Place famous for cherry blossoms Spots in Toyama Area

  • Funakawa-beri Riverside
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Shimoniikawa-gun Asahimachi Funagawashin
    A sightseeing location in Funagawashin, Asashi, Shimoniikawa. It's a famous location to view the cherry blossoms with nearly 280 Yoshino cherry trees covering 600 meters along both sides of the river. Also in spring the early blooming tulips and rapeseed blossoms come into bloom and the peaks of the Northern Alps still covered in snow. The cherry blossom tunnel, and the tulips and rapeseed blossoms mix into a scene called the Spring Quartet.
  • Kurikara Pass
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Oyabe-shi Hanyu
    This area is famous as a turning point in the war between the Genji and Heike, when the Genji won the battle of Kurikara in 1183. It's the perfect place for history hunters, as it's filled with things to see. The double-flowered cherry trees here are also famous, and every year from late April through early May it's the location for a popular Sakura festival. Initially, it took over twenty years to plant over 3,000 cherry trees here, and now there are around 6,000 double-flowered cherries on the grounds. At night, they're lit up with 300 paper lanterns.
  • Kurikara Prefectural Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Oyabe-shi Hanyu
    This spot is famous as an ancient battlefield where Kiso Yoshinaka attached fired torches to horns of 500 cows and released to the Heike army and won. It happened approximately 800 years ago when Kiso Yoshinaka battled the Heike general Taira no Koremori at Kurikara in the Genpei Battle. It's a popular hanami spot in the Hokuriku region, and in Spring it is filled with 6,000 blooming double-flowered cherry trees, and the fall foliage is also beautiful.
  • Jinzu River Left Bank Levee
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Toyama-shi Gofuku
    This famous sakura spot is in central Toyama City. About 1.3 kilometers along the Jinzu river planted with cherry. The view of them against the mountain scenery from bridges across the Jinzu river, including Jinzu Ohashi Bridge or Toyama Ohashi Bridge, is incredible.
  • Jogayama Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Toyama Toyama-shi Yatsuomachi Suwamachi Tono
    This park is in Jogayama, Yatsuo-machi, Toyama City. It is built on part of the mountain adjacent to the town, and from the peak you can see the old townscape of streets with many kura storehouses, Toyama Bay and Tateyama mountain range. The area is also planted with a variety of cherry trees, making it a famous spot for hanami cherry-blossom viewing parties. You can also see gyoiko cherry, with their green-tinged blossoms.
  • Matsukawa Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Toyama Toyama-shi Nunosemachi 1- Sakurabashi Dori
    This park is found along both banks of the Matsukawa River, which flows through Toyama City. It has over three kilometers of well-maintained trails, with 28 sculptures, and a line of about 500 cherry trees, It has been selected one of Japan Top 100 Sakura Viewing Sites, and you can observe the cherry blossoms from one of the sightseeing cruises running along the Matsukawa river.
  • Joshi Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Toyama Toyama-shi Honmaru
    This park is in Honmaru, Toyama City. It holds the ruins of Toyama Castle, once the castle of the Maeda family lords of the Toyama domain. It has a castle tower used as an observatory and folk museum, art museum, lawn, outdoor stage, and other facilities. In spring it is a popular cherry blossom viewing sight.
  • Gyoda Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Toyama Namerikawa-shi Kamikoizumi Gyoda
    This park was originally called Gionden, because it was once part of Kyoto Gion-sha temple's gardens, it became Gyoden in the local accent. Famous for its spring cherry blossoms, early summer Japanese irises, and the Gyoden no Sawashimizu spring water (one of the Top 100 Heisei Famous Water), its most impressive sight is probably the iris blooming season from mid- to late-June.
  • Uozu Comprehensive Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Toyama Uozu-shi Sanga 1390
    This leisure park is at the mouth of the Hayatsuki River, flowing through the southwest end of Uozu City. There is a scenic outlook offering a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range in the distance, with Toyama Bay right in front of your eyes. There are about 350 cherry trees in the park, of the Yoshino and Sato-zakura varieties, and is designated one of Toyama's 70 best cherry blossom viewing spots. In the height of cherry blossom season, the Sakura Pageant festival is held on a weekend, and the trees are lit up at night.
  • Sakuragaike Pond
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Nanto-shi
  • Yatsuo Jinzu Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Toyama-shi Yatsuomachi Nishijinzu Nakajinzu
  • Matukawatarinosakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Toyama Pref. Toyamashi Isobemachi - Akae cho

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Toyama is one of the three prefectures that house the Japanese Alps, with its southern and eastern borders comprising one long stretch of mountains, out of which the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is forged. While traditional crafts fill the northern coastal cities of Toyama and Takaoka, thatched roof houses offer unrivalled views against a backdrop of fantastic scenery at Gokayama in the mountainous area in the south of the prefecture.

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