Place famous for cherry blossoms Spots in Yamanashi Area

  • Arakurayama Sengen Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Fujiyoshidashi Arakura 3353-1
    Arakurayama Sengen Park is the best place to see Mt. Fuji from within Fujiyoshida City. Especially during the spring, when the Yoshino cherry blossom trees are in full bloom in the park, it’s a popular place to enjoy both the cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji. Moreover, having been designated as one of the new three major night views in Japan and top 100 night views, it’s no wonder the park is hugely popular with night view fans.
  • Yamataka Jindai Cherry Blossom
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Hokutoshi Mukawachouyamataka 2763 Actual temple
    This cherry blossom tree, one of Japan's three most famous, stands on the grounds of Jisso-ji Temple in Mukawa-cho, Hokuto City. Its estimated age of 2,000 years makes it one of Japan's oldest trees. At the same time, its 10-meter height combined with its massive 10-meter circumference of its trunk makes it one of the biggest. It was designated as Japan's first national natural monument in 1922. Around the time its cherry blossoms are in full bloom, some 80,000 daffodils that grow nearby come in full bloom as well. This creates an exquisite contrast between the blue ski, the light pink above, and the yellow underfoot.
  • Magi Mt. Oiseyama
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Otsuki-shi Otsukimachi Magi
    This 550-meter-tall mountain is located in Otsuki-cho, Otsuki City. It is famous for the nearly 3,000 cherry blossom trees that bloom there in the spring. A number of events are hosted in the area including the annual Otsuki Cherry Blossom Festival. During the festival, the mountain's cherry blossoms are illuminated at night. The sight of Mt. Fuji seen from the mountain's peak has been selected as one of the Shurei Fugaku Junikei, a list of 12 great views of Mt. Fuji from the peaks of mountains in Otsuki City.
  • Mt. Iwadonosan Maruyama Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Otsuki-shi Nigiokamachi Kowaze 81-1
    This park is located in Kowaze, Nigiokamachi, Otsuki City at the foot of the 634-meter-tall Mt. Iwado. One of its facilities includes the Iwadonosan Fureai no Yakata, which exhibits materials related to the Mt. Iwadono. The park is also famous for its cherry blossoms. During the annual Otsuki Cherry Blossom Festival held each spring, the park's cherry blossom trees are illuminated at night and paper lanterns are placed along the climbing trails.
  • Shishidome Power Station
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Tsuru-shi Shishidome 54
    This Tokyo Electric Power Company hydroelectric power plant is located about 15 minutes from Tsuru Interchange on the Chuo Expressway. Built on the slope of a mountain, the power plant started operation in 1913. It is famous for the more than 250 cherry blossom trees planted on both sides of its water pipes. Although the facility is not open to the public, the surrounding area is maintained for making visitors enjoy taking a stroll or viewing the flowers. The cherry blossoms can also be viewed from National Route 139, which runs nearby the facility. The blooming season is from early to mid-April. The fall foliage in the area around the power station's sluice gate, which is a national Registered Tangible Cultural Property, is also quite beautiful.
  • Nashigahara no Fuji-zakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Minamitsuru-gun Yamanakakomura
    This famous spot for cherry blossoms is located along National Route 138 near Lake Yamanaka. It is about three kilometers and about 10 minutes from Yamanakako Interchange on the Higashifuji-goko Road via National Route 138. The 10,000 Fuji cherries (Prunus incisa) bloom between late April and early May each year. This hardy wild variety of cherry blossom has smaller than other cherry blossoms and does well in cold weather and grows well even at high altitudes. So-named because they are common around Mt. Fuji, they can be enjoyed a bit later than flatland cherry blossoms.
  • Shinden no Oito-zakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Hokuto Kobuchisawacho Shoko 2767
    A huge, old cherry tree located in Kobuchisawa Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. A Edo-higanzakura cherry mutation some 400 years old, in the spring its dropping branches flower with light pink blossoms. Boasting eight meter in circumference roots and a trunk that is over 20 meters, this weeping cherry is the largest in the prefecture and has been designated a Yamanashi Prefecture Natural Monument. Standing in the middle of a farm field with a gorgeous view, in most years the tree flowers in mid-April and its beauty is enhanced by Mt. Kai-komagatake and the surrounding Yatsugatake Mountains. At the present time, the west and north sides of the tree are guarded by wind-blocking netting to help the tree grow stronger. A free parking area is located nearby.
  • Fuji Shibazakura (moss phlox)
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamitsurugunfujikawaguchikomachi Motosu 212
    At the foot of Mt. Fuji, roughly 800,000 shibazakura (moss phlox), the most in the metropolitan area, are in full bloom. A beautiful pink color pervades as far as the eye can see and every year at this time when the flowers are in full bloom, the Fuji Shibazakura Festival is held.
  • Oboshi Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Yamanashi Pref. Minamikomagunfujikawachou Kajikazawa 2175
    This scenically beautiful park spreads across the side of Mt. Oboshi in the southwestern tip of Kofu Basin. It offers a view of Mt. Fuji and the Fuji River, the Kofu Basin, the Yatsugatake Mountains, and beyond. The park's more than 2,000 cherry blossom trees, including Sato-zakura cherry and weeping cherries, earned it a spot on the Japan Cherry Blossom Association's list of the country's 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots. The park holds the Oboshi Sakura Festival during the annual bloom season that is attended by large crowds of people.
  • Cherry Blossoms of Wanizuka
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Pref. Nirasakishi Kamiyamamachi Kitamiyaji 624
    A giant Edo higan cherry tree sitting on the top of a tomb in the central part of Nirasaki terraces. This old tree has a trunk circumference of 3.6 meters, height of 17 meters, and estimated age of 300 years old, and has been designated a City Natural Monument. It is lit up at night every year during flower season, resulting in a mysterious nighttime cherry tree view to enjoy.
  • Oyama Azalea
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Hokuto-shi
  • Fuefuki no Momohata
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Fuefuki-shi Ichinomiyacho
  • Fuefuki Nihonichi no Togenkyo
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Fuefuki-shi Ichinomiyacho , Misakacho
  • Senbonzakura Park no Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamanashi Hokuto-shi Sutamacho Egusa

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Yamanashi prefecture is the proud home of one of Japan’s most celebrated icons: Mount Fuji. Although the mountain straddles both Yamanashi and Shizuoka, the most breathtaking views of Fuji-san can be seen from the Fuji Five Lakes north of the mountain in Yamanashi prefecture. The plethora of outdoor activities in and around the lakes all have the benefit of the country’s highest mountain as their backdrop, and we can assure you that it is an unforgettable sight.

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