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Public Bath / Bathing Facility Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Shimizuyu
    33 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Minato-ku Minamiaoyama 3-12-3
    A public bathhouse in Minami-Aoyama which was established a century ago. In spite of this long history, the facility was remodeled and renovated a few years ago, and the bathhouse has a sleek, modern exterior. The interior is also bright and clean, engendering an atmosphere which ensures that women will also feel comfortable entering and enjoying the bathhouse's comforts. The facility sells a full array of bathing garments and amenities, and bathers are free to come empty-handed and pick up what they need on-site. The bathhouse's Silky Bath generates fine carbonation bubbles, turning the water a milky white, and every Thursday herbal bathing salts are also added, further enhancing its beautifying properties.

    I went there with my two daughters and had a disappointing experience. The young ladies working the front were so unfriendly, no smiles, just cold glares. I could not understand because we don't...

  • Minatoyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Minato 1-6-2
    A public bathhouse located a five minute walk from Hatchobori. From the outside, the bathhouse is notable for its chic, modern entranceway resembling that of a high class ryotei Japanese restaurant. Inside, black accents mixed with warm woods and tile engender a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. The facility's baths are filled with soft water. In addition to two types of saunas, a jet bath, and a jacuzzi, the bathhouse has a silk bath which uses fine, high concentration carbonation bubbles to give bathers smooth, luxurious skin. The men's and women's areas are changed on a weekly basis.
  • ofuronosama Oi Machi
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Shinagawa-ku Oi 1-50-5 Hankyu Oimachi Garden 3/4F
  • Yomiuri Land Oka no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Inagi-shi Yanokuchi 3302-8
    A day-use hot spring bathhouse which is one of the largest in the Tokyo area, boasting an area of 520 square meters split between the men’s and women’s areas. The bathhouse has so many facilities, it would be hard to make use of them all in a single visit, including an outdoor rock bath, “tsuboyu” round single person baths, a shape-improving bath, and a medicinal steam bath. Adjoining Yomiuri Land, the bathhouse bustles with customers at night stopping by for a visit before returning home from the park, so visitors are encouraged to come during the daytime on weekdays when it’s less busy. In the bathhouse’ restaurant, open until 24:00, customers can enjoy an abundant array of dishes, including donburi rice bowls made with fresh seafood and other ingredients; and the hearty shrimp tempura rice bowl, topped with four huge deep fried shrimp tempura.
  • Fureai Sauna
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Aogashimamura
    "A 30-minute walk from Sanbo Port. This sauna is located a short walk in the opposite direction of the arbor downslope from Mt. Maruyama just a little southwest of the center of Aogashima Island. The sauna makes use of the volcanic steam emitted by a fumarole in the Ikenosawa district locals call ""Hingya."" Although the sauna's temperature is on the low side at 60° C, its natural steam actually warms the body faster and more thoroughly. The sauna also sells steamed sweet potatoes and custard-like soft boiled ""hot spring eggs"" cooked using the fumarole's energy. The sauna is a popular destination not only for local residents but tourists as well."
  • Rakutenchi Spa
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Sumida-ku Kotobashi 4-27-14 Rakutenchi Building 9F
    This men-only spa is directly connected to Kinshicho Station. Located on the ninth floor of a building complex with things like shopping and movies, here you can enjoy the hot spring, sauna, meals and massages. With the water from a natural hot spring flowing upward from 650 meters below the surface, this spa is said to be good for muscle soreness, stiff shoulders, chronic digestive diseases and recovery from fatigue. There is an abundance of different facilities lined up such as a spring with dissolved artificial high-concentrated CO2 gas, steam sauna, sauna where Loyly (throwing water on sauna stones) is conducted 15 times a day, etc. It operates for 24 hours every day except Sundays.
  • Tokyo Kenko Land Maneki no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Edogawa-ku Funabori 1-2-1
  • Yuraku no Sato Akishima
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Akishima-shi Mihoricho 3-14-10
  • Nagayama Kenko-Land taketonoyu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Tamashi Nagayama 1-3-4
  • Sanso capsule & Germanium EVER FRESH
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Ota-ku Nishikamata 7-48-16 Inababiru 3F
  • Shionoheyayonkami Salt Ctr
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Tachikawashi Nishikichou 1-15-191F
  • kenkouyokuizumi seitai studio U
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Nakano-ku Higashinakano 3-17-5 Plaza U1F
  • Ume no Yu
    1 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Arakawa-ku Nishiogu 4-13-2

    近年リノベーションをしたようで新しい綺麗な銭湯です。 お湯の種類もスーパー銭湯並みにあるのに、通常銭湯価格なのが嬉しい。 深夜に行きましたが地元の人が沢山いて賑わっていました。

  • Bunka Yu
    2 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Koto-ku Kitasuna 6-14-8

    江東区大島にある銭湯で、露天風呂や炭酸泉を常備していて、銭湯好きに話題の銭湯です。 タイル絵が見事なところもポイントが高いです。

  • Sho Raku no Yu
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Edogawa-ku Kamishinozaki 2-12-16
  • Gambanyoku GANDAHRA
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Meguro-ku Meguro 1-3-16 blanking resident Meguro Heights
  • ZERO yoga Ginza
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 4-2-17 Ginza 111 Leisure Building 11F
  • Ishinoyu Ikebukuro
    Life / Living / Hospital
    Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashi-ikebukuro 1-35-3 Ikebukuro Center Building 2F
    12 Reviews
    Style / Fashion
    Tokyo Minato-ku Higashi-shinbashi 1-6-3 Royal Park Hotel the Shiodome Uchi

    I found the service and treatment here excellent . The staff were friendly and accommodating and you may need to ask for extra pressure but they are very accommodating and helpful . I will definitely...

    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Tokyo Suginami-ku Kamiogi 2-40-14

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