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Rest Spot Spots in Echizen Area

  • Roadside Station Echizen
    19 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Nyugunechizenchou Kuriya No. 71-335-1
    Including both a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh ingredients while watching fish swim in an oval aquarium and an onsen with outdoor baths, the Roadside Station Echizen is fully equipped, offering fresh vegetables, maritime products and even famous Fukui products. The “Saba no heshiko” comes recommended. It is a Fukui delicacy in which the mackerel’s organs are carefully removed before it is seeped in salt for days, and then pickled in rice bran for an additional one to two years.

    11月は「越前かに」が解禁になり「越前かにまつり」が開催されます。 越前かにを買って、その場で食べることも出来ますしお土産で買って帰ることも出来ます。

  • Roadside Station Kono
    3 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Pref. Nanjougunminamiechizenchou Otani 86-1-6
    Roadside Station Kono is located in Minami-echizen Town, which had connections to “Kitamaebune” from Edo period to Meiji period. Located along the Echizen-Kaga Coast, it sits at an elevation of 200 meters, so you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Sea of Japan. In the shopping corner, they offer many popular products like Echizen crab and Echizen daffodils.

    Parada obrigatória para quem quer saborear sorvete de leite!!! E apreciar o por do sol maravilhoso que esse lugar proporciona. Lugar de fácil acesso!

  • Roadside Station Park Inn Nyu Ke Oka
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukui Nyu-gun Echizencho Kamikawasari 45-1-7


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Northeast of Kyoto, the ancient Tojinbo Cliffs separate Fukui prefecture from the Sea of Japan in a stretch of land well worth exploring. Water sports and seaside delicacies are available in abundance as the spectacular rugged coastline flattens down into beaches to the west of the prefecture, while inland, Fukui is home to Zen Buddhist temples and historic ruins.

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