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Factory / Workshop Spots in Sado Area

  • Shiseki Sado Kinzan
    243 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Shimoaikawa 1305
    As Japan’s largest gold mine this was under the Tokugawa shogunate’s direct control and was engaged in the production of koban (small former Japanese oval gold coins). Operations ceased in 1989 due to an exhaustion of its resources, which brought to a close 400 years of history. The mining and refining facilities on the grounds have been designated as National Important Cultural Properties. Currently visitors can see exhibits of model exhibits of the Sado Kinzan during the Edo period based on drawings from Sado Kinzan Emaki (picture scrolls) as well as the remains of actual tunnels that were used.

    This was well worth the stop. Lifesize animated characters that look like real people inside the gold mine working the tunnels. Don't skip the museum as you exit the mine as it's also very...

  • Obata Sake Brewery
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Manoshinmachi 449
    A 30-minute drive from Ryotsu Port or take the bus to the Manoshinmachi Bus stop and walk about five minutes. The first place in Niigata to allow visitors to see their brewery, these makers of famous Manotsuru sake opened in 1892. Now they're open every day of the year for tours and you can sample various types of Manotsuru sake along with original confections. They also put on special closed workshops in one of their warehouses. Space is limited but you can experience their craft at these special warehouse lectures.
  • Henmi Syuzo
    Travel / Tourism
    Niigata Sado-shi Nagaishi 84- Ko
    While there were once over 200 breweries on Sado this is one of only five breweries that remain on the island. Henmi-Syuzou is the smallest of the group and was founded in 1868. They continue to only make small batches of sake that triumph in showing off the natural flavor of the liquor. Their famous Shinryou sake, a beloved drink that's a common dinnertime companion, derives its name from the Mano Goryo mausoleum for the Emperor Juntoku who was exiled to Sado after losing the Jokyu War during the Kamakura period. The sake is sometimes called by the friendly nickname Shinryou-san.
  • Hokusetsu Shuzo Sake Brewery
    8 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Niigata Sado-shi Tokuwa 2377-2
    This sake brewery was founded in 1872. The brewery has passed down and refined masterful brewing skills since this time while also taking on the challenge of creating innovative, new alcoholic beverages incorporating novel methods such as music performance and ultrasonic vibration. The brewery primarily uses brewer’s rice grown together with specially contracted farms in the terraced paddies of Akadomari. These farms exclusively employ a distinctive farming method making use of superior water and avoiding reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The brewery’s shizukuzake, made by placing un-pressed moromiunrefined sake in special suspended bags and gathering until the drops which trickle down, has a delicate flavor and light aftertaste.

    When the winds blow hard, on a snowy tiny island in Japan, you need sake to pass the cold and the time. Hokusetsu gets its fame from being the in house sake producer for Robert De Niro backed Nobu...

  • Kitazawagama
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Aikawakitazawamachi 3-1
  • Honma Crafts
    Travel / Tourism
    Niigata Sado-shi Hatano 908-2
  • Sadomeijou
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Kamoutashiro 458
  • Kikuha Sake Brewing
    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Yoshioka 813-1
  • Tenryosakazuki Sake Brewing
    1 Reviews
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Kamoutashiro 458

    佐渡から帰る際、佐渡のお酒を買いたくて、両津港のそばにある酒造所に寄りました。 工場見学もできるようですが、時間がなくお店だけ寄りました。 お店の壁には歴代総理の「國酒」と書かれた色紙が飾られていました。 お店の中のお酒は試飲可能とのことですが種類が多いので厳選する必要があります。 お酒を利用したスイーツの試食もできました。 甘酒もあり、とてもおいしかったです。 ここでしか買えない限定酒もあり...

  • Mumeikotonosato
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Aikawakitazawamachi 3-1

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Found along the northwestern coast of Japan, Niigata prefecture is celebrated for its high-quality rice and breathtaking nature, most notably its spectacular mountains, whose white peaks draw in snow sports lovers from far and wide over the winter months. Hit the slopes at Yuzawa, pick out your favourite modern artist at Echigo Tsumari, or take a ferry over to Sado Island for an extra adventure.

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