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  • Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo
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    Travel / Tourism
    Nigata Pref. Sanjoushi Motomachi 11-53
    Located around three minutes' walk from Kita-Sanjo Station on the JR Yahiko Line, the Sanjo Blacksmith Dojo is a facility where visitors can enjoy a blacksmithing experience under the guidance of experienced professional blacksmiths. The Dojo offers a variety of different courses and activities in which participants can learn about the traditional techniques of Sanjo, a town with a long blacksmithing tradition, including forging, woodworking, and making traditional Butsudan (small Buddhist altars installed in family homes). There are three basic programs available: the kitchen knife sharpening experience, where participants who bring their own kitchen knives with them can learn how to sharpen the knife properly using grinding stones; Wakugi (Japanese-style nail) making experience, in which participants learn basic forging techniques, which involve beating hot iron with a hammer; and the paper-knife making experience, which enables participant to experience a wider range of blacksmithing techniques, including forging, grinding, and polishing. Participants must be in the fourth grade of elementary school or older.


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