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Other Natural Terrain Spots in Saitama Area

  • Omurasaki no mori, Cho no sato Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Hikigunranzanmachi Sugaya 829-1
    This nature park is located on a river terrace pn the left bank of Toki River. Designed on the idea of a biotope, it makes use of the original landscape with varied terrain including mixed forest and open meadows for the benefit of the creatures living there. The park is home to about 60 species of butterflies, including the omurasaki, the national butterfly of Japan. To help make it easier to spot them, greenery favored by their larvae as feed has been preserved in some places, as well as the flowers preferred by adults. Along with the huge variety of dragon flies at the clear Toki River and a nearby firefly viewing area, there are lots of insects to see in the summer.
  • Ogose Bairin Plum Forest
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Irumagunogosemachi Douyama
    Ogose Bairin is one of Kanto’s 3 biggest plum forests. Among the 1,000 plum trees are some planted 650 years ago. There is a popular Plum Blossom Festival around the best viewing season, from mid-February to late March.
  • Katakuri to Omurasaki no Forest
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Hiki-gun Ogawamachi Ogawa 1405-2


  • O A Uchi Valley Noturara
    Travel / Tourism
    Saitama Pref. Chichibugunoganomachi Kawarasawa 996-1

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Eclipsed by neighboring Tokyo, Saitama is often branded as the sleepy suburbs. However, look a little deeper and you’ll uncover quaint towns bursting with history and crafts from the kurazukuri Edo-period clay houses of Kawagoe to the ancient tree-enveloped temples of Chichibu.

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