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Spots in Ogaki Area

  • Ogaki Castle
    145 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kuruwamachi 2-52
    With its unusual four-tier main tower, Ogaki Castle has become a beloved symbol of Ogaki City. Ogaki Castle is famous as having been the headquarters of Ishida Mitsunari (the commander of the Western Army) at the time of the Battle of Sekigahara. In the Castle museum, visitors can view a diorama of the Battle of Kuise-gawa, and Rensho Kinzei-no-Sho (a prohibition jointly signed by the commanders) of the Western Army and Eastern Army immediately prior to the Battle of Sekigahara. There is also an experiential activity zone where visitors can handle matchlock muskets, spears and bows that were actually used during the Sengoku (Warring States) period. Ogaki Castle is located around 10-minute walk from JR Ogaki Station.

    I guess Ogaki is the kind of town people pass through on the way to somewhere else and the castle tends to reflect this attitude. This isn't even an average size castle, it's small. Walk around the...

  • Sunomata Ichiya Castle (Ogaki City Sunomata Historical Resource Center)
    54 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Sunomatachousunomata 1742-1
    The Sunomata Ichiya (“overnight) Castle is said to have been erected in a single night by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1566. On top of its ruins, the Sunomata Ichiya Castle (Historical Resources Museum) was built in 1991. It is a place for learning about Taiko Hideyoshi, particularly his relationship with Sunomata Castle. Approximately 20 minutes by car from Gifu-Hashima Interchange on the Nashin Expressway.

    The castle is beautiful and we can see it from the street. The garden and the inside is not really exciting.

  • Tarakyo Forest Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kamishiduchoushimotara 871-1
    This two-and-a-half-kilometer gorge in Kamiishizu-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture is one of the 33 top places to view the autumn colors in the Hida and Mino regions. During that season, trees such as Japanese zelkova and konara oak take on striking colors, and it's sometimes called “Ichinose Arashiyama. A suspension bridge and boardwalk let you view the autumn colors reflected in the river more closely. When the fresh green of spring appears, the azaleas, yamabuki roses, and wisteria all come into bloom, and in summer you can swim in the river.
  • Daikokuya (Kuruwamachi Shop)
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kuruwamachihigashi 2-14
    This tofu shop about a ten-minute walk south of JR Ogaki Station was founded in 1916. They use Fukuyutaka soybeans raised in Gifu Prefecture, Ogaki underground water and the shop's historic techniques to make tofu that's rich and delicious. Their most popular product, known as “Ogaki wa Mizu no Miyako Jumangoku Tofu, is good both warm and chilled. Their No. 1 Ogaki certified brand “Basho Mizu Tofu is popular too, as are their sweets like creamed tofu and pudding. They hold tofu making classes at their workshop.
  • Yontori
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Higashitogawachou 1-15
    This Japanese restaurant located near Ogaki Castle is approximately seven minutes on foot from JR Ogaki Station. Founded in 1929, the veteran shop uses Okumino-kojidori chicken, a local Gifu brand. Plain boiled or steamed the traditional flavor of the chicken shows through. In addition to enjoying cuisine such as their Taste of Gifu multi-course meal with carefully selected local ingredients, they sell an Okumino-kojidori bento lunch box with chicken and ground meat on rice, as well as a seasonal bento lunch box. You need reservations during the day. In the evening they offer hot-pot dishes and kaiseki banquet cuisine you can enjoy with rare wines.
  • Cheesecake Princess
    13 Reviews
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Nishitogawachou 2-45
    A cheesecake specialty shop offering over 20 varieties of cheesecake at any given time from among a selection of more than 100. The shop’s cheesecakes are made with select ingredients and include fruit cheesecakes, vegetable cheesecakes, Japanese-style cheesecakes, and seasonal cheesecakes. The shop’s cheesecakes were originally made just for the family’s owner—crafted without the use of excessive additives or chemical compounds, these cheesecakes are safe and healthy to eat for adults and children. Particularly recommended is the “Hana Yori d’Anje,” a delicately sweet and melt-in-your-mouth unbaked cheesecake served in a masu wooden sake cup from Ogaki, a city which boasts the largest production of masu cups in the country. Visually appealing as well, this cheesecake variety makes for a popular souvenir.

    After our boat ride near the river, we were recommended to try this cake shop by the locals. We ordered a slice of cheese pudding cake and a strawberry short cake. Drinks were earl grey tea and soy...

  • Takaya Inari-jinja Shrine (Well at Takaya Inari-jinja Shrine)
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Takayachou 3
    A Shinto shrine located in a shopping arcade area not far from the JR Ogaki Station’s south entrance rotary. A well is located at the shrine which was built to replace a turtle pond which once stood in front of Ogaki Station. Ogaki City is well-known for the abundance of clean water which wells up from under the ground in the area. As one would expect, the waters of the well here are also extremely clear and clean, and the well has even been selected as one of Ogaki’s 20 best water-related sites by the city. In part because the well was built through donations by local residents, the well is extremely well-maintained. There are also many trees and green plants growing around the well, making it a great place to stop, take a break, and cool off in the middle of a hot summer day.
  • Tanakaya Senbei Sohonke (Main Shop)
    7 Reviews
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Honmachi 2-16
    Located in the city of Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture, Tanaka-ya Senbei is a shop founded in 1859 that specializes in Senbei (rice crackers). The founder learned to make Senbei in Osaka, and invented Ogaki Senbei, which contain miso. This recipe has been handed down through the generations, to produce crackers that achieve a hard gloss without the use of eggs. The miso flavored with a Koji leavening agent has its own special sweetness and scent and melts in one’s mouth. It sells three types of crackers, the thick and round, one-folded with a balance of hardness and sweetness, and twice-folded, that is famed as the hardest in Japan. The shop also offers Tamahodo, wafers that come in a variety of flavors.

    味噌入り大垣せんべいが、おすすめと聞いて、1枚、焼きたてができるのを待って、出来立てのホヤホヤを買ってすぐ食べてみた。 味噌とゴマの香ばしい香りがして、何か昔懐かしい味がしました。パリッと美味しかったです。 せんべいには、緑茶より、ほうじ茶の方が合うような気がしました。 4枚入り500円をお土産に買いました。

  • Ogaki Sunflower Field
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Hiramachi
    Take the Meihan Kintetsu Bus Hashima Line from Ogaki Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line, get off at the Sugue bus stop, and walk eight minutes. A 2.7 hectare, formerly fallow field planted with some 120 thousand sunflowers. The best time to view the flowers is from mid-August to early September. Sunflowers are planted here at two different times each year, ensuring visitors can enjoy viewing the flowers for an extended period of time. During the Sunflower Festival, the flowers are also lit up at night. An elevated rail line used by the Tokaido Shinkansen is located nearby, and if you are very lucky, you just might get to see a rare “Doctor Yellow” Shinkansen train jetting by decked out in a yellow livery similar to the sunflowers.
  • Ogaki Funamachi Kawaminato
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Prefecture Ogaki-shi Funabashi 1-30 other
    This scenic spot is tied to the conclusion of Matsuo Basho’s travels in his masterpiece “The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Located in Ogaki City, it mostly covers the area between Kaigarabashi Bridge and Takabashi Bridge, both of which span the Suimon River. There are walkways along the riverbank lined with monuments of Bassho’s haiku. At Takahashi Bridge you’ll find the Prefectural Cultural Properties of the Sumiyoshi Lighthouse and the Funa-machi River Port Site, traces of the olden days. On the opposite bank from the lighthouse, the “Basho’s Oku no Hosomichi Haiku Journey Museum lets you learn more in depth about Bassho’s travels. The Suimon River is also famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot. There is a tub boat launch upstream that lets you take in the scenery while floating down the river.
  • Tsuchiya (Tawaramachi Main Shop)
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Tawaramachi 39
    Tsuchiya is the main store of a traditional sweet shop founded in 1755 in the city of Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture. Specialties on sale include persimmon yokan (candy made from agar and bean paste) made from intensely sweet Dojo Hachiya persimmons, Noshigaki and Enju Gaki, with a slightly dried surface. From autumn to winter, one of its most popular products is Kuri Kinton, made with only sugar and the finest chestnuts that careful farmers grow in the local rich soil. The beautiful Japanese sweet called “Mizu no iro (the color of water)” is a rarity that has attracted coverage in Nikkei Newspapers.
  • Basho's Oku no Hosomichi Haiku Journey Museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Funamachi 2-26-1
    This museum is 16 minutes on foot from JR Ogaki Station. It consists of the Basho Hall which details Matsuo Basho's character and life on the road, as well as an exposition of his The Narrow Road to the Deep North, the Senkenkan which introduces five sages who played an important role in Ogaki from the late Edo Period to the end of the shogunate, the Sightseeing and Exchange Hall that presents sightseeing information for Ogaki City and the Nishi Mino area, and the Mukayusotaiseisha. They have permanent exhibitions like an 3D AV theater with a 200-inch screen, documents, a diorama, and more that let you learn about the world view behind The Narrow Road to the Deep North, as well as Bassho's life.
  • Kagano Hachiman-jinja Shrine Well
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kagano 1
    A scenic well located a five minute walk from the Kaganoguchi bus stop on the Kintetsu Bus from JR Ogaki Station. One of the most celebrated natural spring wells of the many found in Ogaki, a place which has been known for its abundance of water since ancient times, this popular well was also selected as one of the 100 most beautiful springs in the Heisei period. The current well was dug in 1988. On weekends, the area bustles with people come to enjoy the burbling well’s beauty and partake in some its delicious waters. In 1991, a garden pond fed by the well and a children’s park were erected around the well; sticklebacks (Hariyo), a rare variety of fish which can only live in pure waters, swim in the pond.
  • Masu Kobo Masuya
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Nishitogawachou 2-8
    This is the directly operated store of the masu (wooden square shape sake cup) maker Ohashi Ryoki, and is located a 15-minute walk from JR Ogaki Station in Gifu Prefecture. Including masu used as congratulatory cups from a traditional size of three shaku (about 54 ml) to one go (about 180 ml), they sell many drinking sets such as their Apollo Wine Masu that is suited for drinking wine, wine coolers and a masu mug coated with a urushi coating. They also manufacture and sell everyday goods including magazine racks and eco humidifiers using traditional masu making techniques. Their “Goukaku Shimasu” (you will succeed) and “Goukaku Masu Strap” (success sake cup strap) created as lucky charms are highly recommended.
  • Mochiso
    16 Reviews
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kuruwamachi 1-61
    This traditional Japanese sweets shop located in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture is south of Ogaki Station, to the side of Ogaki Park after crossing the Shin-Ohashi Bridge. The mizu-manju that the shop has made since its founding in 1862 have a transparent jelly outside and packed with red bean paste. In particular, the “mizu-mangori” sold only in the summer are a popular product, and is mizu-manju covered in pure white ice and topped with syrup. In addition, they also have monaka (thin crisp mochi wafers) and sable so you can enjoy crispy Japanese and Western taste, and new products such as mochi filled with heavy cream that is matcha-flavored or a summer-only lime flavor.


  • Kinchouen Sohonke (Ogaki Station Front Main Shop)
    55 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Takayachou 1-17
    This long-established Japanese sweets shop has been operated for over 200 years. Their famous item is “Kinchouen Manju,” steamed buns of sweetened bean paste rinsed with Ogaki’s famous water and wrapped in Japanese sake yeast buns. They faithfully continue to make the confectionery using a 150 year-old recipe. Another one is mizu-manju (sweetened bean paste stuffed in kudzu starch jelly), made using plenty of Ogaki’s famous water. The shop displays them not in a glass showcase but in water, selling them in a cool atmosphere. You can also eat the sweets in the cafe area inside the store.

    イチゴが2つも入っている洋菓子みたいなのを買いました。230円という 安さに驚きましたがあじはそこそこでなるほどという感じでした。店内は 特有のにおいがありすきな感じではありませんでした。

  • Kami Ishizu Midori no Mura Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kamishiduchoukamitara Mae gakujin 1-1
    A public park located a 20 minute drive from the Sekigahara Interchange on the Meishin Expressway. The park’s vast grounds encompass a variety of facilities, and here visitors can enjoy fishing, barbecuing, and other outdoor activities. The park also has children’s playgrounds as well as a full array of facilities for golf, tennis, and other sports. The park holds toy making classes for children and has lodging facilities for sports camps and group training events, and people of all ages can make use of the park’s facilities as suits their needs. The park also holds events. The park is closed from December 29 to January 3.
  • Katsusato Ogaki Store
    3 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Yasuichou 5-41-1
    This branch of a cutlet bowl chain restaurant that operates not only in Japan but also overseas is located mainly in Aichi Prefecture. As its name implies, it is famous for katsudon (pork cutlet over rice), and it has become a special dish using unique breadcrumbs and oil in addition to meat and sauce. They also have a rich variety, including sauce katsudon, miso katsudon, and jumbo shrimp katsudon with fried shrimp. There are also many dishes with pork besides katsu (cutlet) curry, the katsu set and tonjiru (pork and vegetable soup), and most dishes are available for takeout. They also hold an eating contest. The store is open until 23:00.


  • Ogaki City Information Studio
    Travel / Tourism
    Gifu Pref. Ogakishi Kono 4-35-10
    This facility is about 20 minutes by car from both Ogaki Interchange and Gifu Hashima Interchange. They provide the opportunity to people of all ages to encounter information and communication technology and join in activities like creating original work on computers. Their first floor Exchange Salon lets you try programming, making items with 3D prints, and viewing robots with AI. In addition to computer and tablet training and user support, they also rent out their halls and conference rooms.
  • Ogaki
    Gifu Pref

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