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  • Fukui Botanical Garden Plantopia
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    Fukui Nyu-gun Echizencho Asahi 17-3-1
    A botanical garden located along National Route 417 in Asahi, Echizen Town, Nyu County. In a site covering 25 ha you can see over 3,000 types of naturally growing plants. In the main building they have exhibits displaying the evolutionary history of plants as well as a mini greenhouse with a collection of succulent plants. They also have hands-on classes such as creating handicrafts using plants.

    広大な植物園で、四季折々の草花も楽しめる。 土日はクラフトのイベントもあるようです。 しかし、植物園内のトイレの清掃が行き届いていなかったり、老朽化しており、厳しいです。 (建物内トイレはきれいです。ただし和式) 小さい子連れにはオススメしません。

  • Arawa Lake Kitagata Iris Garden
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukui Pref. Awarashi Kitagata 211
    Opened in 1976. Awara Lake Kitagata Iris Garden is one of the largest such gardens in Japan. For about one month beginning early in June, about 200,000 irises of 300 varieties bloom in profusion, creating a splendid visual delight that looks like a painting. Every year during the blooming season, the Hana Shobu Matsuri is held, visitors can enjoy local traditional performing arts, a market featuring famous local products, and boat excursions on the lake.
  • Echizen City Manyo Chrysanthemum Park
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    Fukui Echizen-shi Yokawacho 22-96-1
    A botanical garden located along Prefectural Route 201 in Yokawa-cho, Echizen City. Here they have grown the chrysanthemums that are used to make the large human figures in the city's yearly Takefu Kikuningyo festival. Along with viewing the various methods of raising chrysanthemums including the chrysanthemum dome and the five-story pagoda they have a flower clock that changes with the seasons and an exhibition room. There's also the nearby Manyo-no-Sato Ajimano Garden where you can view plants related to the Manyoshu poetry collection.
  • Suisen Dome
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukui Fukui-shi Ikura 43-25
    A daffodil flower intensive cultivation display located within Echizen Suisen-no-Sato Park along the Isaribi Highway in Ikura Town, Fukui city. This was the first area in Japan to have daffodils blooming throughout the year and you can view the Echizen daffodils year-round. Admission is permitted with a shared ticket with the nearby Koshino Furusato Museum.

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Northeast of Kyoto, the ancient Tojinbo Cliffs separate Fukui prefecture from the Sea of Japan in a stretch of land well worth exploring. Water sports and seaside delicacies are available in abundance as the spectacular rugged coastline flattens down into beaches to the west of the prefecture, while inland, Fukui is home to Zen Buddhist temples and historic ruins.

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