Bread / Dessert / Other Food Shop Spots in Nagano Area

  • Kusakaru Kotsu Shiraito no Taki Store
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Nagakura Mountain National Forest Inner Shiraito Falls
    This souvenir shop is located at the entrance to Shiraito Falls. They sell a wide variety of souvenirs such as food items including pickles and jam from Karuizawa, folk crafts and picture postcards. Many tourists visit to rest or eat since there are food booths where you can have udon (white flour noodles) or soba (buckwheat noodles) and outdoor benches. Their popular menus are handmade tofu made from the spring water from Shiraito Falls and soybeans from Nagano Prefecture, and salt-grilled white-spotted char.
  • Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura Kyu-Karuizawa Branch
    Nagano Pref. Kitasakugunkaruizawamachi Karuizawa 12-18
    At the Kyu-Karuizawa Branch of Bakery & Restaurant Sawamura you’ll find a bakery, cafe and restaurant. The store is a calm and spacious place covering two floors. The open terrace also has a large number of seats. Bread is made with carefully selected ingredients and appears from the oven in all sorts of fanciful shapes and flavors. The deliciously drawn out flavors and rich aroma is characteristic of the bread baked here. All day long, from morning through to dinner, you can enjoy wonderful food and tea. Morning opening times vary depending on the season so please check ahead.
  • Nouvel Bairindo Okaya Main Store (Kashi Kobo Suwa no Tsuki)
    8 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Okaya-shi Chuocho 1-13-31
    Within walking distance of Okaya Station on the JR Chuo Main Line. This Western confectionary shop is located in the center of Okaya City. Since it was established in 1913, the shop has focused on using choice ingredients and refined techniques, and here customers can enjoy traditional flavors which have been refined over years. Using fresh milk and eggs from that very morning, the shop makes confections which utilize the unique ingredients and flavors of Nagano. The shop's signature Kurumi Yamabiko are particularly popular and have been awarded the Monde Selection gold prize for 14 years in a row. These tasty treats can be purchased both individually and in assorted sets. The shop also regularly holds cake making classes held by a skilled patissier.

    岡谷市内の《シルク岡谷の絹産業遺産(近代化産業遺産群)》を散策し 休憩場所として利用しました。注文したのは[栗とリンコのモンフラン 495円税込][サンマルク...

  • Kochouan Azumino main shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Azumino Toyoshina 5564-26
    A shop owned and operated by a long-standing tea wholesaler. The company was established all the way back in 1874 and also operates its own tea farm. In addition to Japanese tea, the company also makes tea-based sweets, and its Torokeru Nama Daifuku, a confection consisting of cream wrapped in a thin mochi dough, is so popular it has been featured as an MVP selection on the Rakuten e-commerce site. The shop sells sweets and tea and also has an adjoining Japanese-style cafe. Here customers can enjoy giant matcha parfaits, anmitsu sweet beans and fruit in syrup, matcha tea combos, and more.
  • Oonishiya
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Ina-shi
    A long-standing Japanese confectionary shop which has been in business for over a half-century. Situated along the Shinano Ina Alps Highway at the entranceway to the famous cherry blossom viewing area of Takato travelling om downtown Ina City, the shop's signature product is its Kashiwa Manju steamed buns wrapped in an oak leaf. The shop offers three choices of filling: tsubuan coarse sweet red bean paste, edible wild plant and rice, and smooth bean paste in a buckwheat and walnut dough. These exquisite culinary gems, made with Nagano wheat and buckwheat flour for the dough, exude the culture of Nagano. A perfect place for tourists to pick up gifts and souvenirs, many of the shop's sweets are rooted in the area, such as the Sakusaku Kansuke crispy wafer cakes made with amaranth, a local Ina specialty product; and Takato Manju, a Takato standard.
  • Echigo-ya Shokudo
    14 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Shiojiri-shi Narai 666-1
    A five-minute walk from Narai Station. This restaurant first opened in as Mingei Shokudo Echigo-ya in Narai-juku, an area designated a National Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in 1978. Situated amongst a townscape which still looks much as it did in the Edo period, inside customers can take in the establishment's old fashioned atmosphere. The restaurant primarily serves the simple, easy to like cuisine of a post station town, made with the unique seasonal ingredients of the Kisoji road area. In addition to soba noodles made with icy mountain spring water, and the Kisoji's famous goheimochi broiled rice cake skewers, the restaurant also offers local specialty dishes like chilled carp sashimi, as well as lovingly crafted post station town combo meals.

    [奈良井宿]滞在中 3軒の店舗[かなめや][たなかや][越後屋]で《五平餅》を食べ比べしました。 こちらは3個 1セット、2種類の味噌だれ[2個;エコマ、1個;ふき味噌]になっていますが サイスとしては どちらかと言うと小さいので ペロリと食べることが出来ます。なお 店内は 普通の装飾となっております。 [奈良井宿]では 多くの店舗で《五平餅》を提供しており 各店舗で 味噌タレの味、米の食...

  • Shibutoge Hotel Shibutoge no Panya-san
    2 Reviews
    Nagano Shimotakai-gun Yamanouchimachi Shigakogen Shibutoge Kenzakai no Yado Shibutoge Hotel
    A bread bakery located on the first floor of the Shibutoge Hotel a 50-minute drive from the Shinshu Interchange on the Joshin-Etsu Expressway. The bakery is 2,000 meters above sea level, making it the second highest in Japan. Known for its charming breads made by hand the old fashioned way, popular selections include the coleseed bread stuffed with sauteed coleseed greens; and the walnut bread, whose dough is mixed with huge chunks of walnut. The standard anpan bean paste bread, cream bread, and melon bread are also recommended. The bakery closes each day when stock runs out.


  • Akiyama Mokko
    Travel / Tourism
    Nagano Shimominochi-gun Sakaemura Akiyama Go Sho Akazawa 18165 Exit Private lodging Naeba So
    A Japanese diner and shop adjoining the Naebaso guesthouse close to the entrance to the climbing trail for Mt. Naeba in Akiyamago. The establishment takes great pride in its kamameshi rice dishes and charcoal grilled char, and dishes such as the char and mountain vegetable kamameshi rice are made with edible wild plants from Akiyamago. Note that the adjoining Akiyama Woodworking Producer's Association woodwork craft gallery and shop is currently closed. The store on the third floor, however, makes crimson glory vine bags and visitors can also view single board tables, braziers, and other merchandise on display (advanced reservation by phone is required).
  • Boulangerie Kerock
    Nagano Chino-shi Kohigashi 6595-248
    A handmade bread shop situated along the Venus Line a 15-minute drive from the Suwa Interchange on the Chuo Expressway. The shop's motto is to steadily implement the basics and draw out maximum goodness from the ingredients, and the establishment offers pain de campagne and other crusty breads, dressed breads, Danishes, confectionary breads, and more. The shop's popular melon bread has a hint of hazelnut, a crisp outer crust, and a moist interior. The shop's baked sweets and seasonal products like strawberry, chestnut, and blueberry Danishes are also popular.
  • Engetsudo
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Komagane-shi Chuo 4-17
    A one-minute walk from Komagane Station on the JR Iida Line. This long-standing Japanese and Western confectionary shop was established in 1928. Carrying both Western and Japanese confections, for three generations the shop has preserved traditions and established visual styles while at the same time evolving with the times. The shop's sweets incorporating local ingredients are particularly popular, such as the Yomekko Mochi yubeshi dumplings made with chestnuts and local soy sauce; and the Fuwatto Bouche, a dough mixed with Komagane sesame seeds, white peaches, lemons, matcha green tea, and other seasonal flavors filled with whipped cream and sweet bean jam. Eat-in space available.
  • Yamashirokan
    5 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Komoro-shi Tei 314
    A three-minute walk from Komoro Station. This soba noodle restaurant is located close to the inner citadel in the center of Komoro Castle Park. The standard cold zaru soba noodles, which reflect the innate flavors of the ingredients used to make them, are particularly recommended. The large sized soba noodles are enough to feed two people. Weather hot or cold, the restaurants noodles come with edible wild plants, mushrooms, deep fried tofu, and grated yam; the restaurant's Daimyo Soba comes topped with all of these plus an egg. Other toppings include tempura and eggs. The summertime only perilla and plum soba noodles have Japanese ginger in them, giving them a refreshing flavor. During the cherry bossom viewing season, customers can enjoy a banquet with an advance reservation. Note that the restaurant closes when its supply of noodles for the day runs out.


  • Shousendou
    3 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kamitakai-gun Obuse Machi Iida 607
    A Japanese confectionary shop situated amidst chestnut trees. The shop aims to serve chestnut confections unlike anything found anywhere else, and popular products include the Kuri Tsukuri, a light azuki bean yokan jelly with a candied chestnut inside; and the Ume Tsukuri, a plum pulp yokan jelly made with Japanese plums marinated in honey. The shop's numerous visually delightful products influenced by the unique cultural features of Obuse make for perfect gifts and souvenirs. Here you can also by Mizore, large chunks of candied chestnut, a confection which won the chairman's prize at the Kashi Hakurankai confection exhibition. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the town center and surrounded by a tranquil natural area, visitors are encouraged to stop by this establishment.

    レンタサイクル借りてこちらへ。近くまで来ているのに栗林に囲まれて15分ほど迷子。 ここは自家栽培の栗だけ使用と聞いてどうしても来たかった。自宅用に栗ペーストと茶巾絞りの空蝉。お土産に栗鹿の子とペースト。 空蝉は栗そのもの、お茶を飲むのももったいない、口の中の栗を楽しんでいたい。 栗鹿の子も自宅用に買えば良かった。

  • Kyokado (Yashiro Ekimae-dori Shop)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Chikuma-shi Sakurado 514-6
    An apricot confection specialty shop which has been in business for 66 years. The shop continues to make its traditional confections by hand according to old-fashioned methods using select ingredients and apricots from Nagano. The shop's popular apricot monaka wafer cakes have been certified as a Shinshu Chikuma brand product and can be eaten as-is or frozen to enjoy like an ice cream sandwich.
  • Chikufodo Matsushiro Store
    30 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Nagano-shi Matsushiromachi
    A shop specializing in chestnut confections which also serves as a place to rest after strolling the Sanada Jumangoku castle town area. The shop sells chestnut yokan jelly, kuri kanoko candied chestnuts in chestnut paste, and other chestnut sweets, and also serves tea, kuri okowa chestnuts in rice, and other dishes. The shop uses only superior domestically grown chestnuts with a focus on chestnuts from the local Obuse area. The shop sorts its choice chestnuts while still fresh based on sweetness and tenderness, using only specific types of chestnuts for specific recipes to ensure customers can enjoy the innate deliciousness of chestnuts.


    23 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Iiyama-shi Iiyama 2228-3
    A Western confectionary shop which started as a Japanese confectionary shop when the original owner, a samurai from Iiyama Castle, started it. The shop's Hirano Roll cakes consist of a fine, moist sponge cake rolled around whipped cream made with condensed milk; customers love its delicate, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. The marble cheesecake, chocolat, and popular shortcake made according to a recipe unchanged since the shop opened its doors are also recommended.

    The patiserrie sells cakes and choux, as well as have a sit down area for eating coffee and cakes on premises. Cash Only. Pre-order for larger cakes recommened.

  • Le Regalant
    20 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa 1-13
    A Western confectionary shop situated along Karuizawa Hon-dori Street in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. At any given time, the shop offers around 30 varieties of handmade cakes, including the namesake Le Regalant chocolate cake, and the Karuizawa Roll Cake with a pie in the middle. There's also an eat-in space.

    昔懐かしのバターケーキ。 甘さも、絶妙な加減で、昨今の甘すぎるケーキとは、違う事に感動しました。 しかも、価格もリズナーブルで良心的なお店です。また、近くに来た時は、必ず買います(笑)

  • Atelier de Fromage Kyu-Karuizawa Shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa 2-1
    A cheese specialty shop situated along Karuizawa Hon-dori Street in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. The shop makes and sells around 20 varieties of cheeses such as camembert crafted with fresh milk from the shop's own farm and other local farms. The shop also offers sweets and pizzas created with its homemade cheeses, as well as homemade additive-free yogurt.
  • Creperie Angelina (Church Street Karuizawa Restaurant)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Karuizawa 601-1 Church Street Karuizawa 1F
    A crepe shop located inside the Church Street Karuizawa mall situated along Suisha-no-michi Street in Karuizawa, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. The shop sells crepes made with an original flour blend and stuffed with seasonal ingredients and fresh whipped cream created within the last two hours.
  • Patisserie et cafe Petit Lapin
    5 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Karuizawamachi Oiwake 97-18
    A Western confectionary shop located in Oiwake, Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. At any given time, the shop sells around 10 varieties of cakes made with seasonal Nagano fruits by the hands of a patissier who trained in France. The shop also has a cafe space inside.


  • Megami Lake Oshokuji-dokoro Yamayu
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nagano Kitasaku-gun Tateshinamachi Ashidahatsukano 1042
    A restaurant situated along Lake Megami in Tateshina Town, Kitasaku County, Nagano Prefecture. Using local Tateshina beef and Tateshina pork brand meats, the restaurant serves charcoal-grilled meat dishes as well as tonkatsu breaded pork cutlet and basashi horsemeat sashimi combo meals, and a la carte dishes. During lunchtime, customers can enjoy yakiniku Japanese barbecue and steaks; the Tateshina gyudon, a rice bowl covered with egg and piled high with Tateshina beef; a hearty basashidon horsemeat sashimi rice bowl; and other rice bowl dishes and combo meals, plus curry and more.

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Nagano prefecture is an exciting mix of mountains, hot spring monkeys, and preserved Edo history. At the heart of the Japanese Alps, Nagano is one of the country’s most popular destinations, whether in winter for its snow sports and the much-loved Jigokudani Monkey Park or in the warmer months for discovering the undulating hills on foot. For fantastic Edo architecture, head to the Kiso Valley for a 60-kilometer stretch of quaint wooden buildings that marked the Nakasendo route 200 years ago.

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