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Accommodations / Hot Spring Spots in Gifu / Ogaki / Yoro Area

  • Yudokoro Minori
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Hashimagunginanchou Shimoinjiki 2-60-1
    Yudokoro Minori is a hot spring facility for day use located just a two-minute walk from Meitetsu Ginan Station. Being so close to the station, it gets high marks for providing easy access to the its special waters of the so-called “beautiful women’s spring”. In addition to round tub baths and an unusual outdoor bath with carbonated water, it offers six kinds of indoor baths and seven kinds of hot stone beds that soothe the body from the inside out. Inside the facility is a lounge with a salon, where customers can stretch out and relax. There is also a restaurant where customers can eat Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza-like dish) cooked on iron grills, a fresh juice bar, and a fully equipped game center. All of these features make Yudokoro Minori a popular spot for families.
  • Nanno Onsen Suisho no Yu
    4 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Kaidushi Nannouchouhazawa 1623-3
    This day-trip hot spring facility is located approximately 40 minutes away by car from Nagoya Station. Situated on a hill in the Yoro mountains, you can look out over the spectacular view of all the Nobi Plain while enjoy the hot springs. With sodium / calcium chloride (hypotonic, slightly alkaline, low temperature) spring quality, it is said to be good for things such as cuts, peripheral circulation disorders, oversensitivity to coldness, depression and skin dryness. With wonderful panoramic views, besides the “hinoki-buro” to heal yourself with the smell of hinoki (Japanese cypress) and “iwa-buro” rotenburo (open-air bath) with a rock motif, you can enter the sauna and 11 different kinds of baths including inside baths and a daily special bath.


  • Yuge no Sato
    12 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Ibigunikedachou Dan 721
    Yuge no Sato is located 10 minutes by car from Ibi Station on the Yoro Railway in Ibi County, Gifu Prefecture. Piped from the ground, the water is smooth, not too hot, hypotonic, and contains little alkali. In addition to the indoor baths, there is an outdoor bath that offers views of Mt. Kinkazan and the northern Japan Alps, as well as beautiful nighttime views. The onsite restaurant, Yuge-an, serves foods with seasonal flavors, including vegetarian dishes, such as Dengaku (tofu or root vegetables basted with miso and roasted) and Sesame Tofu. It also serves matcha tea sets, which are a perfect refreshment after one's bath.


  • Yoro Onsen Yusen no Sato
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Yourougunyourouchou Oshikoshi 1522-1
    This hot spring facility complex is located approximately a 15-minute walk from Yoro Railway’s Mino-Takada Station in Yoro County, Gifu Prefecture. You can enjoy natural hot springs said to be effective for neuralgia in a spacious rotenburo (open-air bath) and high or low temperature inner baths. In addition, in the separate thermotherapy building, you can shed daily stress by bathing in bedrock bathroom using lots of bath salt and shiunseki (purple cloud rocks). Besides aesthetic treatments, body care massages and body scrubs, there is also a hotel and restaurants to enjoy Japanese and western-style cuisine, making it a place where you can heal yourself for an entire day.
  • Usuzumi Onsen Shikisaikan
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Motosushi Neokadowaki 422
    A hot spring inn with a sweeping view of the Neo mountains located close to the Usuzumi-zakura, considered one of the three most majestic cherry trees in Japan. The hot spring waters here are notable for containing diluted seawater and are said to have come long ago from Ise Bay. Day trip visitors can enjoy the pink waters of the flower-shaped Sakura no Yu bath, and the multiple bucket-shaped wooden bathtubs fed by a central iron kettle in the Yajikita no Yu area. The facility also has a reservable private bath. The inn’s restaurant serves dishes made with seasonal, local ingredients such as local river fish. Whether coming for a day or staying here, the inn offers plans which include sightseeing amidst the lush natural beauty of the area, as well as a variety of other plans.
  • Ono Spa Land
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Ibigunonochou Aiba 120-1
    This facility is located near the site of Meitetsu Railways’ Ibi Line’s Aiba Station, and includes amenities such as a hot spring, pool and training gym. There are rotenburo (open-air bath) and large public bath hot springs, and you can enjoy the Ono no Yu and Tanigumi no Yu with water directly from the two sources. Tanigumi no Yu is recommended because it warms the body efficiently when you repeatedly bathe in it. In addition, you can also go to the sauna, gym and play table tennis, making the facility a place where everyone from children to adults can have fun throughout the year. In the eatery, they offer dishes using “iriko dashi” (anchovy soup stock) that has a taste that remains unchanged since first opened. In the winter, they have many bowls of warm udon and soba noodles.
  • Ibigawa Onsen Fujihashi no Yu
    7 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Ibigunibigawachou Higashiyokoyama 207
    A natural hot spring bath facility located in Roadside Station Hoshi-no-Furusato Fujihashi. The facility’s simple alkaline hot spring waters are said to ease nerve and muscle pain. The facility has a variety of baths, including a footbath and jacuzzi, as well as a private, reservable family bath. In addition, the Fujihashi area is one of the best places in Japan for astronomical observation, and at night, bathers can enjoy a star filled sky from the facility’s outdoor bath. The bathhouse has an adjoining restaurant and also offers services such as ashi-tsubo foot massage on Wednesdays. The bathhouse is closed on Thursdays and facility hours differ in the January and February period and the March through December period.


  • Meguminoyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Kakamigahara-shi Unumakakamigaharacho 2-68
    A 15-minute drive east 10 kilometers on the Kakamaigahara interchange on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway. This large public bathhouse is popular with locals and has many amenities for women and children. The bathhouse makes use of artificial hot spring waters made with real hot spring substances. In addition to huge baths so big you can stretch out your legs, there's a variety of other bath types, including an aesthetic beatify bath, vibrating bath, and cascading shower bath. There's also an array of women's only facilities like a lie down bath and stone sauna. The outdoor bath is filled with different seasonal bathwaters every week, such as a Chinese juniper medicinal herb bath, carbonated bath, Himalayan salt bath, and yuzu fruit bath.
  • Neogawa Tanigumi Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Pref. Ibigunibigawachou Taniguminagase 450-1
    A day trip hot spring bathhouse with a heated pool located a 40- to 50-minute drive from the Gifu-Hashima and Ogaki Interchanges on the Meishin Expressway. The waters of the bathhouse' hot spring will warm you to the core and are known for their powerful moisturizing properties which leave the skin moisturized, smooth, and beautiful. Facilities include an outdoor bath and large indoor marble bath as well as a sauna, and bathers can refresh body and mind while taking in views of fall foliage in autumn and cold-blooming cherry trees in winter. The waters of the bathhouse' sodium-hydrogen carbonate spring (mildly alkaline hypotonic low temperature spring) are said to treat cuts, burns, and chronic skin diseases.
  • Anpachi Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Anpachi-gun Anpachi Cho Nakazu 202
    A recreational facility that came about as part of the Anpachi Town's development program. It has a sodium chloride hot spring that wells up from 1,500 meters underground. The hot spring water is said to help relieve nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, and aid recovery from fatigue. Many locals bathe there to heal mind and body. They don't supply soap or shampoo, so you need to bring your own or buy it at the front desk. People often stop by after working up a sweat at the adjacent sports center with light activities like Gateball and tennis.
  • Nagaragawa Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Gifu-shi Nagara
    A hot spring district situated along the Nagaragawa River, a river famous for the traditional cormorant fishing conducted on it. The waters of the area's source spring are colorless when they emerge but turn a turbid red when they come in contact with air. A simple iron cold mineral spring, its waters contain an abundance of iron. At Nagaragawa Onsen, visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery created by Gifu Castle, conquered and taken over by the mighty Oda Nobunaga in the distant past, towering over Mt. Kinka; and the glassy Nagaragawa River reflecting star-filled night skies. Because of its distinctiveness, this hot spring district has even been granted a Regional Collective Trademark System by the Japan Patent Office. Many of the traditional ryokan inns standing along the Nagara River have free foot- and hand baths for tourists to enjoy. The hot spring waters here are said to treat nerve pain, muscle soreness, sensitivity to cold, and chronic digestive diseases, and Nagaragawa Onsen has been selected to appear in a list of Japan's top 100 hot spring areas organized by the Kankokeizai News Corporation five years running.
  • Kita no Yu Rokujo Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gifu Gifu-shi Rokujo Ehigashi 3-chome 3-18
  • Juhachiro
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    10 Minato-machi, Gifu-shi
  • Ushou no ie Ryokan Sugiyama
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    73-1 Nagara, Gifu-shi
  • Hotel Route-Inn Oogaki Inter
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    4-115-1 Tsukizute-cho, Ogaki-shi Gifu
  • Gifu Washington Hotel Plaza
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    7-7-4 Kanda-machi, Gifu-shi
  • Hotel Route-Inn Gifukencho Minami
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2-1-8 Suga, Gifu-shi
  • Takimotokan Yuki no Sato
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    1290-167 Yoro Koen, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun Gifu
  • Comfort Hotel Gifu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    6-6 Yoshinomachi, Gifu City
  • Ogaki Forum Hotel
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    2-31 Mangoku, Ogaki-shi Gifu

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Tucked away in the very center of Japan, Gifu prefecture houses mountains, old towns, and one of Japan's greatest hot springs, Gero Onsen. A tour of the prefecture's traditional architecture will take you from the mountain-enveloped wooden streets of Takayama to the mountain village of Shirakawago, where visitors can explore 250-year-old thatched roofed houses known as gassho-zukuri.

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