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Style / Fashion Spots in Machida / Takao / Hachioji Area

  • GEORGE’S (Tamagawa Gakuen Shop)
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kanaimachi 2692
    "A variety shop with a yellow sign on Tsurukawa Highway where they want customers to feel that ""Everyone is welcome here in our home."" They sell items for the kitchen, interior furnishings, apparel, gifts, and more. While George's mainly operates in the Kanto region, it originated with GEORGE'S FURNITURE in Shugakuin, Kyoto. They try to make their shops appealing to everyone from families of different generations to friends with common interests to young people into the latest trends. They have lots of seasonal items, and just poking around the spacious shop is a lot of fun."
  • Top of the hill
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida Ichiharacho Tahara Machida 4-6-11F
    An import shop located down a lane off Ekimae-dori Street, about a five-minute walk from Machida Station. They sell vintage clothing from the 1960s to the 1980s, as well as imported brands and original items. Their wide selection of men's and women's apparel, shoes, hats, and bags, include many items you won't find anywhere else. The funky, high-quality clothing is always cool, and the shop's popular with customers of a wide range of ages.
  • Herb Kobo HCC
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Minamioya 1636-11
    "An aromatic oil and herb specialty store founded in 1988. They offer products for professionals at wholesale prices with an emphasis on quality. Their popular ""Let's Enjoy Herbs"" course has been offered over 170 times since the shop's early days. More than 1,000 people join in the fun making herbal items every month. The shop is known for safe and reliable herbal products through careful labeling that includes the production area and details of organic or conventional farming methods. In addition to holding herbal seminars in public, corporate, and a variety of other contexts, they also plan herb gardens and promote herbal art like their ""aroma pictures"" incorporating fragrant herbs and spices."
  • Megane Super Hachioji
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Azumacho
  • Megane Super Hachioji Mejirodai
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Kunugidamachi 537-13
  • Megane Super Haramachida
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-13-15
  • Megane Super Machida Tsurukawa
    Tokyo Machida-shi Okuramachi 158
  • Aoyama Clothing Tamasakai
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Oyamagaoka 3-chome 10-banchi 7
  • Aoyama Clothing Machida Tsurukawa
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kanai 4-chome 23-ban 24-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Machida Kanamori
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kanamori Higashi 4-chome 3-ban 26-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Hachioji Mejirodai
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Hazamamachi 1455-banchi no 13
  • Aoyama Clothing Hachioji Takakura
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Takakuramachi 57-ban 30
  • Aoyama Clothing Hachioji Sanno
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Nakanosanno 1-chome 8-ban 2-go
  • Aoyama Clothing Tama-Center Ekimae
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Tama-shi Ochiai 1-chome 6-banchi 1
  • MeniconMiru Machida
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-21-23 KUBOTABLDG 1F
  • Beauty Salon La'Base
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Nakacho 3-31F
  • Total Be au ty aso
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machidashi Minaminaruse 7-15-7 The Gardens House 1F
  • Salon Patos
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Hachioujishi Myoujinchou 3-2-1
  • PRIDES Machida Salon
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-17-7
  • Hair dresser's Jose
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Tama-shi Suwa 1-1-1 Ro Asyl Nagayama 1F

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