Ice Cream Spots in Kaga / Komatsu Area

  • Moo Moo Makiba Hiramatsu Farm
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Ishikawa Kaga-shi Bungyomachi 270-3
    This farm is 15 to 25 minutes' drive from the onsen towns of Yamashiro, Katayamazu, Yamanaka, and Awazu. This farm focuses on dairy farming, and supplies the ice cream shop Moo Moo Makiba. They blend Holstein and Jersey milk, and low-temp pasteurize it in their own plant for 30 minutes at 65 degrees. It lacks the particular odor and harshness of high-temperature pasteurization, making it popular for its ease of drinking. Desserts made with their fresh milk are loved for their rich flavor, as well as the food safety. In addition to a choice of cup or cone, you can also buy online.
  • B-R 31 ICE CREAM Mambo Komatsu
    4 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Ishikawa Komatsu-shi Nagadamachi Exit 4-1 Mambo 1F

    場所的に少し入りづらい感じがありますが、割りと空いているので穴場かも。 今回は期間限定のピスタチオをおいしくいただきました。

  • B-R 31 ICE CREAM AEON MALL Shin Komatsu
    3 Reviews
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Ishikawa Komatsu-shi Seirokumachi 315-banchi AEON MALL Shin Komatsu 2F Food Court


  • Kinzawa ice AEON the mall Shinkomatsu
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Ishikawa Prefecture Komatsu City Offshore area Land Readjustment Project Area 20 Block Aeon Mall Shin Komatsu 1F [1059-B]
  • Cava!!
    Ishikawa Komatsu-shi Imaemachi Tsu 121-6

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Long, thin Ishikawa prefecture runs along the Sea of Japan up into Noto Peninsula. Highlights of the seaside towns lining the west coast include Kanazawa, often described as a "Little Kyoto" thanks to its old wooden tea houses and geisha culture as well as its picturesque Japanese garden, Kenroku-en.

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