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Experience / Training / Vehicle Spots in Hida / Takayama Area

  • Shinhotaka Ropeway
    Travel / Tourism
    Takayama-shi, Gifu Prefecture Okuhida Onsenkyo Shin-Hotaka
    The Shinhotaka Ropeway is an aerial lift transport system linking Shin-Hotaka Onsen Station with Nishihotakaguchi Station in the Oku-Hida Onsen (Hot Springs) District of Gifu Prefecture. The Ropeway comprises two sections: the No. 1 Ropeway and No. 2 Ropeway. By traveling on both sections in succession, visitors can reach the top of the mountain. The No. 2 Ropeway is the only aerial lift system in Japan to feature double-decker gondolas; passengers can enjoy the sensation of “strolling in the air” at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea-level while looking out at the magnificent scenery below. The roof observation deck at the mountain-top Nishihotakaguchi Station offers an almost 360-degree panoramic view of the mountains of Japan’s Northern Alps; this view was awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide to Japan.
  • Oku Hida Bear Park
    82 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Okuhidaonsengouhitoegane 2535
    Oku Hida Bear Park is located in Okuhida Onsengo Hitoegane. Nearly 100 black bears and brown bears are kept here, and visitors can feed them, take photos, and see bear-themed shows. The “Forest Product Store” sells “bear oil,” “bear power drinks,” stuffed animals, and other bear-themed merchandise.

    These bears are being kept in horrible conditions and there are perhaps hundreds of them. We arrived at he start of the ranch to see 2 cubs caged and muzzled in a dark room. We moved on to see bears...

  • Gokurakusha Tourist Rickshaws
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Wakatatsumachi 1-31
    This veteran business has offered a tourist rickshaw service for over 40 years since 1970. They have rickshaw stands at the Kamisannomachi and Yanagibashi intersection and in front of Takayama Jinya's morning market. Climb on, relax, and watch the historic townscape of Takayama roll by. There are three options for each of their courses. You can also customize your course on request, and if you book in advance, they'll pick up from an accessible spot of your choice like your hotel or a station.
  • Hida Takayama Crafts Experience Center
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Kamiokamotomachi 1-436
    This facility located close to the Hidanosato bus stop, is about a 10-minute ride on the Sarubobo Bus from JR Takayama Station, and is where you can easily enjoy various different experiences. You can easily make Hida folk crafts such as Sarubobo (monkey dolls) and Fuku-usagi (fortune rabbits) with kits that have the parts prepared in advance. The “hand-grilled senbei” course, where you can grill senbei (rice crackers) with a salt or tamari soy sauce flavor in a kiln, is popular with children. No reservations are required, so visitors can participate in the order they apply on the day. The wait is generally from 15 to 60 minutes. Groups of 10 or more can also rent out a kominka (old house) (reservation required).
  • Hidacchi Sarubobo Shop (Kokubunji Store)
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Aioimachi 19
    This shop is ten minutes on foot from Takayama Station on the JR Takayama Main Line. They sell lots of items including the local Gifu Prefecture handcrafted talismans known as Saru Bobo and limited edition Hidacchi merchandise (Hida-Takayama's mascot with a bright red body and slightly mischievous expression). Their very popular Omoide Course Saru Bobo making workshop lets you choose the color of its body band, add writing or drawings, and then attach it with glue before giving it a vest. There is also a full-fledged Saru Bobo making program where you piece it together by using thread, needle, and glue to attach the head, body, hood, and the rest.
  • Frusic
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Okuhidaonsengoutochio 952
    A farm which grows tropical fruits in plastic greenhouses using hot spring heat located in the Tochio Onsen area in the Okuhida Onsen hot spring district. The shop sells mineral-rich dragon fruit carefully handpicked one at a time, as well as juices and jams made from the same. At night, the farm induces tropical flowers with unique fragrances to bloom, and from June to October, visitors can visit the farm’s greenhouses after dark (advance reservation required). The farm’s dragon fruit tasting plan, offered from July to November, is particularly popular. In addition, with an advance reservation, visitors can also enjoy picking acerola fruit.
  • Dream Factory Hida
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Sakuramachi 52
    This experiential facility for making senbei rice crackers is a walk from JR Takayama Line’s Takayama Station toward Hachiman Shrine in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from, including tamari (thicker soy sauce often made without wheat), sesame, spicy and salt. You can make senbei with different shapes, from standard round ones to those with unique shapes like hearts. The finished senbei are evaluated and bagged to be taken home. There are three courses, each with a different number of senbei you can make, so you can choose the one that matches your confidence and time.
  • Yama no Mura Dairy Farm
    1 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Hidashi Kamiokachoumorimo 1157
    This hands-on tourist farm in Kamioka-cho, Hida City, Gifu Prefecture is located on a basin that sits 1,000 meters above sea level. The farm raises Jersey cattle, which are notable for their brown hair and for producing rich milk well-suited for ice cream and butter. It also offers a number of hands-on activities such as milking and making fresh bread and butter where participants can enjoy what they make. At the farm’s restaurant, guests can enjoy rich soft-serve ice cream made with Jersey milk, barbeque, and curry made with plenty of locally-grown vegetables.


  • Mukashi-banashi no Sato
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gifu Takayama-shi Okuhida Hot spring village Fukuchi Onsen 110
    This area replicates traditional rural Japan replete with antique Japanese houses. It's about an hour drive from the Takayama Interchange on the Chubu Jukan Expressway. The central communal hot spring bath Isurugi no Yu has a traditional hearth and serves refreshments like goheimochi rice cakes, ice cream, and mousse. It has men's and women's indoor and outdoor bathing facilities and is known for its old-school Japanese ambiance. They also host Okuhida Onsenkyo's oldest morning market. The adjacent Fukuji Fossil Museum has displays of fossils excavated from Fukuchi Onsen that show the area was once at the bottom of the sea.
  • Palmetto Orchard
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gifu Takayama-shi Kiyomicho
    This orchard is located a 20-minute drive from the center of Hida Takayama. It is surrounded by fresh air and water uses absolutely no agrochemicals, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides so that guests can safely enjoy blueberry picking. There are 22 types of blueberries that are usually harvested in the season from early July to mid-August. Because the flavor and size differ depending on the variety, it is fun to look for your favorite kind of blueberry. It is also great because it has a full range of services such as hats, fan, insect repellent spray and sunscreen. You can enjoy yourself without a time limit and eat all you can by just paying the admission fee.
  • Inaka Kogeikan Craft Museum Sanchu Washi Workshop
    1 Reviews
    Gifu Hida-shi Kawaicho Tsunogawa 709
    "This craft museum is where you can experience the traditional craft of ""Yukizarashi Sanchu Japanese paper"" in Kawai-cho, Hida City. You can enjoy experiences including papermaking and vegetable dyeing. Sanchu Japanese paper is made by exposing and bleaching ""kozo,"" the raw ingredient for Japanese paper, with snow for a characteristically light and natural color. Called ""Kozo no Yukizarashi,"" it is a traditional technique that has been handed down for close to 800 years in the area. Although it has been handed down as a farmer's winter work, the number of producers has decreased dramatically in recent years. In addition, it is possible to observe the work process by the craftsmen and the actual making of Japanese paper."

    柏木さんというおばあちゃんが毎日山中和紙の作業を行っています。3階には飛騨の古い生活用具が展示されています。 入館料は無料ですよ。

  • Ajinoyadokawase
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Nyukawachoudayoshi 232
  • Chalet Nakanishi
    5 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Nyukawachouhikage 48

    24일이라 다른 곳 구하기 힘들어서 묵었던 곳. 일본식 다다미 방으로 벽걸이 에어컨과 석유 난방기가 있었고 좁은 방에 사용 시 냄새 및 소음 때문에 벽걸이 에어컨만 사용. 화장실 변기만 있고 샤워실이 없어서 공용 온천을 이용함. 야외 노천탕도 좁고 온도도 낮아서 실내탕만 이용 가능했슴.

  • Kariyasubokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Ichinomiyamachi 7846-1
  • Fruit Park Kurochi Orchard
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Hida-shi
  • Golden Belize
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Takayama-shi Kiyomicho Fukuyori
  • Nomugi no Sato
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Takayama-shi Takanemachi Nomugi 372
  • Hida Ryuyoshizenkyuyomura Auto Camp site
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Hidashi Kamiokachounishi 602-8
  • Funayamashizenkyuyomura Ctr
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Takayamashi Kugunochoumusugo 4141
  • Shijuhachitaki Camping Ground
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Takayama-shi Kokufucho Utsue 3235-86

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Tucked away in the very center of Japan, Gifu prefecture houses mountains, old towns, and one of Japan's greatest hot springs, Gero Onsen. A tour of the prefecture's traditional architecture will take you from the mountain-enveloped wooden streets of Takayama to the mountain village of Shirakawago, where visitors can explore 250-year-old thatched roofed houses known as gassho-zukuri.

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