and returned to the area after his retirement. Not much of attraction nor place of interest. Still, I feel at home here. Nice view and relaxing...

  • The Cat Museum
    55 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Yawatano 1759-242
    This museum features exhibits on extinct cat species and the world of wild cats, a collection of fairy tale and cat-themed artwork from around the world, and more. It also offers a petting gallery where visitors can relax alongside 40 cats representing around 20 kinds. The popular museum is visited by more than two million people. Visitors will see a whole new side to cats that is surprisingly profound.

    I love cats, and also appreciate funky roadside attractions. I enjoyed the bizarre displays of stuffed big cats and saber-toothed tiger skulls on the first floor, but truly felt sickened by the...

  • Kawana Irukahama Park
    11 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana 1004
    This park is located next to Kawana Beach, a beautiful gravel beach with quiet waves that is especially popular with families. The beach is staffed with lifeguards during the beaching season which runs mid-July to late August. It also offers a number of convenient services and facilities including a variety of rentals services and coin lockers.

    海の日の3連休中日で、晴れ予報もあり結構混んでました。ぎちぎちで隣同士がくっつくまではないですが。 11時過ぎに到着、ビーチ前の駐車場は満車でしたが、離れた駐車場に車を停めて、マイクロバスでビーチまで送ってもらえるので、少々荷物があっても大丈夫です。 細かい玉砂利は、かなり熱くなっていて素足では歩けないぐらいです。 ビーチは、急に深くなっているので、お子さんは気をつけたほうが良さそうです。 水は綺...

  • Shiofuki Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Arai
    This coastal nature park is located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is famous for its namesake, Shiofuki-iwa, a sea cave that sprays seawater several meters into the air. The park is equipped with a footpath up to Shiofuki Observation Deck, where visitors can enjoy views of Shiofuki-iwa. Visitors can also enjoy gathering shellfish, snorkeling, and other activities on the rocky seashore. Visited by many tourists, the park has been selected by one of Ito's eight most scenic spots.
  • Kawana Beach
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana
    A beach located a 15-minute walk from IzukyuKawana Station, it is famous for its highly transparent water and quiet waves. Not just for swimming in the ocean, you'll also find many people snorkeling. It's a secret spot that isn't very crowded. There is KawanaIrukahamaPark nearby as well.
  • Iso Pool
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo 841-1
    This park pool is located inside of Izukaiyo Park in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The seawater pool is famous for being the closest pool to the ocean in Japan. It is equipped with slides, a 50-meter pool, and more. It also holds a number of events for children, making it a destination for many families. The pool is open from July to around August.

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With the giant Pacific Ocean to the south and the great Mount Fuji to the north, Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with some of the best views the country has to offer. The white sand beaches of the Izu Peninsula are a rare find on mainland Japan, neighbored by beautiful cliffs, tumbling hills, and natural hot springs. As Japan’s largest producer of green tea, the age-old tradition of tea drinking is ubiquitous in Shizuoka, from the miles of tea fields to the old tea houses hosting traditional tea ceremonies.

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