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Shopping Spots in Machida / Takao / Hachioji Area

  • Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa
    201 Reviews
    Tokyo Hachioujishi Minamiosawa 1-600
    An outlet mall conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Minami-osawa Station on the Keio Sagamihara Line. In addition to numerous domestic and international apparel brands and select life goods stores, the mall hosts an adult cultural activities school, pet shop, cafes, and restaurants. Concerts and other events are also frequently held amidst the attractive Provence-style architecture of the grounds.

    This outlet mall has many global brands but the prices are no way near what you get in USA. Of course it’s cheaper than Tokyo city but still not as fun.

  • Yamayuri
    Tokyo Hachioujishi Takaomachi
    A souvenir shop located near the Kiyotaki cable car station which carries souvenirs from Mt. Takao and the surrounding area, such as honey from Akiruno and Mt. Takao Cable Car Choro Q toys. You can also buy unique Mt. Takao kokeshi dolls prepared by hand one at a time by a Tsugaru kokeshi doll artist.
  • COSTCOWHOLESALE Tamasakai Warehouse
    Tokyo Machida-shi Oyamagaoka 3-6-1
  • YODOBASHI Multimedia Machida
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 1-1-11
  • iias ( Iias ) Takao
    14 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Hachioji Higashiasakawamachi 550-1

    高尾駅から割と近いのですが、案内板などなく(見落としたのかもしれません)、はじめて行きましたが辿り着くまで不安でした。 施設はまだ新しくてきれい。フードコートにもう少しバリエーションがあると嬉しい。

  • Coachand Four Wakabadai
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Inagi-shi Wakaba Dai2-9-2
    11 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-6-14
    A shopping mall located a two-minute walk from Machida Station on the JR Yokohama Line. Being close to the station, it’s easy to drop by. Consisting of two floors below ground and five above counting the roof, the mall is occupied by a variety of tenants. There is a wide array of women’s casual fashion fast fashion shops as well as boutiques, and visitors can enjoy a relaxing time shopping here. In addition, there are many restaurants serving things like ramen, pasta, light meals, and cafe drinks; plus a CD shop, bookstore, and other hobby-oriented establishments. With an English conversation school, tennis school, and music school, as well, visitors can also take a variety of lessons here.


  • Odakyu Department Store Machida Store
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-12-20
    This is the Machida store of the department store belonging to the Odakyu Group, and reopened after undergoing large-scale renovations for the first time in 13 years in March 2019. The renovations were meant to increase shops that attract an age group younger than previous customers, mainly new families in their 30s and 40s. The third floor capitalizes on its direct connection to the Odakyu platform with a variety of products and shops to visit on the way home from work, while the second floor, connected to the ticket gates, is full of lifestyle and miscellaneous goods shops that are easy to stop by.
  • Machida Marui
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-1-6
    This commercial facility is directly connected to the central ticket gate of Machida Station. It sells apparel, shoes, jewelry and miscellaneous goods across a total of six floors, and it is especially notable for its large number of cafe shops, which offer lunch items such as omusubi (rice balls) and sandwiches, along with waffles, cake, and gelato for a quick break. The facility can be easily used in a variety of ways, from taking a break from shopping to eating lunch and buying gifts when visiting clients. There are also many 24-hour partner parking lots for easy convenience.
  • Machida modi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 6-2-6
    This shopping mall is operated by the same Marui Group as the commercial facility Marui. The building that was once called “Marui be Machida” was renovated and reopened in 2006. “modi” is a Latin word that means melody and harmony. Once a specialty shop with an emphasis on fashion, it has increased its foodstuffs and miscellaneous good tenants and is unique for limiting its number of clothing vendors. It is connected to Machida Station, Marui, Odakyu Department Store, Machida Tokyu Twins and Lumine via a pedestrian walkway.
  • Nihonichi Shoyu, Oka Naosaburo Shoten
    Tokyo Machida-shi Asahimachi 1-23-21
    The headquarters of Oka Naosaburo Shoten, a soy sauce brewing company that dates to 1787. It's in the Minami-Tama area, a stopover along Japan's Silk Road ahead to Yokohama port that was once lively with trade. To this day they make their natural soy sauce in wooden casks. Made with premium ingredients, it's aged for over a year in their storage facility to give a mild flavor and aroma. The unusual storefront is made with casks actually used in the brewing process. You can purchase their Nihon-ichi Soy Sauce (registered trademark) from their sales area. It makes an ideal gift.
  • Patisserie PARTAGE
    Tokyo Machida-shi Tamagawagakuen 2-18-22
    "A patisserie about a two-minute walk from Tamagawa Gakuenmae Station. They sell pastries, chocolate, jam, and baked goods, with a focus on fresh, seasonal items. PARTAGE is a French word that means ""sharing,"" and symbolizes the shop's desire to share the joy of making and eating their products. Many of their items you won't find anywhere else, including Galette des Rois (a French confection traditionally eaten at New Year) and their Parfait Glace Gewurztraminer with hints of wine."
  • Grand Gateau, Kazuyo Goda Baking Class
    3 Reviews
    Tokyo Machida-shi Tamagawagakuen 2-8-25
    A tea salon and cake shop with a blue awning reminiscent of a European patisserie. They offer monthly seasonal cake specials that they serve in a sophisticated yet cozy shop. Besides purchasing the cakes on display, you can try making your own cake under the skilled guidance of their baker who trained in patisseries and hotel bakeries in Europe. After the class, you can relax and enjoy some tea with the cake you've made.

    郊外の上品なケーキ屋さん。吟味された良い材料を使って 心こめて作られたことが感じられるお菓子です。家族のお祝い事に、また手土産として、こちらのケーキをよく買い求めますが、大変美味しいと いつも喜ばれます。店内には 小さな喫茶ルームがあり 出来立てのお菓子をいただくこともできます。お店のスタッフの方々も とても親切で...

  • Backerei Mugibatake
    5 Reviews
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kanai 2-3-7
    "A bread shop in a quiet residential area at the top of a hill. Tamagawa Gakuenmae is the nearest station. They sell their superb bread in an off the beaten track shop favored by those in the know. Their most popular item is called ""Milky France,"" a baguette filled with a house sweet cream made from buttercream and condensed milk. You might get hooked by the rich cream and chewy outer texture of their hallmark item. Their non-fried French curry buns feature an original filling with a special blend of spices and nicely crunchy onions. Their popular made-to order sandwiches contain your favorite fillings and the bread of your choice. They're even good enough to share."


  • Machinoeki Poppo Machida JA Vegetable Market
    Tokyo Machida-shi
    A farmer's market at the outdoor plaza at the Poppo Machida complex. Held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, it sells vegetables and fresh flowers grown by local Machida farmers. Popular with the locals, the safe, high-quality, reasonably priced fresh vegetables can sell out by noon. They'll hold onto your purchase until 15:00, so you can enjoy strolling around Machida after shopping.
  • Tomizawa Shoten (Machida Main Store)
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 4-4-6
    A specialty shop selling confection and bread making ingredients and equipment. Tomizawa Shoten is a long-standing food retailer founded in 1919 with more than 60 stores nationwide. On the old Machida Highway, its main store in Machida boasts an array of products and a settled atmosphere befitting its history. They offer more than 3,000 food items in an antique storehouse style shop with a nostalgia. Their huge diversity includes everything from chocolate and nuts to superfoods and items imported from around the world, so poking around never gets old. Customers include everyone from regular households to bread and pastry shops.
  • Komugi no Ie
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 5-4-19
    A bakery that makes healthy baked goods at Haramachida Square, a versatile business facility. The shop's stone oven is made from igneous rock, which generates lots of far-infrared rays. Crispy on the outside with a soft and fluffy middle, their additive-free bread is great for everyone from children to seniors. Their wide variety of baked goods include whole-grain bread that's rich in dietary fiber and minerals, sweet breads like melon-pan buns and anpan bean jam rolls, and savory treats like croquette sandwiches and curry buns.
  • Hiranoya Hardware store
    Tokyo Machida-shi Haramachida 5-7-21
    A shop selling home hardware and construction tools and materials. Founded in 1883, it has grown along with Machida City. They sell 30,000 items across 8,000 categories. While its main customers are companies in the construction industry, government offices, schools, etc., they also fill an array of requests from ordinary customers. Other items they handle include small screws, tools, knives, work clothes, etc. They open early in the morning, except on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Carameliser
    Tokyo Machida-shi Ogawa 1-14-10
    A friendly cake shop in Machida City selling handmade sweets. Their signature Angel Series is dairy, wheat, egg, and sugar-free-perfect for those with allergies. The cakes are part of their plan to offer sweets that cater to their customers' physical conditions. Their Keyaki Rolls are modeled on the official tree of Machida City, the Japanese zelkova. The rolls have been certified a city specialty.
  • Joint Enterprise Cooperative Worker’s Collective Bon
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kiso Nishi 2-1-17
    A specialty store near the Sakai River flowing along the border between Tokyo and Kanagawa. They offer their own additive-free jams. Varieties include blueberry, strawberry, and carrot. Using only fruit or vegetables and sugar, they're slowly cooked down to preserve the tastiness of the ingredients without relying on pectin, gelling agents, thickeners, etc. Their blueberry sauce has a deep-fruit flavor; made with only Machida-grown blueberries, this gem was certified a Machida Local Specialty in 2016.

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