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Tourist Ranch / Farm Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Matsumoto Engei
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Kokubunji-shi Higashi-tokura 2-23-8
    A garden shop located an eight-minute walk from Koigakubo Station on the Seibu Kokubunji Line. Renowned for the quality of the flowers the farm grows, customers even say the flowers of the farm's hibiscuses, a plant which blooms from late April through early July and whose flowers normally wither in one day, last two days. The farm's poinsettias, which bloom from mid-November to December, have won numerous awards in competitions, and the farm cultivates around 16 varieties. The farm also sells its plants direct when in season. In addition, from late June to late August, visitors can enjoy picking various blueberry cultivars on the farm, including Weymouth, Darrow, Tifblue, and Home Bell.
  • Naitokaju Orchards
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Kokubunji-shi Naito 1-17-5
    A fruit farm which grows pesticide-free blueberries and grapes in a quiet residential neighborhood. From late July to late August, visitors can have fun picking sweet, tender, perfectly ripe blueberries with no time limit (only in the morning). From late August to early September, you can pick grape varieties such as Shine Muscat. All of the farm's blueberry and grape plants have fruit that grows within easy reach, ensuring everyone, from small children to senior citizens, can have fun going fruit picking. After you're done, visitors are recommended to have some of the farm's blueberry ice cream sold in the rest area. Internet reservations accepted.
  • Uchinuma Mushroom Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Ome-shi Nariki 1-90
    A three-minute walk from the Nariki-icchome bus stop and an eight-minute drive from Hanno Station. This mushroom farm, located close to the Nariki River, is dedicated to growing its mushrooms naturally using uncontaminated raw timber. In addition to selling its mushrooms direct and being able to ship to outlying areas, with an advance reservation you can pick shiitake mushrooms and roast them on-site over a charcoal grill. The farm also has a cafe specializing in foods made with mushrooms - its signature dish is a mushroom pizza.
  • Niikura Noen
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Tama-shi Ochikawa 1179
    A tourist farm in Tokyo's Tama Hills about an hour from the city center. They grow organic strawberries and blueberries in a relaxed natural setting. Rather than all-you-can-eat, they offer it by weight so customers can savor the fresh fruit grown with their special methods. There's also no time limit. The large, sweet blueberries grow on a slope that gets plenty of sun, so it's great for picking while enjoying the natural surroundings. (Until the end of March 2020, blueberry picking was canceled).
  • Hachijo Fuji Makino Fureai Bokujo
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachijomachi
    This ranch is located in the middle of Mt. Hachijofuji. Cattle used as livestock graze on its lush, green pastures. The middle of the ranch is fitted with a walking trail, allowing one to fully enjoy the beautiful, natural scenery of Hachijojima Island, a contrast between the expansive grassy fields, the sky, and the ocean, all while admiring the cattle's beautiful fur up close. The ice cream sold only during the Golden Week holiday and summer vacation has an addictive taste with its richness. The flavor of this ice cream, as you gaze at the city from the observation deck found at the end of the trail, is truly special. Littering is strictly forbidden because the cows may accidentally eat it.
  • Tanaka Strawberry Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Kiyose-shi Nakakiyoto 5-62-4
  • Oku Tama Unazawa Fureai Farm
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Nishitama-gun Okutamamachi Unazawa 497-21
  • Nousambutuchokubaijou burattohausu
    Travel / Tourism
    Okada Shinkai of Oshima cho, Tokyo

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