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Other Natural Terrain Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Yozawa River Fireflies
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Akiruno-shi Yozawa Kawa Surrounding area
    The area around the Yozawa River flowing at the foot of Mt. Odake is known for its fireflies. Fireflies can be seen all along the Yozawa River, but of particular note is the area where the river flows alongside the grounds of the Tokuunin in the Ochiai area; a small stone-paved path follows the river, and many tourists gather here to watch the fireflies. During the firefly season, several areas, including the Tokuunin Temple and the schoolyard of the Komiya Furusato Nature Experience School, are made available for use for parking. The best firefly viewing occurs on sultry nights with high humidity. Also great is the fact the area is a convenient 60-minute drive from central Tokyo.
  • Bird Watching Center
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Edogawa-ku Rinkaicho 6
    A one-minute walk from Kasai Rinkai Koen Station on the JR Keiyo Line. Opened in 1994, this birdwatching area occupies the eastern side of Kasai Rinkai Park. There are two ponds in the park for wild birds; one is freshwater and the other is brackish, mixing seawater and freshwater. The actual birdwatching center stands between the two ponds and, from the second floor, visitors can use binoculars to watch wild birds in their natural habitat; there are also nature exhibits in the building. In addition to the ponds, there's a forest area and other natural environments, and the park is visited year round by a variety of wild birds.
  • Fujimine Garden
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Ome-shi Mitakesan 17 Mitakesan Sta.
    An area located near Mitakesan Station on the Mitake Tozan Railway cable car. The park is connected to Musashi Mitake Shrine's shrine road and visitors can also travel to an observatory and scenic lookout restaurant by jumping on the nearby cable car. The entire sloping area is a habitat for a flowering plant called the false anemone, which can be seen in full bloom in late July. The Mt. Mitake False Anemone Festival is also held here from mid-July through mid-September, and during this time the park bustles with large numbers of tourists.
  • Tsubaki Tunnel
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Oshimamachi Senzu
    A beautiful street in the Sentsu district of northeastern Izu Oshima. Camellia trees extend for about 100 meters along both sides, creating a natural tunnel. Nice and cool even in the middle of summer, it's a part of the Oshima Loop Road, Tokyo Metropolitan Road Route 208. The thick-trunked trees with their reaching branches are a sight to see. Photographers visit in droves from January to March when they come into bloom.
  • Tojin Tsu Shiro
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Niijimamura Shikinejima 1010

    哲学的な風景。大衆向けに星3つにしましたが、いつまでも見ていたい風景でもあり、人によっては星5つでもいいかも。 ‘城’とあるが城跡ではなく人や魚が集まるという昔言葉とのこと。 道中の遊歩道はアップダウン少なく歩きやすい。森の中を抜けると……、な、何もない。 石切場みたいな荒涼とした岩場。ウッドデッキが設置されているところからは何も意味のない風景(2019年現在)。 そこから岩場を登っていくと...

  • Ogasawara Anettainogyo Ctr
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Tokyo Ogasawara Village Chichi Pieces
  • Mt.Chibusa
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Ogasawaramura Hahajima
  • Nanakuniyama
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Machida-shi Yamazakimachi
  • Chinamichisosetudanmen
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Oshima Nomashi en oxalic I Know
  • Hego Gunseichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Hachijo-machi Mine

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