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Rest Spot Spots in Machida / Takao / Hachioji Area

  • Michinoeki Hachioji Takiyama
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    Tokyo Hachioujishi Takiyamamachi 1-592-2
    Located in the Takiyamamachi district of Tokyo’s Hachioji City, this is the only Michi-no-Eiki roadside station in the metropolis. Inside the facility are shops selling side dishes and a farmers’ market where customers can purchase fresh foodstuffs produced by local farmers, as well as cafes and a food court where visitors can taste items on the menu using plenty of locally produced vegetables and dairy products. The Hachioji ramen using onions as a topping is popular. In addition to the provision of traffic updates and sightseeing information in the break area, there is also a kids corner.

    八王子にある道の駅です。 滝山街道沿いにあり、中央高速自動車道八王子インターからも近い立地です。 施設はトイレ、お土産、農産物直売、フードコートと道の駅スタンダードで、それなりに充実しています。ドライブ時の立ち寄りスポットにはお薦めです。

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