Spots in Yamanashi Area

  • Kitaguchihongu Fuji Sengenjinja
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Fujiyoshidashi Kamiyoshida 5558
    This shrine boasts some 1,900 years of history and is also known as the starting point for the Mt. Fuji Yoshida Trail. The shrine flourished in the Edo period as a center for Mt. Fuji worship, and one can still sense the vestiges of this period on the shrine’s extravagant grounds. The goddess of Mt. Fuji, Konohanasakuya-hime, is enshrined here, and it is said she grants easy childbirth and the prevention of fires. The Yoshida Fire Festival, considered one of Japan’s top three unusual festivals, is held here very year on August 26 and 27.
  • Fuji Subaru Line
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida-shi, Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun Narusawa village
    This 30-kilometer-long scenic road connects Lake Kawaguchi to Mt. Fuji fifth station. After driving for about forty minutes through the forest, which is home to Japanese red pine, and southern Japanese hemlock, and other species, you will arrive at the fifth station. There, you can enjoy views of the Mt. Yatsugatake and Southern Japan Alps, as well as a grand panoramic view of the Fuji Five Lakes below that can only be described as astounding. This mountain road stays open all year long and can be traveled in during winter depending on the road conditions and weather (except during periods when personal vehicles are banned).
  • Yamanakako Hananomiyako Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunyamanakakomura Yamanaka 1650
    This park in Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture is located on the bank of Lake Yamanaka. The park features different seasonal scenery to enjoy including blooming seasonal flowers. The park is comprised of several facilities for people of all ages to enjoy, including a 300,000 square-meter flowerbed and farm area, Ryusui no Sato, an area that features a water play area and flowing waterfalls, and an all-weather greenhouse where visitors can view a variety of flora including rare tropical plants.
  • Takeda-jinja Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Koufushi Kofuchumachi 2611
    Takeda Shingen, a pre-eminent daimyo from the Sengoku (warring states) period, is enshrined here as a deity. It is said that for those praying at this shrine, not only luck in competitive games can be attained, but you can also be rewarded with a stronger mind to better oneself. In addition, through its efforts to attain prosperity in agriculture, commerce, and industry, the enshrined deity draws many worshipers as the god of industry and economy. The sanctuary within the grounds of the shrine houses a host of treasures such as a Kamakura period sword, Yoshioka-ichimonji, designated a national important cultural property. The Tsutsujigasaki-yakata Ruins, a national historic monument of Japan, is the place where three generations of the Takeda family, Nobutora, Shingen, and Katsuyori, actually lived. Festivals are held throughout the year and attract many, many people.
  • Gateway Fujiyama Mt. Fuji Station Shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Yamanashi Pref. Fujiyoshidashi Kamiyoshida 2-5-1Q-STA1F
    Located in Kawaguchiko Station, the starting point for Mr. Fuji sightseeing, Gateway Fujiyama Mt. Fuji Station Shop lets you enjoy Yoshida udon and other local cuisine made with local ingredients, all while gazing at Mt. Fuji. Also, there are unique Mt. Fuji goods that you can't find anywhere else.
  • Saiko ‘Iyashi no Sato Nenba’ open air museum
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Saiko (Negishi) 2710
    In 2006 the village of thatched roofed buildings which formerly existed on the shores of the Lake Saiko, the Nemba area, were reconstructed as “Iyashi no Sato”. The buildings which number approximately 20 have been turned into restaurants where you can taste different types of local cuisine, areas for handmade interactive workshops and shops selling local products. Also because Mt. Fuji can be clearly seen, many people take pictures together with the thatched roofed buildings.
  • Minobusan Kuonji Temple
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamikomagunminobuchou Minobu 3567
    High Priest Nichiren entered Kuonji Temple at Mt. Minobu where he remained for his entire life teaching his disciples. This sacred place where Nichiren devoted his life to reciting the Lotus Sutra draws many worshipers as the head temple of the Nichiren sect. Many annual events are also held here. The Setsubun Ritual held in February attracts tens of thousands of people. In the grounds of the temple are drooping trees said to be 400 years old. The place is well known as a cherry blossom viewing spot with beautiful pale pink flowers showing their full glory during the spring.
  • Fugaku Wind Cave
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Saiko Aokigahara 2068-1
    This is a cave with an average temperature of three degrees in “Aokigahara Jukai” (sea of trees) forest, and it was used to store silkworm eggs until the early Showa period. It has also been designated as a Natural Monument of Japan. The total length of the tunnel is 201 meters. This is a horizontal cave where icicles, lava shelves and ropy lava can be seen. As the inside of the cave is gently sloping and easy to walk, it is suitable for adults and children of all ages.
  • Fuji Motosuko Resort
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Motosu 212
    Famous for the Fuji Shiba-zakura Matsuri held from mid April to late May, the Fuji Motosuko Resort is a famous spot for flowers, chosen as one of Japan's Top 31 Beautiful Views. You can enjoy view of the 800,000 shiba-zakura cherry trees (the most in Japan) and Mt. Fuji. In the event area, the Fujisan Umaimono Festival is held at the same time, leading to great fun.
  • Shosenkyo Gorge Ropeway
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Koufushi Ikarichou 441
    This ropeway is located in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Built on a panoramic lookout at the top of Shosenkyo Gorge where the old road meets the new road, the car takes about five minutes to complete a journey. Passengers on the ropeway can enjoy great views of mountains including Mt. Yasaburo, one of Yamanashi's most famous 100 mountains, as well as Mt. Fuji, Southern Japan Alps, and the Chichibu Mountains. The lower station in the foothills features a souvenir shop, while the upper station at the peak features a diner that serves hoto noodles and char.
  • Suntory Hakushu Distillery and Suntory Natural Mineral Water Minami Alps Hakushu Plant
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Hokuto-shi Hakushucho Torihara 2913-1
    "This malt whiskey distillery, also known as the ""Forest Distillery"", is located in the foothills of the Southern Alps approximately 20 minutes by car from Kobuchizawa Interchange on the Chuo Expressway. On the grounds is the ""Whiskey Museum"" where visitors can learn about the history of the birth of the single malt whiskey ""Hakushu"", and the worldwide culture of whiskey. There is also a shop that offers goods limited to the distillery, as well as restaurants and bars featuring seasonal dishes made from local produce. There is no charge for admission but reservations (at least one day in advance) are required. A factory tour (including tasting) is also available (fees apply)."
  • Fuji Shibazakura (moss phlox)
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Motosu 212
    At the foot of Mt. Fuji, roughly 800,000 shibazakura (moss phlox), the most in the metropolitan area, are in full bloom. A beautiful pink color pervades as far as the eye can see and every year at this time when the flowers are in full bloom, the Fuji Shibazakura Festival is held.
  • Roadside Station Tabayama
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsuruguntabayamamura 2901
    This roadside station in Tabayama Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture features a farmer's market offering locally harvested produce and an eatery offering light fare such as donburi (rice bowls) and noodles. The Nomekoi-yu hot springs spa is located within the station. There, bathers can refresh their bodies in its waters, which have a faint sulfur smell.
  • Roadside Station Kosuge
    Yamanashi Pref. Kitatsurugunkosugemura 3445
    This roadside station is located in Kosuge Village, Kitatsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture. The station is comprised of Genryu Restaurant, which offers brick oven pizza and cuisine made with the fruits of the mountain and the sea, Kosuge Market, which offers local specialties, and Kosuge Community Center, which offers tourist information. Located two hours from central Tokyo, the station is a great place for drivers to take a break.
  • Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Tsurushi Ogatayama 2381
    This facility in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture is a place where people can learn first-hand how superconducting magnetic levitation (SCMaglev) railways work. Visitors can also watch tests on the Yamanashi maglev test line or check out models and exhibits that introduce SCMaglev technology and the Chuo Shinkansen. The adjacent Waku-waku Yamanashi-kan features an area with tourist information on Yamanashi Prefecture on its second floor, while its first flour features a shop that offers local products.
  • Yamanakako Shinsui Park (Nagaike Shinsui Park)
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunyamanakakomura Hirano
    This park built on the north shore of Lake Yamanaka features a view of magnificent Mt. Fuji across the lake. With nothing obscuring the view, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Fuji, including to the Sakasa Fuji (upside down Fuji) that occurs when Mt. Fuji is reflected in the lake's surface. From mid-November to early February in particular, many people visit the park to see the Double Diamond Fuji created when the sun sets over the Sakasa Fuji and the real Mt. Fuji.
  • Koshu Hoto Kosaku (Yamanakako Restaraunt)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunyamanakakomura Yamanaka 234
    This restaurant located in Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture specializes in koshu hoto, the regional delicacy of Yamanashi. The hoto offered by the restaurant is notable for being made with plentiful amounts of Japanese pumpkin, potatoes, taro, leek, and other vegetables and for the springy texture of their carefully-crafted noodles. Each serving of hoto is cooked upon the order in an iron pot so assure it arrives at the customer's table steaming hot.
  • Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge
    Travel / Tourism
    Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture
    Designated a Special Place of Scenic Beauty, Mitake Shosenkyo Gorge is said to be the most picturesque valley in Japan. There is a lot to see here including cliffs and strange rocks, and powerful waterfalls like Senga-taki Falls. And especially in autumn, the contrast of the red and yellow trees against the bare white rock is a fine sight indeed. Enjoy the beauty created by nature while taking a walk along the river side.
  • Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Kawaguchi 1
    This old shrine was built on the command of Emperor Seiwa in 865 in the hopes of extinguishing the fires caused by the eruption of Mt. Fuji the previous year. It enshrines Asama no Okami (Konohananosakuya-hime), the deity of Mt. Fuji. The Magomi matsuri festival held in April and the Daidai Okagurasai festival held in July both see many visitors. The shrine was designated as part of the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site in 2013.
  • Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunyamanakakomura Hirano 479-2
    This multipurpose park located on the shores of Lake Yamanakako featuring a natural turf square, a children's playground, and other facilities is a great place for a picnic. Visitors can also try riding Segway and play tennis, futsal, or other sports. Park-goers can also enjoy stroking the seasonal flowers while walking along the park's Mizu no Promenade or its Mizube no Boardwalk. Theater Hibiki, an amphitheater with room for 8,000 people in the center of the park, can be used to hold a variety of events from sporting competitions to concerts.

Yamanashi Areas


Yamanashi prefecture is the proud home of one of Japan's most celebrated icons: Mount Fuji. Although the mountain straddles both Yamanashi and Shizuoka, the most breathtaking views of Fuji-san can be seen from the Fuji Five Lakes north of the mountain in Yamanashi prefecture. The plethora of outdoor activities in and around the lakes all have the benefit of the country's highest mountain as their backdrop, and we can assure you that it is an unforgettable sight.

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