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Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath Spots in Matsudo / Kashiwa / Noda Area

  • Natural Hot Spring Gokurakuyu (Kashiwa Branch)
    22 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Oyamadai 1-18
    Natural Hot Spring Gokurakuyu is a hot spring facility that uses the waters of Kashiwa Natural Hot Spring, a sodium - chloride strong saline spring that is effective against ailments such as nerve pain, muscle soreness, and joint pain. This facility contains not only an outdoor bath but also a high-concentration carbonated bath to promote blood circulation and new metabolic changes, as well as a whirlpool bath. This comprehensive bathing facility also includes a far infrared ray tower sauna, a steam bath, a radon mist bedrock bath, relaxation areas, and a restaurant.


  • Natural Hot Spring Minorinoyu (Kashiwa Health Center)
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Toyofuta 249
    "This hot spring spa has an array of facilities, including a body work salon, a restaurant, and the area's largest bedrock bath. Their outdoor bathing facilities include a stone-encircled open-air bath fed from natural hot spring, a lie-down bath, an ancient fossil wood themed bath, and a bath where the water used is changed with the seasons. Indoor facilities include a ""golden bath"" that blends skin-friendly ""dark water"" with a heat-retaining chloride spring, a Chinese medicinal bath, and more."
  • Teganuma Tourist Resort Natural Hot Spring  Manten no Yu
    8 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Minowashinden 68-1
    Manten no Yu located opposite of the Roadside Station Shonan rest area on Prefectural Route 8 in Minowashinden, Kashiwa City is a hot spring bathing facility. It has an open-air bath where there are three types of fountainhead and an indoor bath with a large sauna. It also has a range of facilities including a bedrock bath, a rest area, a restaurant, a beauty salon, an amusement arcade and a fortune-telling section. At Manten Market next door, fresh vegetables from local farms are available for purchase.

    旅行日帰り温泉に行きますがこちらの温泉は初めて訪問した 温泉の作り自体は普通だが驚いたのはとてもお湯が入っている時は普通なのだが出てから体がいつまでも温度が下がらずほてり続けたので温泉が聞いているのがよくわかった

  • Nanakodai Onsen
    1 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Chiba Pref. Nodashi Nanakoudai 4-2 In the ion town
    Nanakodai Onsen located in the Aeon town Nodananakodai in Nanakodai, Noda City, is a hot spring bathing facility. The bath water is 100% natural hot spring water, and it has a fountainhead free-flowing bath, a rock bath, a pot bath, a napping bath and a plain hot spring bath where the water changes every season as well as two types of sauna. It is also equipped with facilities that include a bedrock bath, a beauty salon, massages, a restaurant and a shop.

    七光台温泉は、イオンタウンの敷地内にある都市型の温泉。 建物の外観は「春日部温泉 湯楽の里」に、浴場の設計は埼玉県上尾市にある「花咲の湯」によく似ている。 ただし「春日部温泉 湯楽の里」は、泉質の良さが自慢で、「花咲の湯」は、ベトナム風で成功したのに対し、ここは個性が乏しい。 さて、ここの1階にあるのがお食事処。 割合広いのだが、客が少なかった。 この温泉、最寄駅(川間駅)から離れているのに...

  • Rakutenchi Tennen Onsen Hoten no Yu
    37 Reviews
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Chiba Pref. Ichikawashi Kashiwaimachi 1-1520
    Rakutenchi Tennen Onsen Hoten no Yu, a hot spring with water flowing directly from the source, has rare high-quality water with a high salt content called fossil salt water that springs from 1,500 meters below ground. It is well known for its excellent heat retention and moisturizing that provide beautifying effects on the skin. The juwari (100% buckwheat) soba noodles are highly recommended at the self-service restaurant Manpukuan. There is nothing better after spending time in the hot springs than eating soba noodles made using freshly milled buckwheat flour from the millstone at the entrance to the restaurant.

    This bath is pretty small but I was having a decent time, up until a young lady started rudely talking to us. We were just about to finish lunch and wanted a photo, so I asked her to take a photo...

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