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Travel / Tourism Spots in Kaga / Komatsu Area

  • Kutaniyaki Art Museum
    51 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Daishoujijikatamachi 1 -10-13
    Kutaniyaki Art Museum is a museum in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture that is dedicated to Kutani-ware porcelain. The first floor of the Museum has exhibition rooms with masterpieces of Kutani-ware on display; the second floor has a tearoom and a multi-function event space that can be used for lectures, concerts, formal tea parties, etc. As the Museum is located within Ko-kutani-no-mori Oyamizu Park, it is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers and greenery of the park, which change with the seasons.

    My daughter and I visited the museum and had a personalized tour in Japanese. I was quite fortunate since my daughter was able to translate it to English. It was very interesting to learn about the...

  • Ishikawa Aviation Plaza
    7 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Komatsushi Atakashinmachi Hei 92 (Komatsu airport front)
    A museum dedicated to aviation located on the north side of Komatsu Airport in Ishikawa Prefecture. Aircraft such as helicopters, Air Self-Defense Force fighters, and paragliders are on permanent display outside the museum and on the first floor. The cockpits of some of the craft can also be entered and inspected. The museum also has a real YS-11 simulator as well as simplified simulators for an F-15 fighter and Cessna plane (charge: 100-500 yen). In 2012, the museum erected the Bunbun World playground, one of the largest aircraft-themed playlands in the country. Here parents and children can have fun year round and regardless of the weather.

    こちらの石川県立航空プラザ カフェは、名前の通り航空プラザの中に入っているカフェです。カフェといっても想像するようなカフェではなくて、お洒落でもなんでもないです、ちょっとしたスペースに椅子とテーブルがあるといった感じです。ちょっと休憩のためにと割り切って、一息のためのスペースです。

  • Ayatorihashi Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa kaga city Yamanaka Onsen river
    A 94.7 meter long bridge crossing the Daishoji River in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring resort area in Kaga, Ishikawa. The bridge is characterized by its elegant wine red color and unique, S-curve shape. The bridge was designed to resemble a cat’s cradle (“ayatori” in Japanese) with the banks on either side serving as hands. The bridge was designed with the help of Hiroshi Teshigahara, the third head of the Sogetsu school of flower arranging. The view of the Kakusen-kei Valley from the bridge is the definition of picturesque scenery and the bridge is a popular destination as part of walking courses in the area for tourists. After sunset, the bridge is lit up, creating a fairy tale-like sight.
  • Koorogi Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamanakaonsenkorogimachi
    A bridge made entirely of hinoki cypress crossing the Daishoji River in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring resort area in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The Kakusen-kei Valley, which extends from the Koorogi Bridge to the Kurotani Bridge downstream, is famous for its picturesque scenery, and visitors can enjoy seasonal beauty here, from fall foliage to fresh spring verdure. The Kakusen-kei Valley is furnished with a walking path and is a popular area for visitors to walk. There are a variety of theories as to the origin of the bridge’s name; one theory says that the area was once called “koro-gi” (dangerous path) due to its perilous nature, while another theory states that the name comes from the crickets (“koorogi” in Japanese) which sing in abundance in autumn.
  • Rosanjin's Iroha Thatched Hut
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamashironsen 18-5
    The site where the great artist Rosanjin stayed for a half year starting in the fall of 1915. Iroha is located in the Yamashiro Onsen hot spring resort area in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The structure was originally a detached villa which belong to the long-standing Yoshinoya ryokan inn; the main building was erected in the early Meiji period. The site is open to the general public, and the workroom decorated with plaques inscribed with calligraphy, study, and living room with sunken hearth are preserved in the same sate as when Rosanjin was in residence. The site’s warehouse has been converted into a display space which is continuously used to present special exhibitions.
  • Kakusen-kei Valley Kawadoko
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamanakaonsenkajikamachi Aya toya
    The picturesque Kakusen-kei Valley, located in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring resort area in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, has a lovely pure river running through it as well as seasonal natural beauty which draws large numbers of tourists. Kawadoko, traditional raised decks erected on and near a river, are set up in the riverbed area generally from April to October, and visitors may use them to enjoy a relaxing, elegant time while gazing at fresh spring verdure or fall foliage. Popular sweets such as a cool matcha green tea shiruko sweet bean soup and Kawadoko roll, prepared according to recipes by renowned chef Rokusaburo Michiba, are also sold here. It’s also popular to reserve a takeout Kawadoko bento box lunch at nearby ryokan inns and restaurants.
  • Kutaniyaki Kamaato Tenjikan
    20 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamashironsen 19-101-9
    A museum dedicated to Kutani ware ceramics located in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring resort area in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The museum houses a restored climbing kiln used to make Kutani ware which was moved here from Kutani Village in 1826. Designated a National Historic Site, the kiln site is open for viewing by the general public. A separate museum building presents how Kutani ware is made and the history of the craft; the building was once a private home which was used as on office for the operation of the kiln as well as residence and studio. Visitors can view the aforementioned Kutani ware climbing kiln, the oldest still in existence, as well as displays presenting tools used in making Kutani ware. The museum also holds short classes in which participants can try their hand at ceramics decorating and spinning potter on a potter’s wheel.


  • Nata-dera Temple
    209 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Komatsushi Natamachi Yu 122
    This is a temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is said that it was established by Taicho in 717. The ground of the temple is large and the nature is beautiful like a landscape painting. The temple is known as the enchanted land with unusual rocks and the main shrine is connected to a huge, rocky cave. It is the sacred place of “Iwa-ya Tainai Kuguri” where sins are purified and people are reborn. There are many buildings including the main shrine and the three-storied pagoda which are certified as important cultural assets of the country. It is also known as a famous sightseeing spot of leaves changing color in autumn. There are no railings on the roads or stairs in the premises, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended when visiting the site.

    We came here on a beautiful afternoon and was not disappointed with the temple and its surroundings. The map tht comes along with the admission fee is very useful to cover the full ground from...

  • Motorcar Museum of Japan
    3 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Komatsushi Futatsunashimachi Ikkanyama 40
    The Motorcar Museum of Japan in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture is a specialty motorcar museum. In the European-style building with a red tiled roof, it exhibits about 500 vehicles which were popular in Japan in the 20th century. In the museum, various car models such as a three-wheel truck, sports cars, famous European vehicles and buses are categorized for each manufacturer and genre to introduce them. You can find rare and one-of-a-kind vehicles, including a Rolls Royce which the late Princess Diana used when she visited Japan.


  • Kakusenkei Gorge
    Travel / Tourism
    Yaganaka Onsen, Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture
    The Kakusenkei Gorge is a valley through which the Daishoji River runs adjacent to the Yamanaka Onsen hot springs resort area in Kaga City; the Gorge extends from the Kurotani Bridge to the Korogi Bridge. The Gorge is famous as a great place to view autumn foliage; while strolling along the footpath, visitors can admire the beautiful scenery, including the Korogi Bridge, which is made entirely from cypress wood. From spring through into autumn, a platform is erected along the riverbank, so that visitors can take a rest and enjoy a cup of tea and some confectionery while experiencing the impressive flow of the river from close to.
  • Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice
    68 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Ushiodumachi A) 106
    Founded in 1994, the Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014; the Museum is focused on the multi-faceted achievements of Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya, the first scientist in the world to successfully create artificial snow crystals. Using experiments and observational displays, the Museum shows, in an easy-to-understand way, how the study of snow and ice has developed since Dr. Nakaya’s breakthrough. The Museum also holds a variety of special events, including lectures and photography exhibitions, etc. The Museum is located around five minutes’ drive from the Katayamazu Interchange of the Hokuriku Expressway.

    Its a fairly small place and I cant imagine spending more than an hour here. It is pretty interesting though - the snowflake photos were beautiful (more exciting than it sounds...) The highlight...

  • Kaga Fruits Land
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yutakamachi B 59-1
    A place where you can enjoy fruit-picking all year long, Kaga Fruits Land features a vast lot with a roofed barbeque area for rainy days, which is quite popular. Not only can you see, touch, and pick in-season fruits, you get to savor the taste of fresh ripe fruit. The genuine pizza cooked in a stone kiln is great for lunch. About 15 minutes by car via Kaga Interchange or Katayamazu Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.
  • Matsui Hideki Baseball Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Nomishi Yamaguchimachi T 58
    The “Matsui Hideki Baseball Museum” is exactly that—a museum about Hideki Matsui, where you can learn about his life and passions. A number of precious items are on display—items from his childhood, from his days with the Yomiuri Giants, and from his days in the US Major Leagues. The wonderful array of documents and goods are sure to please any fan. five minutes by car from Komatsu Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.
  • Kaga Traditional Handicrafts Village Yunokuni no Mori
    114 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsu City Awazu Onsen Na -3-3
    An amusement park roughly 1,000,000 square meters in size, Kaga Traditional Handicrafts Village Yunokuni no Mori is a place expressing the beautiful mystique of an old house merged with nature, and one where you can see, touch, and make traditional crafts of Hokuriku Kaga. With 11 buildings, over 50 types of experiences, and many art museums and galleries, this park provides many courses for walking through the forest. You can try out things like wajima lacquering, yuzen dyeing, kutaniyaki (pottery), yamanaka lacquering, gold leaf pasting. Approximately 20 minutes by car via Katayamazu Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.

    A traditional handicraft village featuring thatched-roofed houses. Each house have arts and crafts. People can use and learn the techniques.

  • Fukata Kyuya Yama no Bunkakan
    8 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Daishoujibambachou 18-2
    Designated as a Natural Cultural Asset in 2002, the Fukata Kyuya Yama no Bunkakan is a renovation of the offices, stone warehouse and gate of Yamanaga - a textiles factory built in 1910. The first floor displays Fukata Kyuya’s relics, and the second floor is a storehouse of materials. You can peruse the documents about Fukata Kyuya, the mountains, or the forests in the library. Approximately 10 minutes by car via Kaga Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.


  • Ukimido Pavilion
    5 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Katayamaduonsen Otsu 63 In Yuan's former park
    "An unusual Buddhist temple built on Shibayama Lagoon in the Katayamazu Onsen hot spring village. Connected to the shore by a bridge, the temple is also known by its nickname, the ""Ukiuki Benten"" (""Floating Benten Temple""). Legend has it that when a huge serpent was laying waste to the lakes of Katayamazu, Bhaisajyaguru sent the goddess Benten to suppress it, and in connection with this story, the temple is dedicated to the dragon king and Benten. A large fountain system has been built out on the lack behind the temple; the fountain, along with the bridge and temple, are lit up at night, creating a magical atmosphere."


  • Mokume
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamanakaonsensakaemachi Two 60
    A wooden crafts studio located in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring village area. The studio is operated by an artisan who uses a lathe and chisels to create works out of unpainted wood. The studio offers short classes on making your own wood craft, and you can choose to make a bowl, small basket, or sculpture. After the bowls have been carved out, they are sent to a lacquer artisan to be lacquered and are then delivered to your home. The studio's shop sells beautiful bowls, chopsticks, and other warm and charming wood items.
  • Utsuwagura
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamashironsen Street 1 - 3
    A shop which carries ceramics from Ishikawa Prefecture. The shop operates out of a renovated kura storehouse built in the Meiji period and still retains the classic white mortar exterior walls and earthen interior walls. The shop's selection primarily consists of colorful Kutani ware and graceful Yamanaka lacquerware created by local artisans. While the shop sells high priced replicas of famous pieces by the renowned artist Rosanjin, who is connected to the local area, the shop's shelves are also lined with reasonably priced items perfect to buy as a souvenir.
  • "Kutani-yaki Experience Gallery ""CoCo"""
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamashironsen 18-115 A 1
    A Kutani ware gallery where you can decorate your own ceramic piece located in the Yamanaka Onsen hot spring village. Participants can select an unpainted piece of Kutani ware and, under the direction of a skilled artisan, decorate it as they like. The pieces on offer are mainly cups, plates, and other items which can be used in everyday life. After being decorated, the pieces are fired in the gallery's own kiln and mailed to participants' homes around 10 days later. The gallery also sells Kutani ware pieces by local artists which visitors can purchase to take home as souvenirs.
  • "Lacquerware ""Asada"""
    Travel / Tourism
    Ishikawa Pref. Kagashi Yamanakaonsensugatanimachi Ha -215
    A workshop which creates Yamanaka lacquerware, a traditional craft in Ishikawa Prefecture. The entire production process, from shaping the wood on a lathe to decorating and applying the lacquer, is conducted here in this workshop. Dedicated to the concept of Yamanaka lacquerware which can be used as part of your everyday life, the workshop's gallery is filled with lacquerware pieces with beautiful wood grain patterns visible underneath the varnish. The workshop also offers a lacquerware decorating experience. Participants can use colorful lacquer to decorate plain wood pieces and even sprinkle on gold dust. The completed pieces are sent to participants' homes a few days later after the workshop has applied the necessary finishing.

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Long, thin Ishikawa prefecture runs along the Sea of Japan up into Noto Peninsula. Highlights of the seaside towns lining the west coast include Kanazawa, often described as a "Little Kyoto" thanks to its old wooden tea houses and geisha culture as well as its picturesque Japanese garden, Kenroku-en.

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