Spots in Otsuki / Tsuru / Doshi Area

  • Roadside Station Doshi
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugundoushimura 9745
    Roadside Station Doshi provides all sorts of information including tourist information on Doshi Village, events and special products. In the restaurant you can enjoy some original dishes made with ingredients freshly harvested from the village. They also have a dessert menu with dishes made with watercress, a special product of Doshi. The shop sells Doshi pork related products, vegetables and edible wild plants from local farmers, river fish, and shichiri miso, etc. They also have a range of vases and woodwork products on sale too. Events are sometimes held depending on the season.
  • Roadside Station Tabayama
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsuruguntabayamamura 2901
    This roadside station in Tabayama Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture features a farmer's market offering locally harvested produce and an eatery offering light fare such as donburi (rice bowls) and noodles. The Nomekoi-yu hot springs spa is located within the station. There, bathers can refresh their bodies in its waters, which have a faint sulfur smell.
  • Roadside Station Kosuge
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsurugunkosugemura 3445
    This roadside station is located in Kosuge Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. The station is comprised of Genryu Restaurant, which offers brick oven pizza and cuisine made with the fruits of the mountain and the sea, Kosuge Market, which offers local specialties, and Kosuge Community Center, which offers tourist information. Located two hours from central Tokyo, the station is a great place for drivers to take a break.
  • Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Tsurushi Ogatayama 2381
    This facility in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture is a place where people can learn first-hand how superconducting magnetic levitation (SCMaglev) railways work. Visitors can also watch tests on the Yamanashi maglev test line or check out models and exhibits that introduce SCMaglev technology and the Chuo Shinkansen. The adjacent Waku-waku Yamanashi-kan features an area with tourist information on Yamanashi Prefecture on its second floor, while its first flour features a shop that offers local products.
  • Doshi no Mori Camp Site
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugundoushimura 10701
    This camp site in Doshi Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture sits on around two kilometers of a bank of the Sagase River, a tributary of the Doshi River. Surrounded by rivers and trees, the camping site features great views, as well as a pool in the center of the site. The camp site, which also offers bungalows, can handle a large range of group sizes.
  • Roadside Station Tsuru
    Yamanashi Prefecture Tsurui City Ohara 88
    This roadside station is popular for the many fresh vegetables, processed foods, and handmade items that line its store shelves. Each of these items is personally delivered by the 120 producers from the city and elsewhere who created them. The station's popular restaurant, Okatteba, which has a focus on local production and local consumption, serves food made with the locally-produced ingredients sold at the station's farmer's market. Guests at the cafeteria-style restaurant can eat outside on its terrace when the weather cooperates.
  • Lake Sagami Country Club
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Uenoharashi Yuzurihara 5000
    This country club in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture offers a magnificent golf course surrounded by rich natural beauty where you can golf while admiring the seasonal flowers and mountain streams. The course is notable for having gentle slopes and a small difference in elevation. The clubhouse features stained glass windows that create a storybook atmosphere when they are hit by the sunlight.
  • Saruhashi Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Otsukishi Saruhashimachi Saruhashi
    This bridge, along with the Kintaikyo-Bridge of Iwakuni and the Kiso no Kakehashi Bridge, is one of Japan's three most famous unusual bridges. The 30 meter-long, 3.3 meter-wide bridges do not have any piers. It is notably supported by four-layered Hanegi (slantingly protruding wooden member to support roof and bridge) that extend from both sides of the river. The bridge is said to have been inspired by arched shape of a troop of monkeys walking along a deep ravine. This scenic spot is a great place to enjoy the seasonal scenery of the Katsura River Valley.
  • Kosuge no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsurugunkosugemura 3445
    This very rare highly alkaline hot spring offers up mildly cloudy water that is popular for its beautifying effects. The facility has nine different baths including large wooden tubs fitting the grand mountain surroundings, outdoor baths offering a deep sense of the seasons, and more. There is also a restaurant on site offering noodle dishes and meal sets.
  • Mt. Daibosatsurei
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsuruguntabayamamura
    This 2,057 meter-tall mountain in Tanbayama Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture was designed as one of Japan's 100 best mountains. From the ridge, you can see mountains including Mt. Fuji, the Minami Alps, Mt. Norikura, and Mt. Yatsugatake. The long, gently sloping mountain ridge makes it a popular destination for beginning climbers. In the summer, you can enjoy views of the mountain's wild grasses and flowers, while in the autumn you can enjoy views of the fall foliage.
  • Horenbo-no-Mori Campsite
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsurugunkosugemura 2402-2
    Horenbo no Mori Campsite lets you enjoy the outdoors in mountains and rivers, as a clear flowing river becomes one with the forest. You can choose from four types of lodging: bungalow, cabin, auto site, or tent site. And there is a stone oven and a Goemonburo bath to try. There are items available for rent so even novice campers have no need to worry.
  • Berry Park in FISH ON! Shishidome
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Tsurushi Shishidome 1543
    This managed fishing area is a place where beginning and expert anglers alike can enjoy spending a day communing with nature. Its 70,000 square-meter grounds also include a barbequing area, tennis courts, and more. The park offers two types of accommodations, a hotel and log houses, as well as a weekend-only pony land, a summer-only water play area for children, and more, making it popular with families.
  • Basho Tsukimachi no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Yamanashi Pref. Tsurushi Tozawa 874-1
    This day-use hot spring bathhouse is located in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Japanese haiku master Matsuo Basho once stayed in the area, and the facility's name comes from his love of the moon's beauty. The simple alkaline spring is said to help alleviate nerve pain, sore muscles, and sore joints. It has two kinds of outdoor baths, a rock encircled bath and one bordered with larger stones. The indoor baths have varying water temperatures. The men's and women's bathing areas alternate each week, and each of the outdoor bathing areas has a stone monument to Matsuo Basho. They provide body soap and shampoo, and they rent towels too. In addition to a large lounge where you can unwind, you can visit their eatery for their meal sets or to try Hoto noodles, a Yamanashi specialty.
  • Doshinoyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugundoushimura 7501
    This hot spring facility is in Doshi Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. They allow day use of indoor and outdoor baths for men and women, surrounded by the sounds of the Doshi River. The water type is a sulfate spring containing calcium and sodium, said to be effective on nerve pain and muscle soreness, frozen shoulders, cuts and more. The facility also has a restaurant and a rest area centered around a fire pit.
  • Hana no Mori Auto Campia
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugundoushimura Kaminakayama 9709-1
    This campground is in Doshi Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. They have a full range of accommodations including vehicle accessible tent sites, authentic Finland made log houses and cabins, and real log cottages. They also have something from amateurs to experienced campers can enjoy outdoor fun in the changing of the seasons.
  • Tabayama Village Municipal Fishing Spot
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsuruguntabayamamura 1255
    This fishing spot is located at the midpoint of Tabayama Gorge in Tabayama Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. Visitors can even try to catch masu salmon with their bare hands in the river's shallows. The fishing spot, which operates from March to the end of November, features a barbeque house where visitors can cook and eat the fish they catch.
  • Tabayama Onsen Nomekoi-yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsuruguntabayamamura 2901
    This hot spring spa is located in Tabayama Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. Built as a part of Roadside Station Tabayama, it is considered to be one of the best hot springs along the headwaters of the Tama River. It features two main indoor baths; the Roman Baths, which are notable for their high ceilings and the domed bathtubs, and the Japanese Baths, which have a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the use of Japanese cypress. The baths rotate between the genders each day. Bathers can also listen to the sounds of the Taba River from the outdoor baths, which are available to both men and women.
  • Fuji Tozan Densha
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Otsuki-shi
    A mountain railway operated by Fuji Kyuko. It runs between Otsuki Station in Otsuki, Otsuki City, and Kawaguchiko Station in Funatsu, Fuji Kawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru County. It's made up of two train cars, Aka-Fuji and Ao-Fuji, designed by industrial designer Eiji Mitooka and you can enjoy a journey on these retro-modern train cars equipped with observation seats and counter seating.
  • Magi Mt. Oiseyama
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Otsuki-shi Otsukimachi Magi
    This 550-meter-tall mountain is located in Otsuki-cho, Otsuki City. It is famous for the nearly 3,000 cherry blossom trees that bloom there in the spring. A number of events are hosted in the area including the annual Otsuki Cherry Blossom Festival. During the festival, the mountain's cherry blossoms are illuminated at night. The sight of Mt. Fuji seen from the mountain's peak has been selected as one of the Shurei Fugaku Junikei, a list of 12 great views of Mt. Fuji from the peaks of mountains in Otsuki City.
  • Mt. Iwadonosan Maruyama Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Otsuki-shi Nigiokamachi Kowaze 81-1
    This park is located in Kowaze, Nigiokamachi, Otsuki City at the foot of the 634-meter-tall Mt. Iwado. One of its facilities includes the Iwadonosan Fureai no Yakata, which exhibits materials related to the Mt. Iwadono. The park is also famous for its cherry blossoms. During the annual Otsuki Cherry Blossom Festival held each spring, the park's cherry blossom trees are illuminated at night and paper lanterns are placed along the climbing trails.

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Yamanashi prefecture is the proud home of one of Japan’s most celebrated icons: Mount Fuji. Although the mountain straddles both Yamanashi and Shizuoka, the most breathtaking views of Fuji-san can be seen from the Fuji Five Lakes north of the mountain in Yamanashi prefecture. The plethora of outdoor activities in and around the lakes all have the benefit of the country’s highest mountain as their backdrop, and we can assure you that it is an unforgettable sight.

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