Health Spa / Public Bath Spots in Toyama Area

  • Hidamari no Yu
    9 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Pref. Takaokashi Ejiri 478
    "This hot springs facility a two-minute walk from Manyo Line Asahigaoka Station is popular for the wide variety of baths on offer. The artificial simple alkaline springs utilize ""nano water,"" which has high moisture retention, transparency, and heat retention. This has earned the baths reputation for the strong sensation of warmth and skin moistness that remains after taking a bath. The facility also offers carbonated spring water baths thought to increase blood flow and have both cosmetic and health benefits. They also offer three types of sauna each full of the scent of medicinal herbs: a low-temperature steam sauna, a rock sauna, and a Finnish sauna. Fully-equipped powder rooms with a relaxed atmosphere finish off the list of the facilities guests need to maintain their health and beauty."

    陽だまりの湯はかなり規模が大きいおすすめのスーパー銭湯です。 とにかく駐車場だけでもかなりの大きさです。 市内電車も走る幹線道路沿いにあるのにかなりの巨大駐車場で、駐車場のひろさにまず驚きます。 それに応じてか、お風呂も普通のスーパー銭湯と比較すると種類豊富でとても楽しめます。 もちろん混浴などではないので、一番楽しんでいるのは中高年の女性の方です。母と娘で車で行って休日を陽だまりの湯で楽しんでい...

  • Manten-No-Yu Uozu Branch
    1 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Pref. Uodushi Sumiyoshi 535-1
    "This hot springs day spa boasts open air baths with massive panoramic views of Mt. Sogadake. Located in a rural area between the Sumiyoshi Kita crossing on Prefectural Route 135 and the Uozu Namerikawa Bypass, the spa is notable for being far from the hustle and bustle of the city's urban areas. Guests can take time to relax in hot springs while taking in the quietly magnificent scenery. In addition to the hot spring baths, the spa also offers Jacuzzi baths and three types of sauna. It also offers two types of bedrock bath; the ""Nenshibo"" high-temperature combustion-type bedrock bath and the relaxing low-temperature ""Kaiminbo."" Their family-friendly restaurant also offers a full menu."

    富山に行った際に寄りました。駐車場も多めにあるのですぐ駐車できました。市内の巡回バスの停車場にもなっているようで、郊外ながらも交通の便は良さそうです。 履物のカギをフロントで預かり、ロッカーの鍵と交換となります。家族で履物をまとめると、100円を一旦預けロッカーの鍵をくれます。 お風呂は2階にあるため、露天も2階になります。周りの田園風景+ショッピングセンターが良く見えます。 サウナが広めの雛段の...

  • Rakuchino
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Shimoniikawa-gun Asahimachi Funagawashin 35
    This multi-purpose facility is heated through thermal recycling. They have an active zone with a pool and bedrock spa, and a refreshment zone with large baths and outdoor baths. The two outdoor baths, the fresh feeling Hisui-no-Yu and the traditional stone-built Jomon-no-Yu alternate between men's and women's use. Hisui-no-Yu also offers a view of the Tateyama Mountain Range. The large 25 meter pool has an adjustable depth system that makes it popular with swimmers young and old. They also have jacuzzi and whirlpool baths to massage your whole body with bubbling water.
  • Komyo Seki Onsen Fukuoka no Yu
    2 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama, Takaoka, Fukuokamachi, Otaki, 245-1

    天然温泉ではないですが、朝9時から営業しており、料金も430円と安いのがオススメです。サウナ・ジャグジー・露天風呂・光明石温泉風呂もありゆったり入浴できます。水風呂もかなり冷たかったので、水風呂好きにはオススメです。 シャンプーや石鹸などの備付はないので、注意が必要です。 ロビー横には、リクライニングソファーもあり、入浴後もゆっくり過ごせオススメです。

  • etunoyu Toyama
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Pref. Toyamashi Awajimamachi 1-2-35
  • Katakago no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Takaoka-shi Nomura 1353-1
  • Tonaminoyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Pref. Tonamishi Yutakamachi 1-17-22
  • Yuki Raku Relaxation Corner
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Toyama Tonami-shi Goromaru 622-1

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Toyama is one of the three prefectures that house the Japanese Alps, with its southern and eastern borders comprising one long stretch of mountains, out of which the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is forged. While traditional crafts fill the northern coastal cities of Toyama and Takaoka, thatched roof houses offer unrivalled views against a backdrop of fantastic scenery at Gokayama in the mountainous area in the south of the prefecture.

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