Complex Facility / Commercial Facility Spots in Gunma Area

  • Keyaki Walk Maebashi
    12 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Bunkyocho 2-1-1
    This two-story shopping mall, surrounded by a row of Japanese zelkova trees, is an eight-minute walk from Maebashi Station. The mall is host to 150 establishments and is anchored by the large Apita Maebashi Store supermarket, which carries everything from food to daily necessities to clothing. The mall also has a movie theater, large bookstore, and electronics store. The mall is popular with all types of people and is used for everyday shopping, dates, and family outings.


  • Tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center
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    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Agatsuma-gun Nakanojomachi Nakanojomachi 938
    A multi-purpose shop located along National Route 353 in Nakanojo Town, Agatsuma County. The shop is home to the tsumuji cafe, which offers meals and desserts made with local ingredients and in-house roasted coffee, the tsumuji Shop, which has local traditional handicrafts and other goods, a footbath fed by the Shima Onsen hot spring, and other facilities. There's also a plaza where various events are held including examples of folk entertainment and surrounding the plaza are a selection of eateries and general goods stores including a gelato shop and bakery.

    キッチンさいとうは、群馬県中之条町クリエイティブコミュニケーションセンターtsumuji つむじににあります。そこでランチプレート(若鶏のからあげ香味ソース)をいただきました。若鶏のからあげ香味ソースの隣にサラダ、後方にお総菜3品が1つのプレートに盛られていました。さらにスープとご飯が付いて、ボリュームたっぷりです。

  • Waterfall Station - Fukiware-no-taki Falls
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Numatashi Tonemachiokkai 3-2
    This waterfall station is located approximately 20 minutes along National Route 120, from the Kan-etsu Expressway Numata Interchange. It is a rest area near Fukiware Falls, a nationally designated natural treasure. There are restaurants and direct sale vegetable stores, as well as free toilets and parking. The direct sales stores sell a wide range of cheap, fresh produce such as corn in the summer and apples and mushrooms in the autumn. The restaurants sell local dishes such as Ginger Roast and cutlets made with Joshu Mochi pork and dishes made with fresh, local vegetables, which are popular thanks to being homemade and having a relaxing flavor.
  • Luomu no Mori
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Agatsuma-gun Naganoharamachi Kita-karuizawa 1984-239
    A forested resort facility located in Kitakaruizawa, Naganohara Town, Agatsuma County. The resort building was built during the Taisho period and is the oldest western-style building in the area. It includes the surrounding forest and offers a variety of different facilities. In addition to their Forest Adventure Asama attraction, there's a cafe in the woods with hammocks for you to relax in, a book store, a gallery, and other interesting locales. They also hold special events designed to let people experience nature.
  • Takasaki OPA
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Takasaki-shi Yashimacho 46-1
  • Takasaki Denki Museum
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Takasaki-shi Yanagawacho 31
  • ISK Maebashi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Maebashi-shi Kiyonomachi 6-3

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Gunma prefecture is synonymous with onsen. Natural hot spring water sources throughout the prefecture have given rise to a series of small onsen towns, each set among luscious mountains. At Kusatsu, Ikaho, and Minakami, traditional indoor and outdoor bathing experiences are served hand in hand with irresistible onsen-themed food, including steam-cooked eggs and custard pudding.

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