Sightseeing Spot Spots in Kawagoe / Saitama Area

  • Ishitokaba Zakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Kitamotoshi Ishitoshuku 3-119 Tokoji temple grounds
    This cherry blossom spot is in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture. The cherry trees inside the grounds of Toko-ji Temple include one that is said to be 800 years old. Named one of Japan's Five Great Cherry Trees, it was designated as a National Natural Monument in 1922. Given the Japanese name Kabazakura, it's the only specimen of its type in the world, and it blooms in white every year in early April.
  • Tajimagahara Wild Primrose Area
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Saitama-shi Sakura-ku
    The only wild primrose habitat in Japan that's been designated as a National Special Natural Memorial. In 1920 it was designated as Japan's first Natural Memorial and then in 1952 as one of the most important Natural Memorials it was chosen as a Special Natural Memorial. The designated area covers nearly 4.1ha and includes wild primroses as well as rare plants including Euphorbia adenochlora and Amsonia elliptica. The best time to see the wild primroses is from late March/early April to mid-April.
  • FM NACK5
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Saitama-shi Omiya-ku Sakuragicho 2-1-1 Omiya Arche 5F
    An FM radio station that broadcasts super-short-wave radio to the Saitama Prefecture region. It was established in 1988 and broadcast range includes all of Saitama and parts of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Gunma, Tochigi, and Ibaraki prefectures. It's a popular FM channel that offers lots of high-quality entertaining programming.
  • Totoro Forest
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Higashimurayama-shi Suwacho 3-chome
  • Saitama Prefectural Sayama Natural Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Tokorozawa-shi Shourakuji 125-2
  • Yono Park Rose Garden
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Saitama Saitama-shi Chuo-ku Honmachinishi 1-chome Chinai
  • Hataya Noinari
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Irumashi Miyadera
  • Arakawadaichichosetuchihaisuimon
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Todashi Teigai
  • Sasame Suimon
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Toda-shi Hayase 1-chome 4
  • Shibakawa Suimon Bridge
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Kawaguchi-shi
  • Shin Shiba Kawahaisuikijotoikan
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Kawaguchishi Ryouke 5-chome 14
  • Ryoke Suimon
    Travel / Tourism
    Tokyo Adachi-ku Shikahama 2-chome 45
  • Jogatani Tsutsumi
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Kitamoto-shi Ishitojuku 7
  • omiyabonsaimura kyukasumien
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Saitamashi Kita-ku Bonsaichou 131
  • Hasuda Himawari Hata
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Hasuda-shi Negane 694 Area
  • Tokorozawa Himawari Hata
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Tokorozawa-shi Mikajima 4-2163-1
  • Cosmos Kaido
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Shiki-shi Shingashi Kawa Levee
  • Otadokanzo
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Kawagoeshi Motomachi 1-chome
  • Shinozu no Sakurazutsumi
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Okegawa-shi
  • Former Yamayoshi Department Store
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Kawagoe-shi Nakacho 6-6

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Eclipsed by neighboring Tokyo, Saitama is often branded as the sleepy suburbs. However, look a little deeper and you'll uncover quaint towns bursting with history and crafts from the kurazukuri Edo-period clay houses of Kawagoe to the ancient tree-enveloped temples of Chichibu.

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