Place famous for cherry blossoms Spots in Fukushima Area

  • Miharu Takizakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Tamura-gun
    "This famous cherry tree is considered one of the three most beautiful in Japan. On October 12th, 1922, it was the first cherry tree in the country to be designated a National Natural Monument. 13.5 meters tall and 11.3 meters in root circumference, the huge red weeping cherry tree of Edo-higan cherry group is said to be over 1,000 years old. The tree's name literally translates as ""Three Spring Waterfall Cherry,"" a name it was given because the countless blossoms the tree blooms with in spring, sprouting from branches sprawling in all directions, look like a waterfall."
  • Hanamiyama Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Fukushimashi Watari
    Hanamiyama Park started off as a flower cultivation project for silkworm farming in 1926, and over the years the flowers increased until it was opened as a park in 1959. From February through May, the park is abloom with colza blossoms, plum and cherry blossoms, as well as tulips and many more. It truly has earned its nickname of Fairyland.
  • Ishibe-zakura Cherry Tree
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Aizuwakamatsu-shi Ikkimachi Yahata Ishibe
    A cherry tree in Ishibe, Yahata, Ikki-machi, Aizuwakamatsu City. It's an Edo-higanzakura cherry tree that's over 600 years old and has 10 different tree trunks. It's said the tree was once in the garden of Ishibe Jibudayu, the chief vassal of the Ashina family, former lords of the Aizu region. It is also the cherry tree that appears in the opening of the 2013 historical drama, Yae no Sakura.
  • Benishidare Jizo-zakura Cherry Tree
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Koriyama-shi Nakatamachi Konomezawa Okanouchi
    A cherry tree in Okanouchi, Konomezawa, Nakata-machi, Koriyama City. This nearly 400-year-old Edo-higan weeping cherry tree is believed to have started as an offshoot from the Miharu Takizakura cherry tree in Miharu Town, Tamura County. The trees name comes from the Jizou statues under the tree. It starts blooming in mid-April.
  • Tanagura Castle Ruins (Kamegajo Park)
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Higashishirakawa-gun Tanaguramachi Tanagura Castle Ruins
    Castle remains in Tanagura Town, Higashishirakawa County. It was built on the orders of Niwa Nagashige in 1627. During the Edo Period the lord of the castle changed frequently, seemingly every time a large turtle was seen floating in the castle moat, leading to it also being called Kamegajo (Turtle Castle). The castle fell during the Boshin War at the end of the Edo Period and in modern times the area is now Kamegajo Park. It's a well-known spot for cherry blossom viewing and the Juman-goku Tanagura Castle Festival is held during the blooming season.
  • Kannonji River Cherry Trees
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Yamaguninawashiromachi Kawageta
    Cherry trees that span the one-kilometer path along the Kannonji River. May visitors go during cherry blossom season to see the spectacular sight of 200 cherry trees blooming, including Yoshino cherry blossom, Edo-higanzakura cherry, and weeping cherry blossom.
  • Yanagawa Kibo no Mori Park
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    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukushima Date-shi Yanagawamachi Uchiyama 1


  • Kamegajo Ato
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Yama-gun Inawashiromachi Kojoato
  • Himesayurinogunseichi
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Kitakatashi Atsushiokanoumachimiyakawa Mount Higashidate 2
  • Nakayama Kazanachitokushushokubutugunraku
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunshimogoumachi Yunokami And in the Yushima Island
  • Midorigaoka Park
    Leisure / Hobbies
    Fukushima Sukagawa-shi Atagoyama Chinai
  • Myo Seki Ji no Otohime Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Shirakawa-shi Kanayamachi 116
  • Chukamadono Fern Town
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Iwakishi Watanabemachinakakamado Omotemae 117-2
  • Kanmannotaki
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunminamiaidumachi Miyasato
  • O Shiro Zaka Weeping cherry blossoms
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Tamura-gun Miharumachi Minamimachi
  • Fukujuji Temple Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Tamura-gun Miharumachi Gomenmachi 194
  • Hokkeji Temple Sakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Tamura-gun Miharumachi Hachimanmachi 117
  • Toaka no Yamazakura
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Minamiaizu-gun Shimogomachi
  • Obayashi Furusato no Yama
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Onuma-gun Mishimamachi Nishikata
  • Gotenba Park
    Travel / Tourism
    Fukushima Kitakata-shi Shiokawamachi Gotenba 4-17

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