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Shopping Spots in Tachikawa / Kunitachi / Chofu Area

  • LaLaPort Tachikawa Tachihi
    Tokyo Tachikawashi Izumichou 935-1
    This shopping center that opened in 2015 in the Izumi-cho district of Tokyo’s Tachikawa City is directly connected to Tama Monorail’s Tachihi Station via a pedestrian deck. Within the three floors of shops are large stores such as MUJI, GU, ZARA and Tokyu Hands, as well as a diverse variety of dedicated stores for apparel and lifestyle miscellaneous goods, and restaurants. There are a complete line of gourmet eateries including a popular pancake shop and Kagurazaka’s famous Japanese-style cafe. There is also a food court where families can easily have a meal together.
  • IKEA Tachikawa
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Tachikawashi Midorichou 6
    The Tachikawa location of IKEA, the Swedish furniture shop wildly popular around the world. Here shoppers can purchase low cost, style Northern European home décor items. The vast, warehouse-like shop sells an astounding array of prefabricated furniture, interior decorations, and lifestyle goods. IKEA also sells Northern European foods such as Swedish meatballs and there is also a restaurant on the second floor serving casual Swedish cuisine. Closest stations: Tachikawa Station, or Takamatsu Station.
  • ecute Tachikawa
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Tachikawashi Shibasakichou 3-1-1 (JR Tachikawa Station)
    This commercial complex in Tachikawa Station is currently divided into four areas, each with its own draw and numerous shops. The complex has cafes, restaurants, lifestyle shops, clothing stores, and even a hospital and a nursery school. In 2016, its new facility “ecute Tachikawa osoto” (sic) opened for business. It features a cafe with dishes containing local vegetables as well as a vegetable shop that gives visitors a taste of the region.
  • Kakujogyorui Kodaira Store
    36 Reviews
    Tokyo Higashikurumeshi Yanagikubo 2-8-16
    This is a popular seafood shop with headquarters in Niigata Prefecture and more than 20 stores across the Kanto Shinetsu region (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Gunma, Chiba, Nagano, Niigata). Its motto is to bring the entire range of seafood from the Sea of Japan, and its proprietary logistics system enables mass delivery and direct sales. It has often been introduced on TV programs as a place to enjoy different types of seafood from the Sea of Japan with a high degree of freshness despite its Tokyo location. On the fourth Wednesday every month (with the exception of December) the restaurant holds Kakujo Day when all items are 10% off (this may change on holidays). They also do a performance on an irregular schedule during which fresh tuna is cut up and sold.

    The best fish market in this area with large car parks to buy fresh fish, especially to some quantity. Transported largely from fishing ports on Japan Sea.They make fillet of a whole fish as you like...

  • Only Free Paper (Higako Place Branch)
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Koganeishi Kajinochou 5-10-58 Community Station Higashi Koganei
    So-called free papers, free newspapers usually sustained through advertising, may seem uninteresting to the uninformed, but in fact free papers are extremely diverse in both content and form, including local tourism guides, corporate informational papers, and privately published papers used as a form of self-expression. Only Free Paper is a dedicated free paper shop located in Higako Place, an art and commercial facility under an overpass a short ways away from Higashi-Koganei Station in the direction of Shinjuku. Here you can get your hands on free papers and magazines distributed in various places in Japan. Some are published in qualities and quantities that rival that of regular newspapers. Only Free Paper isn't a store but rather exists as a space for delivering the passion creators have put into the free papers it carries.
  • Tsukushi Bunguten
    Tokyo Kokubunjishi Nishimachi 2-21-7
    This stationery store is located in 2 Chome, Nishicho, Kokubunji City. Along with offering stationary with original designs along the theme of Connecting Work and Life, they also hold stationary themed exhibits and workshops. Once a month they hold what they call the Little Design School and students assist in the shop.
  • D Lounge
    3 Reviews
    Tokyo Kunitachishi Naka 1-19-15
    The D Lounge is a cafe with a warm open terrace that is famous for its pancake mania and French toast. Their menu includes eggs benedict and pasta casserole which are great for parties. The space is reservable for 20+ people and can comfortably fit 60 people standing.


  • AEON MALL Higashikurume
    Tokyo Higashikurume-shi Minamisawa 5-17-62
  • AEON MALL Musashi Murayama
    Tokyo Musashimurayama Enoki 1-1-3
  • Ito-Yokado Kokuryo
    Tokyo Chofu-shi Kokuryocho 8-2-64
  • Shimachu HOME'S (Shimachu Homes) Sengawa
    Tokyo Chofu-shi Wakabacho 2-1-7
  • Ito-Yokado Higashikurume
    Tokyo Higashikurume-shi Honcho 3-8-1
  • AEON MALL Tamadairanomori
    Tokyo Hino-shi Tamadaira 2-4-1
  • Isetan Tachikawa
    Tokyo Tachikawa-shi Akebonocho 2-5-1
  • Chofu PARCO
    Tokyo Chofu-shi Kojimacho 1-38-1
  • Tachikawa Takashimaya SC (Tachikawa Takashimaya Shopping Center)
    Tokyo Tachikawa-shi Akebonocho 2-39-3
  • Lawson Tama General Medical Center
    Tokyo Fuchu-shi Musashidai 2-8-29
  • Ito-Yokado Higashiyamato
    Tokyo Higashiyamato-shi Sakuragaoka 2-142-1
  • Inageya Fuchu Miyoshi
    Tokyo Fuchu-shi Miyoshicho 3-13-6
  • Shimachu Fuchu
    Tokyo Fuchu-shi Nikkocho 1-26

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