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Market Spots in Tokyo Area

  • Tsukiji Nippon Fish Port Market
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Tsukiji 4-16-2 1,000 Furniture Building 1F
    Tsukiji Nippon Fish Port Market is a direct sales market in Tsukiji. You can find everything from rare fish from all over the country, morning-caught seafood, and more from fishery associations all over Japan, as well as goods for business use. There are shops like Kani Club, focusing on fresh crab direct from Hokkaido, Niigata Central Fisheries Market, with juicy, delectable fish from the Sea of Japan, and shops from harbors in Shizuoka, Kochi, Nagasaki and more. You can try Nippon Gyokoshokudo no Kodawari fried fish, the specialty at the market's cafeteria, and other fish from all over.
  • Tsukiji Fish Market, Odawara-bashi Building
    Tokyo Chuou-ku Tsukiji 6-26-1
    The Tsukiji Fish Market is a fresh fish market with about 60 stands over two buildings, the Odawara-bashi Building and Kaiko-bashi Building. The first floor is Tsukiji's famous market of marine products, fruits, and vegetables. The food court with seafood restaurants, a kitchen studio, and event space is located on the third-floor of Odawara-bashi Building and opens at 7 a.m. The food court is a place for people to relax at the Tsukiji Fish Market where guests can have a meal or a break and enjoy special events.
  • Machida City Sunday Morning Market
    Tokyo Machida-shi Kiso Higashi 3-1-3 Machida-shi Education Center Schoolyard
    A morning market held on the grounds of the Machida City Education Center. Held on the first Sunday of every month, it sells fresh Machida grown vegetables and local products certified by the city. The morning market was originally established as a venue for exchange and information sharing between customers and farmers and today the popular early morning event is crowded with locals. It brings producers and consumers together, selling agricultural products like vegetables and eggs, as well as fresh flowers, Japanese and Western sweets, and more. It is not unusual for cars to be lined up waiting for it to open, and for lots of the vegetables to sell out in just a few minutes.
  • Futago Morning Market
    Tokyo Setagaya-ku Tamagawa 3-9-7 Lisette Mae
  • Adachi Shijo Tokyo Senju Fish Market Oroshi Kyodo Union Isozaki
    Tokyo Adachi-ku Senjuhashidocho 50
  • O Meat no Information
    Tokyo Minato-ku Konan 2-chome 7-ban 19-go
  • Tokyo Tochuoroshiurishijoshokunikushijo
    Tokyo Minato-ku Kounan 2-chome 7-19

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The setting of countless iconic movie scenes and the inspiration for songs, poetry, and literature worldwide, Tokyo barely requires an introduction. It’s hard for the kaleidoscopic neon lights, wacky pop culture, and some of the world’s tallest structures not to instill excitement in any first-time visitor to Tokyo, whether you’re in the very center of the hustle and bustle in Shinjuku or Shibuya or looking in from the quieter suburbs.

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