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Other Vehicle Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Hato Bus Tokyo Office
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-10-15
    Hato Bus operates regular tour busses in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Hato Bus offers a wide array of tours, including tours of Tokyo, chartered tours, and fruit picking day trips able to accommodate large and small groups as well as individuals. One of the most popular tours is the Short Short Tokyo Tour, which makes it easy to tour Tokyo on your own time. Divided into the short, 60 to 90 minute courses; two to three hour courses for efficiently exploring Tokyo; and half-day courses for enjoying the city more thoroughly, whichever you choose, all are reasonably priced.
  • SKY Duck amphibious bus
    20 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Narihira 1-17-6
    The Sky Duck is an amphibious bus that looks like a boat with tires attached and provides tours of Tokyo. The bus travels from Tokyo Skytree through the streets of Tokyo on the Kyunaka River, leaving the water to return back to the Skytree via land roads. The highlight of the tour is the “splash point,” when the bus drives full speed into the water with everyone on board, creating an exciting jolt and raising a great plume of water. The Sky Duck tour takes approximately 100 minutes. The bus makes a popular activity to enjoy either before or after checking out Tokyo Skytree itself. Tokyo Skytree Station is the closest station to bus boarding station.

    After I read the reviews, I knew what to expect, but I still wanted to ride it just to see. Even though Tokyo is such a dynamic city, they've managed to choose the least impressive route with...

  • Sky Bus Tokyo
    255 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 2-5-2 Mitsubishi Building 1F

    Found the tourist information very limited on the bus as most of the information provided refers to historical information with nothing visible to see as much of what they referring to no longer...

  • Retro Station Ome
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Ome-shi
  • higashinihonryokakutetudo Tokyo Sogosharyo Ctr
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Hiromachi 2-1-19
  • Eco-Lift
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachioji-shi Takaomachi 2205

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The setting of countless iconic movie scenes and the inspiration for songs, poetry, and literature worldwide, Tokyo barely requires an introduction. It's hard for the kaleidoscopic neon lights, wacky pop culture, and some of the world's tallest structures not to instill excitement in any first-time visitor to Tokyo, whether you're in the very center of the hustle and bustle in Shinjuku or Shibuya or looking in from the quieter suburbs.

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