Spots in Nagaoka / Teradomari / Kashiwazaki Area

  • Teradomari Fish Market Street (Sakana no Ameyoko)
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Teradomarishimoaramachi
    A street situated along a National Route in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture lined with seafood and souvenir shops popularly known as Sakana no ameyoko. Filled with the cries of merchants selling their wares, the street bustles with tourists seeking fresh, local ocean delicacies. Here you’ll a wide selection of seafood sold at delightfully reasonable prices, from seasonal items like sweet shrimp, squid, Japanese amberjack, horse mackerel, and sea bream, to high class selections like famed crimson snow crab and blackthroat seaperch. You’ll also be able to enjoy an abundance of dishes prepared with seafood from the Sea of Japan, such as hamayaki grilled fish and seafood rice bowls.
  • Echigo Izumozaki Tenryo-no-Sato Roadside Station
    Nigata Pref. Santougunizumozakimachi Amaze 6-57
    A roadside station on National Route 352 in Izumozaki Town, Mishima County, Niigata Prefecture. The well-known tourist spot of Izumozaki prospered as a harbor town with the off loading of Sado gold and silver, it was also under the direct control of the shogunate during the Edo period. In addition to the information terminal, the roadside station also has a tourist information center that sells local marine products and a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes while looking out over the Sea of Japan. Visitors will also find the Tenryo Izumozaki Period Museum which introduces the history of Izumozaki, and the Izumozaki Oil Memorial Museum. The tourist spot of Yunagi Bridge is famous for its beautiful sunsets.
  • Echigo Hillside National Government Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Miyamotohigashikatamachi 1950-1
    Occupying an extensive site, Echigo Hillside National Government Park has plenty of fun things to do and experience. This is a nature park where visitors can enjoy the beautiful flowers and scenery (which changes with the seasons), experience life in a Satoyama (traditional community-managed forest) habitat, and learn about the different plants and animals that have evolved in concert with human agricultural activity. Visitors can eat in the Rest House, or enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Echigo Hillside National Government Park is located around 10-minute drive from the Nagaoka Interchange of the Hokuriku Expressway.
  • Chijimi-no-Sato Ojiya Roadside Station
    Nigata Pref. Odiyashi Hiu Instep 1670-1
    At roadside station and day spa hot spring called Yudokoro Chijimi-no-Sato, located on National Route 17 in Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture. There are plenty of facilities within the onsen such as outdoor baths that overlook the city area, spacious indoor baths, a restaurant with rest area which serves full course meals, and a movie room which shows four films every day. The roadside station itself has a traffic information terminal, shops, and a play area for children, making it a great place to stop and rest on a drive.
  • Roadside Station R290 Tochio
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Tochiomiyazawa 1764
    Roadside Station R290 Tochio is a central hub for information about all of the site-seeing available in Tochio. There are many events every month, including a Tochio temari-making session held every second Sunday of the month. There is also a mini gallery, in which various organizations have exhibitions.
  • Roadside Station Ryokan no Sato Washima
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Shimazaki 5713-2
    A roadside station situated along National Route 116 in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The facility has a route information terminal useable 24 hours a day, community center, art zone consisting of two art museums, and more. The Motenashiya community center, a former old private home moved to the site, serves local dishes such as dango-jiru soup and Ryokan musubi rice balls. There’s also a shop corner selling local specialty and agricultural products. The Ryokan no Sato Art Museum presents calligraphy and poems created by Edo period Zen priest, poet, and calligrapher Ryokan as well as his apprentice Teishinni. The Kikumori Memorial Museum displays sculptures and paintings gathered by Yoshio Kikumori.
  • Teradomari Port
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Teradomari Upper plate town 9786-3-7
    This is the port where the freshest seafood from the Sea of Japan comes in. Running alongside National Route 402 you'll find the Teradomari Fish market, also called Ameyoko of the Fish. It's a popular location where you can get your hands on Teradomari fish, fresh seafood and processed goods from around the country at reasonable prices. Nearby the port is the Central Beach area and Minato Park were every summer the Teradomari Port Festival is held. There are lots of things to enjoy at the festival such as performances from the Teradomari Taiko drum corps and a fireworks display over the sea that you can watch from the beach. You'll also find fishing stores near the port and they'll tell you all the best fishing locations that even children will enjoy.
  • Kakujoe Gyorui Teradomari Main Shop
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Teradomarishimoaramachi 9772-27
    This seafood vendor is based in a fish market street nicknamed Sakana no Ameyoko Shotengai in Teradomari, Nagaoka City. The vendor, one of the largest in the market, is frequently covered in the media, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The shop mostly deals in freshly-caught seafood. Its shop windows are packed with salmon fillets, tuna, bonito, sea bream, mackerel, crab, squid, and shrimp. It also carries shellfish like turban shell and abalone (in summer) and oysters (in fall and winter). Their fresh bluefin tuna sushi is especially good. The shop also conducts tuna cutting demonstrations where customers can buy the freshly-cut tuna.
  • Eguchi Dango Main Shop
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Miyamotohigashikatamachi 52-1
    Eguchi Dango Main Shop located on Nagaoka Bypass in Miyamotohigashikata Town, Nagaoka City is a dango (sweet dumpling) shop which opened in 1902. It has a shop to sell sasadango made at the adjacent factory while a shop for freshly baked dango, a sweet parlor restaurant, and a café are attached. It also has Yukikangetsu which is a café with a sales area for European-style sweets, and the Mochidoma where you can experience sweet-making such as kushidango making.
  • Koryu Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Yomogihiramachi Party 1590-4
    This shrine is located beside the Ota River in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The deity enshrined here governs mercantile prosperity and many people come from other prefectures to pray here. Climbing the 118 steps to the shrine (there is an elevator to make the shrine easily accessible to the elderly), the small grounds of the shrine come into view, surrounded on three sides by the mountains. In the main hall, business cards of people who come here to pray for their businesses to be profitable and for their economic fortunes to improve can be seen stuck into the wall. Following the defeat of the warrior of the Southern Court, the warrior came to live in Yomogihira, the land of the Ryujin (Dragon God), from the capital. The dragon is enshrined here, and the white snake that is the messenger of the dragon is said to actually exist here.
  • Hotokusan Inari Taisha Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Iduka 870
    A 10-minute drive from Nagaoka-Minami-Koshiji Smart Interchange, this shrine is beloved by locals of Nagaoka City as Iwatsuka no Oinari-san (the Inari Shrine of Iwatsuka). It enshrines the Shinto deity Amaterasu-shiragiku-hotoku-okami. The shrine is said to have originated when Itete-no-Himiko ordered Mononobe-no-Minowahime-no-Mikoto to build a shrine to Amaterasu, Hi no Miya no Miyashiro, in the Village of Nuna. The stunning beauty of the large vermillion-lacquered shrine building standing on a small hill attracts a large number of visitors from across the country. The shrine also being known as the Rosoku no Oinari-san (the Inari shrine of candles). Because of this, it is said that if someone writes their wish on a candle at the shrine's shinkosai (a festival celebrating the temporary transfer of the object of worship from its main shrine) held late at night each November 2nd, it will come true.
  • Cape Koibito
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Kashiwazakishi Oumigawa 133-1 Yoneyama Fukuura Hakkei prefectural natural park
    Cape Koibito is the fisher’s cape of the Sea of Japan, and it features tremendous views of the entire Fuku-ura Coast, even some of the best in Sado-Yahiko-Yoneyama Quasi National Park. You can see all the way to Sado on a clear day, and the evening sun is beautiful. It is also famous as a spot for fulfilling love, so many couples come here to wish for continued happiness. a minute by car via Yoneyama Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.
  • Roadside Station Echigo Kawaguchi Agricultural Village
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Kawaguchinakayama
    A roadside station standing along National Route 17 in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. The facility has a rest area, route information service, Agricultural Village community center, and more. The centerpiece of the Agricultural Village is the direct sales corner selling vegetables lovingly picked just that morning at local farms. In addition to seasonal vegetables, you can also find edible wild plants picked locally in spring. Other items for sale include Uonuma koshihikari rice, handmade miso, kon’nyaku jelly, snacks, local sakes, and regional crafts. The building also has a light meal space serving ramen, crepes, and other items.
  • Mt. Yahiko
    Travel / Tourism
    Yahiko village Nishikanbara gun Niigata ken
    This is the highest peak of the Yahiko Mountain Range which sits on the Echigo Basin alongside the Sea of Japan. It stands 634 meters above sea level, the same height as the Tokyo Sky Tree, and the silhouette of its peak is one of its key features. In the afterwards of Fukada Kyuya's book 100 Famous Japanese Mountains he states that while the height of the mountain might be lacking it has to be included. The ropeway on the Mt. Yahiko Skyline is both great ways to access the summit. The mountain is used for excursions by the local elementary and middle schools and is recommended for beginner mountain climbers. From the summit you have a great view of everything from the Sea of Japan to the Echigo Basin and the site of the sunset over Sadogashima Island is highly regarded.
  • Nihonkai Fisherman's Cape
    Nigata Pref. Kashiwazakishi Oumigawa 133-1
    This fresh fish center covers a large area in Kashiwazaki, facing the Sea of Japan. It has one of the largest sales floors in Japan with an abundance of fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. It can be easily accessed, either by a 20-minute walk east, along National Route 8, from JR Omigawa Station, or alternatively, by car from the Hokuriku Expressway Yoneyama Interchange. There is also a resort hotel and seafood restaurants on site, with nearby sightseeing spots such as the scenic Cape Koibito (Lovers' Cape) and Yakushido Beach, and the center also serves as a marine resort.
  • Teradomari Aquarium
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Teradomarihanatate 9353-158
    Teradomari Aquarium showcases the fish that live in the Sea of Japan. Besides the live specimens in the Aquarium, there are also fascinating displays about other natural creatures, including seabirds such as seagulls and kittiwakes, many different types of seaweed and small fish species, etc. The first to third floors of the Aquarium have approximately 10,000 fish belonging to around 400 different species from all over the world; visitors can watch the fish being fed. Teradomari Aquarium is located around 35-minute walk from the Nakanoshima Mitsuke Interchange of the Hokuriku Expressway.
  • Kashiwazaki Tourist Exchange Center Yumi
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Kashiwazakishi Banjin 1-7-67
    This tourist exchange center is approximately a 20-minute drive from the Kashiwazaki Interchange. The perfect base for sightseeing around the sea makes this more like a seaside rest area. Here you can find all sorts of information about sea related events and leisure activities. It also functions as a place for people who enjoy fishing. Inside there's a tourist pamphlet and information corner offering information that visitors might need. It's also used as an event venue for seaside events. Food options include dam curry, with the rice forming a dam for the curry, and sea bream chazuke (rice and fish with green tea poured over). The jointly managed Kashiwazaki Bay west breakwater fishing spot was closed on March 1st, 2018.
  • Aoshima Shokudo (Miyauchi Station Shop)
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Miyauchi 3-5-3
    This popular ramen shop located right near JR Miyauchi Station has several branches in Nagaoka City, Niigata City and Tokyo. It is known as the father of “Nagaoka-style” ramen with the soy sauce soup base flavored with ginger. The flavor’s charm is its clean, crisp taste while still getting the rich, deep umami of the ingredients and soy sauce. The chewy noodles that go down smooth and the chasiu (roasted pork) are both well received. All seating is counter seating.
  • Roadside Station Nishiyama Furusato-Koen
    Nigata Pref. Kashiwazakishi Nishiyamachousakata 717-4
    A roadside station located in Nishiyama Town, Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture built on the site of an elementary school connected to former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka. The facility has a rest space, corner providing area tourist and event information, free drink service, park, and adjoining Kakuei Tanaka Memorial Museum. The Saiyu-kan building, designed to serve as a space for the improvement of Japan-China relations and exchange between the two countries, incorporates elements of traditional Chinese palace architecture. Visitors are free to stroll around the Saiyu-en Chinese-style garden. There’s also a multipurpose hall used for events, concerts, and lectures.
  • Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nigata Pref. Nagaokashi Senshu 3-278-14
    This is an art museum opened in Nagaoka City, Niigata prefecture in 1993. It collects and exhibits art works from Niigata, Japan and around the world. There is a collection of about 6,000 artworks mainly focusing on the “Taiko Collection” of the current Taiko Bank as well as contemporary art from the Meiji period, 19th century Western art and artworks by Niigata local artists. Aside from the permanent exhibition, collection exhibitions and special exhibitions, as well as workshops where visitors can enjoy art casually, are held at the museum.

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Found along the northwestern coast of Japan, Niigata prefecture is celebrated for its high-quality rice and breathtaking nature, most notably its spectacular mountains, whose white peaks draw in snow sports lovers from far and wide over the winter months. Hit the slopes at Yuzawa, pick out your favourite modern artist at Echigo Tsumari, or take a ferry over to Sado Island for an extra adventure.

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