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Leisure / Hobbies Spots in Ishikawa Area

  • Hakusan Alpine Plants Botanical Garden
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Hakusanshi Shiramine 6-104
    This botanical garden is in Shiramine, Hakusan City. Established as part of a preservation project for alpine flora, this garden contains some endangered species. In an area of 7600m2 on the side of Mt. Nishi overlooking Hakusan, this garden cultivates approximately 50 different varieties of 100,000 alpine plants. It is annually open to the public in June and July.
  • Yanagida Botanical Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Pref. Housugunnotochou Kanmachi Mouth 1-1
    A park in Kan-machi, Noto Town, Hosu County. The park has a variety of different installations including an iris flower garden, open lawn area, ground golf course, and electric car pavilion as well as an astronomical observation planetarium, BBQ area, cafe restaurant, lodging options, and a winery. Furthermore, at Gourokuan in the park, you can experience the traditional Oku-Noto folk custom Aenokoto, which has been designated a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • Umikko Land Nanatsuka
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kahoku-shi Shiroo Mu 1-3
    An outdoor activity center situated adjacent to a shallow coastline. Located just off the Shiroo Interchange, facilities include a campground, barbecue ground, and museum. The Umi to Nagisa no Hakubutsukan museum looks at the relationship between human beings and the sea and was designed by leading postwar Japanese architect Shozo Uchii. Inspired by the design of a ship, the building won the 22nd Ishikawa Prefecture Architecture Award. The museum’s collection consists of over 3,000 items, and visitors can learn about living on the sea of the Noto Peninsula through computer-powered interactive exhibits and other displays.
  • Noto Resort Area Masuhogaura
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Hakui-gun Shikamachi Aikami I3-1
    Masuhogaura Beach is known for what was once certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest bench in the world. This campground is situated along the beach’s four-kilometer-long stretch of sandy pines. Facilities include cabins on the beautiful beach, high class tents, and an auto campground. The camp’s large cabins, replete with air conditioning, televisions, and bathrooms, can accommodate up to 20 people. An outdoor sports destination open year round, you’ll find many tourists here enjoying activities such as swimming, yachting, windsurfing, and cycling.
  • Kaga City Art Museum
    8 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kaga-shi Sakumimachi Ri 1-4
    An art museum located in the business district in front of Kagaonsen Station. The museum was established to serve as a tourist and culture information center, community gathering space, and central hub for introducing people to the arts and crafts of Kaga City. A large number of works by artists connected to Kaga City are gathered in its four exhibition spaces, and the museum displays crafts, paintings, and a wide array of other art pieces. Also functioning as a space for art and culture activities for local residents, the museum holds a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year.


  • Banshoen Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kaga-shi Yamashiro Onsen
    A park overlooking Yamashiro Onsen, the foremost hot spring district in the Hokuriku region and also known as “Yunogawa.” The Banshoen Sazaedo, a unique, spiral-shaped observatory resembling a turban shell, stands on a small, lush hill in the park. From the observatory, visitors can get a sweeping view of Kiba Lagoon, Shibayama Lagoon, the Hakusan Mountains, and even the distant Sea of Japan. Stone Buddhist statues stand along a nature trail extending away from the Sazaedo, its gently undulating curves ending behind the Yakuoin Onsenji Temple. There are many steps and hills in the park, but the park provides bamboo canes created by a local volunteer group, helping everyone to enjoy a pleasant walk on its grounds.
  • Yunokuni Tensyo Garden Pool
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kaga-shi Yamashiro Onsen 19-49-1
    A bathhouse with three large tubs and a hotel where you can enjoy the unique cuisine of Kaga’s Yamashiro Onsen. The outdoor Garden Pool, only open in the summer, is a place where the whole family can enjoy the resort life. There’s a circular kiddy pool, the Niagara garden pool, and a 150-meter-long water slide, and during swimming season this area bustles with families. Guests can use the pools for free, but the hotel also offers day-use plans which include both pool and bathhouse access (advance reservation required). While the pools are open, there’s also a special games corner, bingo competitions, taiko drum shows, and a variety of other events.
  • Ishikawa Forest Park Barbecue Area
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kahoku-gun Tsubatamachi
    Ishikawa Forest Park, located 20 minutes from the Morimoto Interchange, is a large leisure park whose facilities include a zoo, boat dock, sports field, and campground. The park’s over 1,000 hectare grounds sprawl in Tsubata Town, situated in the almost exact center of the prefecture. The park’s barbecue area is located in the Kazoku Danran no Mori zone in the park’s center, and there’s a roofed area here where visitors can enjoy barbecuing. Also great is the fact that you can use your own car to haul your stuff across the park’s vast grounds. Use of the barbecue area’s grills is by reservation only, and the place is perfect for having a fun time with friends and family.
  • Uchinada Beach
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kahoku-gun Uchinadamachi
    One of the beaches of the Uchinada Coast extending nine kilometers north to south along the Sea of Japan. The biggest beach on the coast, it is also the closest to Kanazawa City. The beach is wide and sandy, its waters shallow. During swimming season, the beach is visited not only by town residents but also people from across the prefecture and beyond. In most years, jellyfish appear from around the time of the Bon Festival, and thus it is recommended to come before this time. You can see people enjoying marine sports such as windsurfing and bodysurfing as early as before the start of the rainy season.
  • Great People of Kanazawa Memorial Museum
    12 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Shimohondamachi 6-18-4
    Kanazawa, once the capital of Japan, has produced great numbers of pioneers in a wide variety of fields since the late Edo period. This museum introduces some of the most famous and celebrated of these personages. The standing exhibition on the second floor is divided into seven areas presenting the achievements and careers of people who have supported modern Japan. One of the areas features people requested by Kanazawa City elementary school students, and visitors can learn more about the things they have done and the way they lived. The museum also serves as a base for research concerning the great people of Kanazawa.

    Admittedly, not everyones cup of tea, but I was intrigued to learn something about Kanazawas notable homeboys. Exhibits consists of bio panels, fotos, personal mementos, occasional relevant...

  • 11th Ohi Chozaemon Ware/Ohi Museum/Ohi Gallery
    28 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Hashibacho 2-17
    Ohi ware is a type of pottery. Records state the origins of this pottery date back to when Maeda Tsunanori, the fifth lord of Kaga Domain, invited tea ceremony master Senso Soshitsu to Kaga to popularize the tea ceremony in the area; during his stay, Senso used clay from the outlying village of Ohi (now the neighborhood of Ohi-machi) to create tea cups. Ohi ware is shaped entirely by hand without the use of a potter’s wheel and is covered with a traditional ameyu glaze. The art museum standing on the studio’s grounds, open year-round, displays examples of Ohi ware made by the first Chozaemon head potter to the current head, as well as tea ceremony implements strongly connected to the old Kaga Domain. The studio’s Edo period samurai residence is a Kanazawa Designated Preservation Structure.

    A small, beautiful pottery museum. I was the only one here when I visited in the late afternoon. The pottery is fascinating, its a beautiful example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. I wish there had been...

  • Oyoyo Shorin Shintatemachi Store
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Shintatemachi 3-21
    A secondhand bookstore which carries books from a wide array of genres, including literature, philosophy, the social sciences, art and design, picture books, and books of Hosho Noh chants. The store also buys old books and can provide advice on organizing your own collection. In addition, the store opens up stalls at analog record events and antique book markets.
  • Gallery Tonellico
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Ikedamachi 3-30
    This gallery in the heart of Kanazawa exhibits artworks including paintings, calligraphy, photographs, and arts & crafts. The pure white space is simple and modern, and helps bring out the inherent beauty of each piece, earning this museum enduring popularity. The second floor is the opposite to the first, with a black enshrouded space hosting a variety of special exhibitions.
  • Kutani Ware Kaburaki Kanazawa Kutani Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Nagamachi 1-3-16
    The traditional Japanese architecture evokes the Nagamachi Samurai manor scenery, and it holds a Kutani ware sales space, a tearoom, counter looking on an inner garden, and and a museum holding the Kaburaki Collection room. It displays unique pieces collected by the owners of the Kaburaki shop through its history from the first owner through the current, eight generation.
  • Utatsuyama Iris Garden
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Higashimikagemachi Utatsuyama Park Uchi
    A Japanese iris garden located inside Utatsuyama Park. Built halfway up Mt. Utatsu, the garden is divided into three sections: the upper terraced Japanese iris beds, the middle consisting of Japanese irises and a stream, and the lower Japanese irises and a pond. The garden has been planted with 200 thousand Japanese iris plants spanning around 100 varieties, as well as some 2,900 bigleaf hydrangeas, and from mid-June to mid-July when they come into bloom, the garden is stunningly beauty.
  • Kanazawa Yuwaku Edo-mura
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Yuwakuarayamachi 35-1
    This museum was opened in 2010 after three farmhouses, one samurai residence, two merchant residences, one post station town wholesaler’s residence, and one gate from a samurai residence were moved here from the former Edomura open air museum. The museum conveys the culture and history of Edo period Kaga Domain, centered in Kanazawa. The museum is divided into two zones – a merchant/ samurai residence zone and a farmhouse zone, and the museum’s structures are of immense historical value and have been variously designated as cultural properties by the national, prefectural, and city governments.
  • Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji-kan Museum
    6 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Yuwakumachi I144-1
    This art museum, opened in 2000, is dedicated to Yumeji Takehisa. Takehisa was deeply connected to Kanazawa and Yuwaku Onsen, and through his works and personal affects, visitors can learn more about his timeless artistry and humanity. The museum’s permanent collection looks at the theme of “Travel, Women and Beliefs” and introduces the artistry and humanity of Takehisa. The museum also holds around four special exhibitions each year.

    常設展では夢二と3人の女性が紹介されていましたが、3人とも何らかの縁が金沢とあったことを知りました。また、2階では 「出版100年記念『山へよする』―恋の記述・愛の祈りー」が開催中でした。恋人彦乃との日々や彼女への思いを詠んだ歌を中心に265首が公開され、人気投票が行われていました。

  • Owari-cho Citizen's Culture Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Owaricho 1-11-8
    This cultural hall is an Ishikawa Prefectural Registered Tangible Cultural Property. The facility uses a bank building dating from 1907. The exterior is finished with black stucco, while the interior uses white stucco in a beautiful mixed western and Japanese style, and the gallery holds exhibitions with a different main theme set every two months.
  • Kenmin Seaside Park Kenmin Seaside Pool
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Fushojimachi 11-1-1
    This popular seaside pool facility has nine diverse pools as well as a cooling mist attraction. The facility is open from July 1 to August 31, but the park in which it is located also has two baseball fields, a softball field, a multipurpose ground, rowboats, and a barbecue area open from April 1 to October 30.
  • Goishigamine Prefectural Nature Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ishikawa Kashima-gun Nakanotomachi Takabatake Harayama
    This nature park extends from Mt. Sekido to Mt. Goishigamine (461. 1 meters), from their ridges to their bases. The park is a popular destination for picnics, camping, and other outdoor recreational activities. The park’s campground can accommodate 200 campers and also has a barbeque area. From the park’s scenic lookouts, visitors can get sweeping views of Nanao Bay and Toyama Bay, and the rural scenery of the Ouchi Rift Valley.

Ishikawa Areas


Long, thin Ishikawa prefecture runs along the Sea of Japan up into Noto Peninsula. Highlights of the seaside towns lining the west coast include Kanazawa, often described as a "Little Kyoto" thanks to its old wooden tea houses and geisha culture as well as its picturesque Japanese garden, Kenroku-en.

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