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Park / Green Space Spots in Shizuoka Area

  • Izu Shaboten Zoo
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo 1317-13
    A theme park located in the Futo area of Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture where visitors can experience a variety of plants and animals. In addition to 1,500 varieties of cacti and succulents gathered from around the world, the park also keeps and displays 120 species of animals, including cute capybaras. The park is famous for its capybara “rotenburo” (“open-air bath”) in winter, in which capybaras warm themselves in a piping hot bath. The park’s five greenhouses present cacti growing in emulations of South American, African, and other environments, and visitors can enjoy viewing rare species as well as cactus flowers. The park’s animal shows and opportunities for visitors to feed animals are also popular.
  • Shuzenji Niji no Sato
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Izushi Shuzenji 4279-3
    A theme park which makes the most of the beautiful scenery in the Shuzenji area of Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The park’s spacious grounds are a whopping 500 thousand square meters. The park is divided into numerous distinct areas, such as the British Village, modeled after a medieval English townscape; the Canadian Village, modeled after the city of Nelson, Canada; the Western-style Fairy Garden; Japanese Garden; and the Takumi Village, where visitors can try Japanese traditional crafts. Visitors can travel between the areas using a bus or the British-made Romney Railway train. The park is also famous for its autumn foliage, and in fall, the leaves on the park’s approximately 2,000 trees, including 1,000 maples, change into beautiful reds and golds.
  • Nagisa Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Higashimatsubarachou
    Opened in 1977, this park is maintained as a park which symbolizes the desire of the citizens of Ito City for peace and happiness. There are many works exhibited in the park, mainly the “family” collection of work by a local sculptor, Kenji Shigeoka. You can also get an unbroken view of Miura Peninsula and Hatsushima Island from the park which overlooks Ito Bay—it will sooth your soul. The park is a 15-minute walk from Ito Station.
  • Shimoda Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture 3
    This is a nature park located on a slightly elevated hill, and you can see the Pacific with one sweep of the eye from its three observation platforms. It is the site of the ruins of the mountain castle, Shimoda Castle which the Hojo clan built in preparation of their confrontation with Hideyoshi. The best time to see Azaleas is in spring, hydrangeas in early summer, and then the common camellia is during winter. The “Hydrangea Festival” is also held every June. Since there is a monument to the opening of Japan to the world and a stone monument of Shimooka Renjo, let’s enjoy a walk while thinking about the history of Shimoda.
  • Kakita River Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Suntougunshimizuchou Fushimi 71-7
    Located in Shimizu Town, Sunto County, Shizuoka Prefecture, this park was built on the upper reaches of the Kakita River, Japan’s shortest Class A river, which is fed by a large freshwater spring. Locals use the verdant grounds of the park to rest and relax. The park’s lawn is a convenient and popular place to have a picnic. From the park’s two viewing platforms, visitors can see the “Wakima,” the source of the Kakita River. There’s also a shallow pool fed by the spring which visitors can play in and use to cool off.
  • Komuroyama Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana 1260-1
    A nature park located in Kawana, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture centering on the 321 meter high Mt. Komuro. Visitors can ride a pay sightseeing lift to the top of the mountain. A wood deck on top of Mt. Komuro offers a sweeping 360 degree panorama of the area, including such sights as Mt. Fuji, Sagami Bay, the Boso Peninsula, and the islands of Izu. Lush with natural beauty, several promenades have been set up for strolling, and seasonally blooming flowers like camellias, cherries, Japanese apricot, and French hydrangea provide gorgeous scenery. From late April to early May, 100 thousand azaleas create a carpet of red; at their peak, the park holds an Azalea Festival.
  • Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Numadushi Shimokanuki Shimogo 2802-1
    Once an imperial villa erected as a vacation spot for Emperor Taisho when he was crown prince in 1893, the site was opened to the general public as a memorial park after the villa was decommissioned during Japan’s Showa period. The park is located in a thick pine forest famous for its picturesque scenery and stands on scenic land facing Suruga Bay. Park facilities include the west villa, where the furniture and furnishings have been restored to the villa’s heyday to give visitors a glimpse of Imperial life during that time; the east villa, which is used as a cultural exchange center; a history and folk custom museum built on the site of the primary villa; and a café housed inside the former horse stable. Take the Izu Hakone Bus from Numazu Station and get off at the “Goyotei-mae” stop.
  • Matsubara Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Izushi Toi 2657-6
    This natural pine forest park that extends from the rear of the Toi Beach Resort in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture is known as a great spot to watch the setting sun. The park is dotted with outdoor carvings and monuments related to local persons including Bokusui Wakayama, Akahiko Shimaki and Miyako Oba, along with walking promenades. The park’s symbol is the world’s only flower clock that is 31 meters across and included as one of the Guinness World Records. The Kogane-no-Yu footbath is also nearby, making this park a popular spot for a driving break or as a place to spend a day’s holiday.
  • Shirataki Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Mishimashi Ichibanchou 1
    Located in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Shirataki Park wells up with water from Mt. Fuji. When Mt. Fuji erupted about 10,000 years ago, lava flow exposed channels in the ground from where water now wells up in what looks like white water, hence its name Shirataki, which literally means ‘white waterfall’. There are many shallow pools for young children to play safely in and the park is inundated with people in the hot summer months trying to cool down. The park has pathways and playgrounds for the children and it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely picnic among the large, shady trees, or immerse yourself in a spot of forest bathing.
  • Yurakkusu Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Izunokunishi Nagaoka 613-1
    This free footbath facility is in Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The roofed bath can seat about 10 people and provides a steady stream of water from Izunagaoka Hot Springs. There’s a reflexology path in which the natural rocks can stimulate the pressure points in your feet. There’s a signboard that shows you which parts are out of balance depending on where you feel pain. The grounds also feature a place with drinkable hot spring water, a grassy plaza, and a slide along with other amusements, making it kid-friendly as well.
  • Farmers’ Field of Rapeseed
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Kamogunminamizuchou Minato
    This is a rape blossom field near the Hino intersection of National Route 136 in Minamiizu Town, Kamo County. Many people visit to see the meadow of rape blossoms during the “South Cherry Blossom and Rape Festival” held every year from the 10th of February to the 10th of March. A special feature is the “Rape blossom wedding” where selected couples, who subscribe in advance, have their wedding in the rape field during the season.
  • Shuzenji Nature Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Izushi Shuzenji 3690
    Shuzenji Nature Park, which is located on the north side of the Shuzenji hot springs, covers an area of around 80 hectares; it is famous as a great place for viewing autumn foliage. The Japanese maple tree forest, which has a density of around 1,000 trees per hectare, is the largest of its kind in the Izu Peninsula. The “Shuzenji Maple Festival” is held every year when the autumn foliage starts to appear around mid-November.
  • Mizugazuka Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Susonoshi Suyama 2308-7
    This natural park, famous as a spot for taking pictures of Mt. Fuji, is located on the mountain's side at an altitude of around 1,500 meters. It is also very popular as a rest stop for people taking a drive along the Mt. Fuji Skyline. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal scenery Mt. Fuji, including upclose views of Hoei Crater. There is also a two kilometer-long promenade that visitors can walk while taking in the scenery.
  • Kawana Irukahama Park
    11 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Kawana 1004
    This park is located next to Kawana Beach, a beautiful gravel beach with quiet waves that is especially popular with families. The beach is staffed with lifeguards during the beaching season which runs mid-July to late August. It also offers a number of convenient services and facilities including a variety of rentals services and coin lockers.

    海の日の3連休中日で、晴れ予報もあり結構混んでました。ぎちぎちで隣同士がくっつくまではないですが。 11時過ぎに到着、ビーチ前の駐車場は満車でしたが、離れた駐車場に車を停めて、マイクロバスでビーチまで送ってもらえるので、少々荷物があっても大丈夫です。 細かい玉砂利は、かなり熱くなっていて素足では歩けないぐらいです。 ビーチは、急に深くなっているので、お子さんは気をつけたほうが良さそうです。 水は綺...

  • Shiofuki Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Arai
    This coastal nature park is located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is famous for its namesake, Shiofuki-iwa, a sea cave that sprays seawater several meters into the air. The park is equipped with a footpath up to Shiofuki Observation Deck, where visitors can enjoy views of Shiofuki-iwa. Visitors can also enjoy gathering shellfish, snorkeling, and other activities on the rocky seashore. Visited by many tourists, the park has been selected by one of Ito's eight most scenic spots.
  • Izu Oceanic Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Futo Omuro plateau 841-1
    "A national park located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Famous for its flowers, you can enjoy flowers in all four seasons in the ""JogasakiMiharashi Garden"" or the ""Jogasaki Seaside Garden"". Also, in the ""Ajisai-en"", from the season of May to November, you can view roughly 120 varieties of hydrangeas, so many tourists make a visit."
  • Dogashima Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Kamogunnishizuchou Nishina Around 2060
    This coastal park in Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture features up-close views of the Dogashima Coast as well as a view from above of the Tensodo sea cave, a natural monument. The park is equipped with a dock for tourist boats that offer cave tours that are popular with tourists.
  • Kakegawa Castle Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Kakegawashi Kakegawa 1138-24
    This park located in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture features a range of facilities centered on a recreation of Kakegawa Castle. These include the Honmaru Plaza, known for its cherry blossoms, the Ni no Maru tea room, where visitors can enjoy a cup of green tea, and more. Visitors can also take a tour given by a guide dressed like a ninja, a service that is especially popular with foreign tourists (reservation required).
  • Chichibunomiya Memorial Park
    50 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Gotembashi Higashitanaka 1507-7
    This park is located in the foothills of Mt. Hakone's somma in Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is centered on the villa of Setsuko, Princess Chichibu, which was donated to Gotemba City and is opened to the public now. The park, which blooms with a variety of seasonal flowers, is popular with flower watchers. It is also equipped with multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, and other facilities that are regularly used to host a variety of events. It is also used by locals as a place to socialize.

    Chichibunomiya houses the holiday house of the (then) Crown Prince (the current emperor Akihito). There are interesting photographs of both the emperor and the empress in their younger days, to...

  • Susono City Sports Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Shizuoka Pref. Susonoshi Imazato 1616-1
    A sports park is in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture with facilities for a variety of sports including track and field, baseball, and tennis as well as a wide-open lawn for fun and recreation. There is also a 109-meter-tall roller-slide, which has become a very popular meeting place for kids.

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With the giant Pacific Ocean to the south and the great Mount Fuji to the north, Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with some of the best views the country has to offer. The white sand beaches of the Izu Peninsula are a rare find on mainland Japan, neighbored by beautiful cliffs, tumbling hills, and natural hot springs. As Japan’s largest producer of green tea, the age-old tradition of tea drinking is ubiquitous in Shizuoka, from the miles of tea fields to the old tea houses hosting traditional tea ceremonies.

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