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Spots in Gunma Area

  • Roadside Station Denen Plaza Kawaba
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Tonegunkawabamura Hagimuro 385
    This roadside station is located along the Prefectural Route 64 Hirakawa Yokozuka Line in Kawaba Village, Tone County, Gunma. It was chosen as the no.1 choice for “favorite roadside station in Kanto.” The spacious lot includes a wide variety of facilities, such as a restaurant, a bakery, a cafe, a beer brewery, a meat plant, a pizzeria, a hotel with a day spa, and a farmer’s market with fresh local vegetables and other specialty products. A great place for the family to spend the day, offering experience with crafts and pottery, and a large playground.
  • Tomioka Silk Mill
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Tomiokashi Tomioka 1-1
    When Japan first began trading with countries around the world in the late Edo period, silk was its biggest export. The Tomioka Silk Mill was founded as a model mill in 1872 by the Meiji government with the aim of improving the quality and productivity of silk production. The first buildings were timber-frame and brick construction, a pattern which continues to be used almost unchanged today. The site is filled with ways to learn about its history, including guided tours and a smartphone guide. The group of buildings from the time when the mill was first opened is designated Important Cultural Properties and National Treasures and was also collectively registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014.
  • Haruna Shrine
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Takasakishi Harunasanmachi 849
    This shrine is located in Harunasan-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma prefecture. It is believed to have been built during the reign of Emperor Youmei over 1,400 years ago, and provides divine favors for successful businesses and crops. The inner shrine and various buildings have been a designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan and the shrine’s Yatate-sugi (cedar trees) are designated a Natural Monument of Japan.
  • Lake Haruna
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Takasakishi Harunakomachi
    This lake is located on the western side of Mt. Haruna, one of the “Three Mountains of Jomo.” It is a crater lake formed by eruptions from Mt. Haruna, and it is at an altitude of approximately 1,100 meters. It is known for its gorgeous view of the central volcanic cone of Mt. Haruna, which is often called “Haruna Fuji,” and it features in many outdoor activities, including pleasure cruise tours, motor home camping, hill-climb races, and other leisure and sports events.
  • Shima Onsen
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gunma Agatsuma-gun Nakanojomachi Shima
    Shima means 40,000, and according to legend the miraculous waters of this hot spring district, surrounded by natural beauty, can cure 40,000 illnesses. The development of this area into a hot spring destination is said to have begun when Sakanoue no Tamuramaro bathed here while setting out as shogun in command of a force sent to conquer the Emishi region in the north. In 1954, this health resort was one of the first in Japan to be designated a National Hot Spring Health Resorts, alongside Sukayu Onsen in Aomori and Nikko Yumoto Onsen in Tochigi. The area's 42 source springs generate an abundant 3,500 liters of piping hot water every minute. The springs are sodium, calcium chloride, and sulfate springs. In ancient times, it is believed that people came here to soothe their sore skin after bathing in the highly acidic waters at Kusatsu Onsen.
  • Fukiware Waterfall
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Numatashi Tonemachiokkai
    This waterfall is located in Tonemachi-okkai, Numata City. It is referred to the “Niagara of the East” because of the way the river water falls majestically into the V-shaped valley. There’s a walkway around the waterfall along with natural sights such as “Masutobi Waterfall” and “Hannya (Wisdom) Rock” and the “Ukishima Kannon Hall.” In addition to being designated a Natural Monument and Place of Scenic Beauty, it has also been chosen as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful waterfalls.
  • Keyaki Walk Maebashi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Maebashishi Bunkyouchou 2-1-1
    A two story shopping mall an eight minute walk from Maebashi Station surrounded by a row of Japanese zelkova trees. 150 establishments operate in the mall, with the large scale supermarket Apita, which carries everything from food to daily supplies to clothing, serving as the core of the facility. The mall also has a move theater, large bookstore, and electronics store. Popular with all types of people, the mall is a popular destination for everyday shopping, dates, and family outings.
  • Akagi-jinja Shrine
    80 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Maebashishi Fujimimachiakagisan 4-2
    The Akagi-jinja Shrine is located at the top of Mt. Akagi. It has been known as a mountain where gods have resided since ancient times. Mt. Akagi is the main enshrined deity and Akagi Daimyojin is worshiped as the god of the lake. On the first Saturday of August, the Soke, or Grand Master, in charge of Ogasawara style Japanese horseback archery etiquette and his disciples hold a Japanese archery dedicatory match. At night, paper lanterns are set adrift in a ceremony called Toronagashi accompanied by a firework display and every year many tourists visit the festival. The Autumn Festival held on the national Sports day in October is also very popular.

    Drove to the shrine which has free parking. The bridge to the shrine adds to the picture. It was a quiet day as it was partly misty. A must when in the area.

  • Tanigawadake Ropeway
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma prefecture Tone-gun Minakami-machi Yuzonso Yu Fukayama National Forest Tanigawa-dake ropeway
    This ropeway spanning Tanigawadake at the border of Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture connects the 746-meter altitude Doaiguchi Station with the Tenjindaira Station located at an altitude of 1,319 meters. There is also an observatory, and visitors can use a lift to reach Tenjin Toge Pass which is the start of a hiking route. The trekking course from Tenjin Toge follows the mountain ridge and takes about two and a half hours, and is a veritable treasure house for plants such as Hosobahinayukiso (a kind of Leontopodium Fairriei). The large 360-degree panoramic view from the top of the mountain affords spectacular vistas of the surrounding mountains, and is a very popular hiking course that is suitable even beginners.
  • Gunma Safari Park
    137 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Tomiokashi Okamoto 1
    This safari park is located in Okamoto, Tomioka City. There’s a bus that visitors can ride and feed lions and various herbivores, as well as a night safari, a bird show, and other activities for observing the animals. There are many other intriguing sights, including the “Wild Cat World” walking safari, which lets you observe tigers, lions, and other felines up close, and the “Wolf Forest/Wolf Repopulation Center” where endangered wolves are bred and available for viewing.

    A small scam (but still scam no matter of the size) at the entrance. They charged us for the useless "radio guide" as they took our admission money. Then after we realised they had charged us for...

  • Onioshidashi Park
    309 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Agatsumaguntsumagoimura Kambara 1053
    This beautiful scenery was created from the lava that flowed out and spread when Mt. Asama had its giant eruption in 1783. The sight of the giant lava boulders scattered around makes for an impressive sight. In spring the lovely alpine plants bloom in profusion, while visitors can enjoy the changing leaves in the fall. The contrast with the deep black earth is indeed a sight to behold.

    The Onioshidashi Park (鬼押出し園, Onioshidashien) features a landscape of volcanic rocks that gives it an unique and rugged appearance. The park is shaped by volcanic sediment deposited here during the...

  • Karuizawa Omocha Okoku
    174 Reviews
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Agatsumaguntsumagoimura Omae Hosono 2277
    A theme park located in Omae-hosohara, Tsumagoi Village, you’ll find plenty of attractions here, including the “Toy Room Area,” which is filled with toys from across all eras, the “Nature Athletic Area,” which utilizes Karuizawa’s natural scenery to provide entertainment, and the “Attraction Area,” which has something for children of all ages. If you have a free pass, you can get a discount on Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa’s lunch buffet and hot spring, which makes this a great option for a day trip.

    Nice place for children 10 years old and under with loads of activities and amusements to keep them occupied. For older kids it is not so interesting after a while. The park is getting tired but was...

  • Myougi Jinja
    64 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Tomiokashi Myougimachimyougi 6
    This shrine is located on Mt. Myogi’s eastern foothills in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture. It received considerable adoration from the Tokugawa shoguns, as it is located to the north-west of Edo, representing the calm Inui Tenmon gate. Built in 537, the exquisite black-lacquered main hall is a national Important Cultural Property. The area is famous for weeping cherry trees in spring and fall leaves in autumn.

    It's not easy to get there, it's a long drive, but once you are there you are rewarded with splendid views. If you come in the spring, the cherry blossoms are amazing. In winter it's bitterly cold...

  • Nagai Shokudo
    Gourmet / Alcohol
    Gunma Pref. Shibukawashi Kamishiroi 4477-1
    Billed as reasonable, fast and tasty motsuni dishes, the Nagai Shokudo eatery along National Route 17 in Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture. This eatery was originally a stop for long distance truck drivers and bikers. However, due to its recent popularity from nationally televised variety shows, visitors come now from all over Japan. The motsuni dish with chitterling stewed in rich miso-based broth and the Gunma specialty konjac jelly is full of nutrition. The motsuni is also gift packaged and sold at the shop, or in their vending machines.
  • Mt. Akagi
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Maebashishi Fujimimachiakagisan
    Located practically in the center of Gunma Prefecture, this polygenetic volcano is considered one of the most beautiful in the Kano region as well as one of the 100 most beautiful mountains in Japan. From May to July, a diverse variety of azalea species come into bloom, dying the mountain lovely colors. A variety of other activities can be enjoyed on the mountain throughout the year—in addition to mountain climbing, there's camping, hill climbing, trail running, wildlife observation and activity programs, and in winter, there's snowshoeing and pond smelt fishing on frozen Lake Onuma.
  • Gunma Flower Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Maebashishi Kashiwaguramachi 2471-7
    Gunma Flower Park, with various flowers blooming all year round, is a facility offering lectures and experience classes on flowers and plants. The restaurant in the park has a large menu using mainly local ingredients and visitors can enjoy special limited items. During the winter season the park is illuminated from sunset to 21:00, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful park and twinkling lights.
  • Mt. Haruna
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Takasakishi Harunakomachi
    A 1,449 meter tall mountain located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture and one of the Three Mountains of Jomo. At the top of the mountain are Lake Haruna, a caldera lake, and the Haruna-Fuji lava dome central volcanic cone. A ropeway takes visitors to the top in around three minutes, and from here you can get a sweeping view of the Kanto Plain and the mountains of the Joshu area. Many events are also held here and in winter visitors can enjoy the magical site of the Lake Haruna during the Illumination Festa nighttime illumination festival.
  • Manza Prince Hotel
    Accommodations / Hot Spring
    Gunma Prefecture Agatsuma-gun Tsumagoi-mura Manza Onsen
    This is the sister hotel of the Manza Kogen Hotel and is located at an altitude of around 1,800 meters. It is located approximately 80 minutes from the Joshin-etsu Expressway Usui-Karuizawa Interchange. Visitors can enjoy the three hot springs, including the Komakusa no Yu, with its view of the mountains and the star-filled sky, and the Shakunage no Yu, which is a roofed outdoor bath reserved for women only. The spring water is a characteristic cloudy color with its high sulfur content. It is an acidic, sulfuric magnesium sodium sulfur chloride spring. It is said to have a skin cleansing effect and to be effective for nerve pain, sensitivity to cold, recovery from fatigue, etc. All of the guest rooms have free Wi-fi and it is also possible for non-guests of the hotel to use the baths.
  • Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Gunma Pref. Tatebayashishi Hinatachou 2003
    "This museum is located in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, approximately 20 minutes' walk from the Tobu Isesaki Line's Tatara Station. It primarily collects works by artists such as François Pompon's ""L'Ours Blanc"" and Yoshio Fujimaki's ""Jonuma no Fuyu"" that help provide an understanding of modern contemporary art and progress made. Among the works collected here, there are exhibitions being held in four exhibition rooms on the theme of nature and humanity. There are also various events held in the auditorium and workshop rooms, and a restaurant and shop located inside the museum."
  • Usui Third Bridge (Meganebashi)
    Travel / Tourism
    Gunma Pref. Annakashi Matsuidamachisakamoto In the ground
    This railway bridge in Matsuida Town, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture is commonly known as “Spectacles Bridge.” Completed in 1892, this four-arch bridge is 91 meters across and 31 meters tall, and upheld the Abt-system railway until the line closed in 1963. It is now a national Important Cultural Property, and you can enjoy walking along the “Abt-no-michi” —a road that follows the old rail line.

Gunma Main Areas


Gunma prefecture is synonymous with onsen. Natural hot spring water sources throughout the prefecture have given rise to a series of small onsen towns, each set among luscious mountains. At Kusatsu, Ikaho, and Minakami, traditional indoor and outdoor bathing experiences are served hand in hand with irresistible onsen-themed food, including steam-cooked eggs and custard pudding.

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