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Park / Green Space Spots in Chiba Area

  • Funabashi Andersen Park
    307 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Funabashishi Kanehorichou 525
    Funabashi Andersen Park located in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture is a lush green leisure park, and boasts strongly rooted popularity with families. The park consists of a total of five sections: a fairytale zone with a theme of the fairytales written by H.C.Andersen who was a children’s story writer from Denmark where Funabashi City has a sister city; a flower castle zone; a Wanpaku Land zone which has one of the major obstacle courses in Japan; a kids’ museum zone where creative activities can be enjoyed at eight ateliers and a nature experience zone utilizing existing forest and wetlands, so you can enjoy the whole day there.

    I took my 3 kids here today. From our place it is quite far. We took a train and bus. Since it is our first time to go to this place, I don’t know much about the place. The kids were having fun...

  • Shimizu Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Nodashi Shimizu 906
    Shimizu Park is a historic park which was founded in 1894 by Motegi Hakuei, the fifth-generation owner of the Kashiwa-ya soy sauce business. It is famous as one of the best places in the Kanto region for viewing flowers, with many different flowers in bloom at different times of year; in all, there are more than 500 varieties of flowers, including cherry blossom, plum blossom, peonies, wisteria, azaleas, etc. The Park also has the world’s first fountain maze, an adventure playground, holiday bungalows for rent, a campsite with parking for cars, a barbecue area, etc. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities while enjoying the Park’s natural beauty.
  • Narita City Sakura No Yama Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Naritashi Komaino 1338-1
    In this park are transplanted all of the cherry trees that were about to be lost during the construction of Narita International Airport. Many people visit this park, located on an elevated knoll, where airplane takeoffs and landings can be watched up close while viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms.
  • Showa no Mori
    99 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Midori-ku Tokechou 22
    This municipal park located in Tokecho, Chiba Prefecture is 2.3 kilometers long and 0.8 kilometers wide and covers a 105.8 hectare area (equivalent to 23 Tokyo Domes). It is the largest within Chiba City and Chiba Prefecture. This family friendly park not only has walking and cycling courses, but other outdoor activity facilities for camping, barbecue, and a Forest Village, as well as an athletic course, and an observatory tower. With over 200 cherry trees, an iris garden, an azalea garden, and flower fields for Chiba City’s symbolic four flowers (the rape blossom, sunflower, cosmos, and daffodil) within the grounds, making this park a haven for flower lovers.

    Glorious and massive park on the far edge of Chiba City. It has a childrens play area, massive roller slide, bike course, etc.

  • Kujukutani Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Kimitsushi Kanouzan Dong Tianyu 119-1
    This park is in Kimitsu City on Prefectural Route 93 has a view that takes in the mountainous vista of Kujukutani Valley, including Mt. Takago and the Kazusa Hills. Besides being a great spot to watch the sun rise and set, the mist-laced morning scenery is so beautiful that it has been selected as one of the top 100 views in Chiba Prefecture.
  • Sakura Furusato Square
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Sakurashi Usuida 2714
    A verdant square near Inbanuma, it has a huge eye-catching Dutch windmill called De Liefde that was built as a symbol of the friendship between Japan and the Netherlands. You can find a Dutch garden to enjoy flowers from the Netherlands all year and a share garden of 24 loaned flower beds. Tulips, cherry blossoms, sunflowers, cosmos and other flower varieties bloom in all their glory from season to season. Many visitors come for the various events, such as the Tulip Festa in April and Cosmos Festa in October, held throughout the year.
  • Aobanomori Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Chuou-ku Aobachou 977-1
    Inside Aoba no Mori Park are a Recreation Zone, a Culture Zone, a Nature Zone, and a Sports Zone. It has open spaces, playground equipment, cultural facilities like Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba and the Art and Culture Hall; sports facilities, including a running track and field and a baseball field. Tsukushinbo no Ie in the Recreation Zone, contains an area for exhibiting traditional crafts, a play area, and a book area, as well as manual training classes for children.
  • Mobara Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Mobarashi Takashi 1325-1
    This park uses natural topography such as mountains and a lake, and has a promenade. You can appreciate plants throughout the four seasons including cherry blossoms, plum trees, azaleas, hydrangeas and maples in the park. In particular, the area with cherry blossoms that bloom around Lake Benten has been chosen as one of the Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots, and many people come to see them.
  • Funabashi Sanbanze Beach Park
    78 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Funabashishi Shiomichou 40
    This Beach Park lies adjacent to the mudflat, Sanbanze, which is one of the few landing areas for migratory birds in Japan. Besides being popular for birding, one can enjoy clamming between the months of April and mid-June, which attracts many visitors. The park has tennis courts, a baseball field and other sports facilities, along with various other conveniences such as barbecue spots, restaurants, and shops providing year-round fun. Selected as one of the Top 100 Vistas of Mt. Fuji, weather permitting, the park is known as providing the Diamond Fuji view during two periods of the year, February and October.

    水遊び場で子どもたちが元気にあそんでました。砂浜は潮干狩場のため、この時期は何もなかったけど、ヤドカリや掘り残しのアサリなどがいました。海水浴場ではないみたいです。 ベビールームも完備されているので、赤ちゃん連れでも安心して遊ばせることができます

  • Izumi Nature Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Wakaba-ku Norochou 108
    The 43-hectare Izumi Nature Park makes use of the rolling landscape of the Hokuso Plateau. Visitors can observe large numbers of wild birds, wild plants, and other plant and animal life. It is a favorite spot for seeing cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, and has been selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. Recently a number of features have been added to create a complete leisure facility: Forest Adventure Chiba (an outdoor park based on harmony with nature), a barbecue area, a day camp, and open spaces.
  • Teganuma Park (Lake Teganuma Park)
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Abikoshi Wakamatsu 1
    Teganuma Park is located on the north side of Lake Teganuma, which is considered the symbol of the city of Abiko. It contains Abista, a life-long learning center composed of a public hall and the municipal library, as well as a stretch of lakeshore where visitors can wade into the water, playground equipment, and a sand pit where children can play. There is also a Children's Plaza, where a miniature steam locomotive runs on weekends and holidays. Visitors can rent bicycles to ride around the park.
  • Sakura Castle Ruins Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Sakurashi Jounaichou
    Said to be the remnants of castle for the shogun’s council members, like Hotta household, the Sakura Castle Ruins form the center of this ruins-based park. Here you’ll find various remnants of Sakura Castle, like the tower and dry moat. There’s also the Sakura Castle Park Center, which displays important historical materials, artifacts, old pictures, and models of Sakura Castle, and the Sankeitei, a tea house modeled after the Koho-an tea house in Kyoto’s Daitoku-ji Temple. The park is also famous for its plants, with cherry trees, peonies, plum trees, irises and many other flowering trees.
  • Akebonoyama Nogyo Koen (Agricultural Park)
    55 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Fuse 2005-2
    This green park was opened in 1995, the 40th anniversary of Kashiwa City’s official organization into a municipality. Famous for its flowers, the garden has a plum grove, a bamboo thicket, lotus ponds, and Dutch windmills along with tulips, dandelions and cosmoses. In the flower field—with beautiful flowers blooming in each season. The restaurant serves up local ingredients, while the retail shop has a fully-equipped kids’ room, making it quite popular for families. Various events related to forestry, cuisine and diet are held throughout the year.

    Came here to see the iconic Himawari (sunflower), which was blooming around the end of July - beginning of August. As expected, The sunflowers were just awesome, some of them reach the height beyond...

  • Chiba Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Chuou-ku Benten 3-1
    Chiba Park is located near Chiba Koen Station. It contains a baseball field that is equipped for night games, a gymnasium, a 50-meter pool accredited by the Japan Swimming Federation, a children's pool, an outdoor pool, and other sports facilities. Visitors enjoy the pond in a rented boat, and children can enjoy the well-equipped playground. The park adjoins the Chiba Bicycle Racetrack, as well, so it can be used in a number of ways. In the spring, it is a well-known spot for viewing cherry blossoms.
  • Hanashima Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Chibashi Hanamigawa-ku Hanashimachou 308
    This park on the Hanami River makes use of the natural environment and is divided into three zones: Water, Greenery, and The Community. Features that help visitors get in touch with nature include two ponds for observing aquatic plants and wild birds, rows of cherry trees, a plaza with flower gardens, and woodland walking paths. There's also an open area with a playscape and a jogging and walking course, as well as sports facilities like a gymnasium and a baseball field.
  • Forest and Park for the 21st Century
    75 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Matsudoshi Sendabori 269
    This park on an extensive site of over 500,000 square meters has a rich natural environment that includes Sendabori Pond and the Jomon Forest. Visitors can enjoy walks, get up close to nature, join in craft workshops, and more. There are facilities like a barbecue area, a zone for camping practice, and a sidewalk cafe. The Matsudo Museum is on the grounds, too.

    I live close to this park and always go there. Truly nice and tranquil. Large lake feature with lots of bird life and flora. There is a bbq area which is rare in Japan but please check with them in...

  • Uchiurayama Kenmin no mori Park, Chiba
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Kamogawashi Uchiura 3228
    Uchiurayama Kenmin no mori Park, Chiba covers an immense 294 hectares. It contains forest trails, walking trails, and open spaces, along with lodging facilities, log cabins, campgrounds, a gymnasium, and athletic fields, all in the midst of a natural setting. It is used for a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, nature study, barbecues, and charcoal grilling.
  • Kashiwa-no-Ha Park
    96 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Kashiwashi Kashiwanoha 4-1
    Kashiwa-no-Ha Park is situated on a 45-hectare site and contains open spaces with natural landscaping, a barbecue area, and large-scale playground equipment, along with sports facilities, such as a general running track, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and baseball field. The park also contains a center for cultural facilities, including a library area and art galleries and a Japanese-style garden. There is also conservatory that displays tropical plants and foliage plants and a rose garden. Local residents of all ages visit this park, which is used for sports lessons, training sessions, and flea markets.

    This park offers a calm and serene atmosphere if you would like to go for a relaxing walk. It is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season.

  • Taibusamisaki Nature Park
    53 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Minamibousoushi Tomiurachoutadara 1212-29
    This nature park on the Taibusa Cape is part of Minamiboso Quasi-National Park. Its facilities include a visitor center, an exercise field, a lookout, walking paths, and a campground, as well as Hotel & Resorts Minamiboso and the Taibusa Cape Nature Center. The site was once an army fortress and an important point of defense, and traces of that history remain today.

    During the peak season, I find the camp to be quite busy, however, if you can get here during early spring or outside of the Japanese camping season youre in for a treat. The campsite is only about...

  • Kimigahama Shiosai Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Chiba Pref. Choushishi Kimigahama 8853-3
    This park is on Kimigahama Beach in Kimigahama, Choshi City, extending north from Cape Inubo towards Ashikajima Island. It's known for its beautiful pine-bordered white sand beach and magnificent Pacific Ocean scenery. The area is dotted with monuments to the writers and artists who have visited, and the beach is often used as a filming location.

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The Boso Peninsula forms the main body of Chiba prefecture, and this is where you'll find its endless warm water beaches and jagged mountains. Further inland, Naritaーmost famous as the home of Narita Airportーis a secret haven of tradition and history in the form of centuries-old Shinshoji Temple and quaint wooden Edo buildings. Chiba prefecture is also home to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

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