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Nature Spots in Kawagoe / Saitama Area

  • Lake Sayama (Yamaguchi Reservoir)
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Tokorozawashi Shourakuji 25-2
    A lake located in Shorakuji, Tokorozawa City. This artificial lake was created by drawing water from the Tama River to serve as a source of water for Tokyo. The surrounding area is maintained as Sayama Prefectural Nature Park and visitors can enjoy the area's seasonal, natural beauty, including spring cherry blossoms and fall foliage; the park is also a wintering destination for water birds. In addition, there's the Sayama Lake Sports Ground.
  • Isanuma
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Kawagoe City Isanuma
  • Kurohamanuma
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Hasuda City Kurohama
  • Saitama Prefectural Sayama Natural Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Tokorozawa-shi Shourakuji 125-2
  • Furo Riv.
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Iruma-shi
  • Asaka Suimon
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Asaka-shi
  • Shingashi Riv.
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Fujimino-shi , Fujimi-shi

Saitama Areas


Eclipsed by neighboring Tokyo, Saitama is often branded as the sleepy suburbs. However, look a little deeper and you’ll uncover quaint towns bursting with history and crafts from the kurazukuri Edo-period clay houses of Kawagoe to the ancient tree-enveloped temples of Chichibu.

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