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Rest Spot Spots in Yamagata Area

  • Cherryland Sagae
    31 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Sagae-shi
    This roadside station is located along National Route 112 in Kawara, Yakuwa, Sagae City. The largest roadside station in the Tohoku region, Cherryland Sagae is centered around a souvenir store that sells a wide range of Yamagata specialties, such as famous sweets, agricultural produce, local sake and handicrafts. There is also a restaurant and a food court that serve food made using Yamagata beef and Shonai pork. Also, on the other side of the road there is a large cherry orchard called “Hakka Orchard Onuma.” There are also products only available at Cherryland, such as “Jion-ji Temple Golden Sesame Walnut Yubeshi.”


  • Roadside Station Gassan
    2 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Tsuruoka-shi


  • Roadside Station Kahoku
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nishimurayama-gun Kahokucho Yachi Maki 335-1
  • Roadside Station Iide
    33 Reviews
    Travel / Tourism
    Yamagata Nishiokitama-gun Iidemachi Matsubara 1898


Yamagata Areas


Although often overlooked, Yamagata prefecture by no means lacks appeal: the Yamadera temple trail through the mountains, deliciously tender Yonezawa wagyu, and over 100 steaming hot springs, most notably Zao Onsen, await visitors. When winter comes, the snowcapped peaks become dotted with skiers by day and onsen-goers by night, while summer brings the celebration of juicy Yamagata cherries.

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