Complex Facility / Commercial Facility Spots in Kasumigaura / Tsuchiura / Kashima Area

  • Komachi no Yakata
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    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Tsuchiurashi Ono 491
    A local mixed-use complex named after the famous Heian period poet Ono no Komachi, said to have died in Tsuchiura's Ono district, a 30-minute drive from Tsuchiura Station on the JR Joban Line in Ibaraki Prefecture. Inside, visitors will find a local specialty products shop, tourist information corner, Komachi gallery, and educational hall. A soba noodle making class is offered in the activity hall for a small fee and there's also a rest area from which visitors can take in the vast, beautiful scenery of the area. The facility is also adjoined by a farm-fresh shop, cafe, and the Salon Komachi restaurant, which serves Hitachi Aki soba noodles.


  • Soranoeki Sol La La
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Pref. Omitamashi Yamano 1628-44
    A facility dedicated to presenting local charms located near Ibaraki Airport. Soranoeki Sol La La carries a wide variety of specialty products from the area around the city of Omitama. There’s a buffet-style restaurant serving dishes made with ingredients from Omitama as well as a shop selling local foodstuffs. The lactic acid food production plant on the facility’s grounds makes dairy products with milk from local farms and sells fresh yogurt. The Challenge Shop offers light meals created by local farmers filled with experimental, creative ideas; a different “shop” operates out of the space daily, providing a variety of menu options.
  • Urara Marche
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Ibaraki Tsuchiura-shi Yamatocho 9-1 Urara 1F

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Just a stone's throw from Tokyo, Ibaraki is a coastal prefecture that has mastered juxtapositions, where old shrines meet new scientific discoveries and traditional gardens are frequented by the inventors of some of the newest technology. Head to Mito City's Kairakuen - one of Japan's Three Great Gardens - in spring to experience the cellestial blooming of fantastic cherry blossoms at the annual sakura festival.

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